6 Essential Artists Leading Mexico’s New Reggaeton Wave

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
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These days, reggaeton is a global force coming from all corners of the world. Puerto Rico and Colombia aren’t the only regions breeding reggaeton stars today. Beyond Bad Bunny and Karol G’s impeccable stardom, there are both emerging and well-established Mexican reggaeton artists who are slaying the genre and pushing the new wave to the masses.

Despite the trendy genre’s name, música mexicana is not the only sound brewing in Mexico. One of Mexico’s modern reggeaton’s viral examples is Bellakath’s “Gatita,” which took over the internet in October 2022. The song went from being one of TikTok’s trending sounds to being performed at the Coca-Cola Flow Fest, one of Mexico’s biggest reggaeton festivals, that same year. And the momentum hasn’t stopped. Bellakath is now part of Spotify’s Artists to Watch 2024 program, demonstrating a demand for Mexican reggaeton. 

Another example is the Guadalajara native Yng Lvcas, who enlisted Peso Pluma on “La Bebe – Remix.” Though the original track first premiered in December 2021, the remix gave Yng Lvcas his first entry on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2023 – further proving that Mexican reggaeton is being heard across streaming platforms. Both songs would end up being two of 2023’s biggest reggaeton hits performed by Mexican artists.

But there are more than these two songs to unpack and add to your next social gathering’s playlist. Many mexa stars are putting their efforts into expanding and pushing forward their country’s reggaeton talents to the spotlight. From Yeri Mua to Uzielito Mix, here are six exciting Mexican artists putting their flag on reggaeton’s top charts.

Yeri Mua

At this point, the glammed-out jarocha is making it clear she’s more than an ex-YouTuber. From her makeup artist roots to becoming a social media influencer, the social media personality is starting to leave her mark in the reggaeton realm. Since last year, she began releasing songs like “Linea Del Perreo” alongside Uzielito Mix, El Jordan, 23, and DJ Kiire, “CHUPON” with El Gudi, Oviña, Jey F, and Alan Dazmel, and “Brattiputy” with El Gudi, Uzielito Mix, Jey F, Alan Dazmel, and Oviña. Recently, she explored Y2k R&B on “Dime Si Tu” with Jey F. With showstopping looks and catchy reggaeton bangers, Yeri Mua is tapping into her next entertainment conquest: music.


“Una gatita que le gusta el mambo con todos los malos sale a bellaquear.” How many times was this lyric stuck in your head? Since going viral, the Mexican artist continued her momentum with bangers like “Y Yo Me Le Pego,” “Reggaeton Champagne,” and “MAMI CHAKALOSA.” Besides continuously releasing new music, part of her popularity includes constantly uploading danceable TikToks with her risqué – sometimes shocking – lyrics. All of this helped the singer avoid being a one-hit wonder. Instead, she moved forward and is now part of hot reggaeton festivals like the upcoming Baja Beach Fest. Now, with more earworms under her belt, the trendy singer is continuing to demonstrate she’s a reggaeton act to reckon with.


Let’s continue with more of Bellakath’s magic with one of her latest collaborators, Yeyo. Yeyo’s higher-pitched flow harkens back to reggaeton’s peak in the early 2000s, giving his music a recognizable, special touch that listeners are nostalgic for. It makes sense since his major influences include Arcángel, Daddy Yankee, and Wisin & Yandel. With songs like “B de Bellako” with El Malilla, and DJ Rockwel Mx, as well as “INSTALÁRTELO” with Yng Lvcas, El Bogueto, Sleezy O, and Young Gallo, the emerging reggaeton singer is paving his way into the mainstream one collaboration at a time. One of his most popular songs is “MAMI CHAKALOSA” with Bellakath, which has undoubtedly garnered him more attention. Let’s just say this: whatever his next step is, we’re keeping an eye on this Zacatepec native.

El Malilla

To continue the collaborator flow, let’s talk about El Malilla, who recently released a collaboration with Yeyo called “B de Bellako.” Currently, the hit track has over 19 million streams and counting. El Malilla, a seasoned Mexican reggaeton maker from Valle de Chalco, has been releasing songs since 2018. Since then, he’s been an in-demand collaborator, making music with many of the aforementioned artists. And that’s why these emerging reggaetoneros mexas are becoming so popular: they are continuing the same collaboration formula that has made past reggaeton stars (and now música mexicana artists) reach new heights. It’s working, to say the least.

El Bogueto

El Bogueto is also part of the new Mexican reggaeton wave. Although the Nezahualcóyotl-born artist has only been in the scene since 2020, the 27-year-old is already collaborating with the scene’s current trailblazers like El Malilla and Uzielito Mix. Growing up, he would listen to reggaeton pioneers like Héctor & Tito and El Chombo, who influenced him to make his music today. However, one of his most modern inspirations is the Cuban rapper and singer Almighty, who he credits as a role model. Fast forward to today, he’s part of the upcoming Baja Beach Fest lineup after releasing his latest album Reggaetoñerito in 2023.

Uzielito Mix

Uzielito Mix, based in Mexico City, is a reggaeton DJ and producer. He was introduced to the reggaeton space due to being friends with an older crowd. Like El Bogueto, he also cites Héctor & Tito as one of the first reggaeton acts he heard. He has said that this sparked his interest in exploring reggaeton more and eventually led to him producing it. Besides the aforementioned hits, other recent tracks include “Rush” with Daizak and El Gudi, “Bataboom” with Daniel Martinez and Alex Casas, and “Piripituchy” with El Bogueto. Now, he’s reached many milestones, such as being an opening DJ for Bad Bunny’s World’s Hottest Tour in Estadio Azteca in Mexico City and performing at EDC Mexico in 2023.