6 Rising Latine Primavera Sound 2024 Performers to Know

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
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Primavera Sound 2024 is rapidly approaching. The festival will take place from May 29 to June 2 at Parc Del Fòrum on the outskirts of Barcelona, Spain. With a week left before the event, the city is already abuzz with overflowing energy for the event — a string of tourists speaking a euphony of different languages above the city’s base rhythm of Spanish and Catalan, and people donning performers’ merchandise already slowly creeping into the purview of the coastline. After its spectacular return in 2022, Primavera has re-established itself as a harbinger of musical taste, offering not just the festival but a record label to support fledgling artists on their musical journey. And above all, the iconic Barcelona festival continues to spotlight up-and-coming Latine acts on their global stage.

This year, the festival feels particularly globally cooperative, with an even mix of European and Western artists, plus a healthy plethora of rising Latine artists. The Primavera Sound 2024 line-up features some of the best talent of this generation, with headliners throughout the weekend including SZA, Lana Del Rey, Vampire Weekend, FKA Twigs, and Charli XCX. This year’s iteration also features supporting acts from artists who have found exponential success this year, from 070Shake, Omar Apollo, Troye Sivan, Arc, Eartheater, and Kim Petras.

However, the real stand-outs of this line-up lie in the smaller print of the list. Amongst the titans of industry lie some truly hidden gems of Latine talent, from Latine trap excellence to a Strokes-esque Brazilian rock band that is slowly steering the genre to a fresh place. Whether you’re headed to the festival this year or not, here are six acts on the 2024 Primavera line-up that deserve a home on your playlist.

MJ Nebreda

MJ Nebreda has roots in Venezuela and Peru but has made Miami, FL, her home base. Her music maintains the anthemic resonance of raptor house, crossing the bridge between neoperreo and dembow. She takes inspiration from electronic music icons such as Jamie xx and Ratatat. With her sexually empowering lyrics that put body liberation and lustful control in the front seat and her dimensions of femininity that feel sexy, boldly futuristic, and unapologetically vibrant, Nebreda feels like an artist who has her finger firmly on the pulse of her audience’s brain waves. She is for sure slated to be a future staple in house music.


YOVNGCHIMI is a Puerto Rican rapper specialized in Latine trap and drill. He began releasing freestyles until the infectious “Glizzy Walk 2.0,” a remix of his debut song, went viral, gaining him a following in Puerto Rico and eventually a feature on Bad Bunny’s “Mercedes Carota.” He champions malianteo, often speaking of the importance of the trust between the artist and listener. Last year, he released his debut album, WLGS, featuring heavy American hip-hop influences and collaborations with French Montana, Ozuna, Tay Keith, Brant Myers, Dei V, and Lunay. In an impressive feat for a debut artist, he quickly sold out the legendary Coliseu de Puerto Rico for his first-ever show.


Dylan Leon Masa, known to the masses as Dillom, is an Argentinian rapper from Buenos Aires. He rose to fame with his 2018 hit “Drippin,” a song he claims was inspired by buying a pair of Nike sneakers. He is known for his raw lyricism and a sound that inspires a fun and rebellious spirit in each listener. Many consider him as helping to lead the movement into the second wave of Argentine trap. His second album, Por Cesarea, was released on April 24.

Sophia Chablau e Uma Enorme Perda de Tempo

As Primavera aptly puts it, “Brazil Never Dies,” and the nostalgic rock of Sophia Chablau e Uma Enorme Perda de Tempo proves this now more than ever. The Sao Paolo-hailing group consists of frontwoman Sophia Chablau (vocals), Téo Serson (bass), Theo Cecato (drums), and Vicente Tassara (guitar). Their latest album, Musica de Esquecimiento, mixes shoegaze and psychedelic rock with bossa nova, adding a Brazilian twist to a genre so standardized that it seemed like it couldn’t be reinvented. Chablau is already slated to be a legendary frontwoman, as she possesses a spark reminiscent of Hayley Williams. She’s a leader that is somehow simultaneously incredibly mesmerizing to watch and grounded in her normalcy. Accompanied by Serson, Cecato, and Tassara, the band is unstoppable. 

Sofia Kourtesis

Sofia Kourtesis is a Peruvian producer and DJ now based in Berlin. Her dance music features her hauntingly beautiful voice with a masterful production, making music that moves your soul and your body. She is an artist who contains multitudes — the tracks on Madres ebb and flow in style, with hooks that sound almost popish and melodies that sound like sweeping ballads. It all comes together to make something spectacular, speaking to Kourtesis’ prowess as a producer.  The visual and musical language of her debut album, Madres, is reminiscent of the grandeur of The Marias’ early work — vibrant, deep reds and an avant-garde style.

Sega Bodega

Sega Bodega is an Irish-Chilean producer, DJ, and singer-songwriter from Galway, Ireland. You may know Bodega’s work from his frequent and ongoing artistic collaborations with Bjork — he co-produced the iconic “ORAL,” the Icelandic singer’s collaboration with Rosalía. His solo music is, in a word, sensorial. By combining sweeping cinematic instrumentals with futuristic notes in production and visuals, Bodega creates a listening experience that feels more actively transformative than passive enjoyment, like on his track “Set Me Free I’m An Animal.”