6 Essential Young Miko Songs to Get to Know Her

Lead Photo: Courtesy of the artist.
Courtesy of the artist.
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2023 is a defining year for Young Miko. While this year has brought her collaborations with every other artist in el movimiento non-stop and high-profile co-signs, the Puerto Rican trailblazer has been grinding in the music game since 2018. Working unrelentlessly has made her stardom skyrocket, becoming the opening act for Karol G’s Mañana Será Bonito Tour and featuring on a song with Marshmello. And it all happened just a year after releasing her debut album.

After going on the road with La Bichota, Young Miko has been gaining more mainstream attention, especially following her feature on a Mañana Será Bonito (Bichota Season) cut. “DISPO” brought more eyes onto Miko, and the two singers have been performed it together throughout the tour. Recently, fans lost their minds when they saw Karol and Miko perreando to the reggaeton track. However, her sensual moves aren’t new to diehard fans. The Puerto Rican rapper is known for her swagger, gaining continuous attention on TikTok thanks to her dance moves accompanying the songs.

But where did her music career start? Before Young Miko — or María Victoria Ramírez de Arellano — was a rapper, she did tattoos. Working as a tattoo artist helped her earn money to fund her artist dreams in the studio. Once she got studio time, she released music through Soundcloud before the debut of her renowned album TRAP KITTY (2022). Though her first Soundcloud release was named “Quiero,” the track that propelled her to a wider audience was “105 Freestyle” with Caleb Calloway, which further showcased her distinctive, seamlessly deep flow that remains unmatched by her musical counterparts. Afterward, she continued to navigate the music industry, rapping about admiring women and about the provocative ways she entices them through songs like “Vendetta” with Villano Antillano and “Besties” with Joyce Santana. 

Last year’s TRAP KITTY included hit, catchy singles like “Riri” and “Putero.” These two trap bangers would catch the attention of many mainstream artists. One of them was Bad Bunny, who invited the Añasco native to perform “Riri” during his epic Un Verano Sin Ti concerts in San Juan, Puerto Rico, last year. Later, the hype track “Putero” would reach Karol G’s ear. During a festival performance, the Colombian superstar noticed Young Miko was part of her audience. Karol sang part of the song and invited Young Miko to drink a shot. And the rest is herstory. 

Since then, she’s been in the studio, popping out hit after hit. This year alone, she’s dropped collaborations with Feid, Nicki Nicole, Jowell & Randy, Tokischa, and Bad Gyal. Her joint track “Classy 101” with Feid even earned her her first entry on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. Moreover, her most recent collaborations with Karol G and Marshmello prove that she’s appealing to a wider audience.

Whether you’re a new fan or just want some recommendations to get more familiar with Young Miko, here are six tracks that prove she’s a force to be reckoned with. Get in just before she blows up even more. 

“105 Freestyle” With Caleb Calloway

One thing about Young Miko is that she keeps it light and fun. In “105 Freestyle,” Miko playfully bounces between Spanish and English in her rhymes, which is now a way to distinguish her signature rap formula. This minimalistic trap banger is also arguably one of her first popular tracks that garnered her attention in the music industry. Throughout her mischievous and easy-to-listen verses, the Puerto Rican artist raps about having luxuries, women, and, of course, getting money. Though it’s a simple song, “105 Freestyle” captures her confidence, friskiness, and overall rap cadence that would unknowingly make her sound unique a few years later.


Just in case it wasn’t clear that she’s openly lesbian, Miko dropped a full track about loving women. In the earworm tune, she raps about being into any type of woman: thick, skinny, redheads, morenas — the girl isn’t picky. What’s significant about this light trap track is that it helped her leave her mark in the industry, specifically by performing it on national television. Yes, the unapologetic mami performed the Don Juan-esque anthem at the 2023 Latin American Music Awards, showing that she’s not changing her style for anyone. Especially not even the conservative and machista pockets of the larger Latine community. This same tune would help her go viral on TikTok. I know that’s right!

“Vendetta” With Villano Antillano

What happens when two Puerto Rican innovators join forces? Absolute palos. “Vendetta” is one of the collaborations that capture Miko’s unapologetic queer badassery. On top of that, she’s joined by the unmatchable Villano Antillano, who lays her hard-hitting rhymes about her sexuality and not giving a fuck. Over the years, the two have routinely praised each other, showing that there’s nothing but mutual love in the rap game they’re both slaying. At the time of the release, this heavy trap collaboration also served as a peek into how raperas would inevitably change the male-dominated el movimiento scene.

“Classy 101” With Feid

Both Feid and Young Miko have had quite the year. One of the songs that leveled up both of their careers was their collaboration. Together, they delivered “Classy 101,” which became an instant reggaeton hit. The song’s popularity soared in TikTok, also becoming viral on the app. To date, the #Classy101 hashtag has over 527.9 million views under its name. Moreover, the same banger earned Miko her first entry on the Billboard Hot 100 chart back in July. Lyrically, the two artists talk about a risqué lover they’re infatuated with. The result of the catchy collaboration? A jam worth hitting replay over and over.


How could this banger not be included when talking about Young Miko’s most popular tracks to date? “Riri” is undoubtedly one of the Puerto Rican’s most memorable tunes from TRAP KITTY. The beat features a fun, bass-heavy light trap-infused production with Instagrammable lyrical phrases like: “La baby trabaja, she’s all about her money / Sabe que está ricota, sabe que es una mami.” As of now, the song continues to collect streams: currently, it has over 27 million views on YouTube, and 86 million streams on Spotify. Moreover, “Riri” is based on one of Miko’s friends, who is a pole dancer. “I wanted to get into her world,” Miko told Rolling Stone. “Everyone needs a friend like Riri, the most confident woman I know, a trap kitty.”

“Bi” With Brray

“Bi” is another memorable collaboration from TRAP KITTY and perhaps one of her most underrated gems. In this song, she claims that every girl wants to become bisexual since she came out. With lyrics like, “Y e’ que to’as quieren ser bi / Desde que salí / Que no se enchulara yo se lo advertí,” Miko’s channels her sexy confidence throughout the trap number. Besides her confidence, she also makes her verses special by calmly delivering her raunchy wordplay describing women being curious of her. Whether it’s due to her voice tone or her physical appearance, Miko certainly gets away with the dirtiest sex talk ever.