8 Holiday Gifts for the Music Lover on Your List

Lead Photo: Art by Staphany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Staphany Torres for Remezcla
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We don’t want to stress you out if you’re not done with your Christmas shopping, but it is getting down to the wire – and there are always those few lingering people who it feels impossible to find presents for. If they’re music lovers, we’ve got you covered: We’ve put together a list of ideas ranging from shirts, merch, albums and vinyl, specifically designed for music fans (and especially for anyone who’s been following Remezcla’s music coverage this year.) Check out the suggestions below and prepare the gift-wrapping paper.

Cardi B Shirt

Cardi had an epic year in 2018, and she kept her reign going in 2019 with an appearance in Hustlers, an AMA award that she delightfully accepted in her bathrobe and a newly announced role in the forthcoming Fast & Furious film, which will also feature Ozuna. She’s promised to drop more music in 2020, so until then, you can pay tribute to the Bronx-born star with this T-shirt. The best part? It’s sold by GRL TRBL, the brand launched by the Afro-Latina artist Emerald Pellot, who has been making incredible, thought-provoking feminist work aimed at increasing representation and empowerment among Afro-Latinx women and women of color.

Price: $20

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Helado Negro Stickers

Helado Negro’s stunning album This Is How You Smile was named Remezcla’s number one album of 2019. At his live shows, Helado Negro (a.k.a. Roberto Carlos Lange) has been selling these stickers, emblazoned with the name of the record and a super endearing smiley face. They’re big enough to use as a bumper sticker or to decorate your laptop, and they’re also perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who could use the electronic artist’s wise and heartfelt little reminder.

Price: $3.50

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Celia Con Rolos

Tony Peralta is the mastermind behind the Peralta Project, an art and lifestyle brand of his silkscreens and designs. One of his most well-known projects is the Con Rolos series, which drew major attention and even became a part of the Smithsonian’s permanent collection, following an exhibition at the Anacostia Museum. While the Con Rolos series features artists like Selena, Frida Kahlo, Iris Chacon and La Lupe, the one that the Smithsonian picked was the one with Celia Cruz. Seeing as how 2019 included some big Celia tributes, like the live musical show presented by Goya Foods, this is a fitting one to give to a friend.

Price: $50

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Bad Bunny ‘X100PRE’ Vinyl

We’re still reeling from Bad Bunny’s crazy surprise last nochebuena – he dropped his magnificently experimental debut, X100PRE, and it quickly became the album we couldn’t stop playing for the next 12 months (since it was released after most best-of 2018 lists had already come out, many music publications waited until 2019 to name it one of the best of the year; we gave it an honorable mention here.) Any diehard fan deserves the vinyl version, which comes full of exclusive album artwork.

Price: $22.06

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Aventura Tickets

If you really want to floor someone, what could be better than evoking the power of the most swoon-worthy heartthrobs in bachata? Aventura prompted fan-girl screams from pretty much everyone when they announced that they were reuniting for a brief – but probably unforgettable – tour in seven cities: Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Boston, Washington, D.C. and Miami. Sadly, there are no NYC dates (yet), but a road trip to Boston or D.C. could be part of a great big grand gesture.

Price: $64-$500

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Vibes Earplugs

For loved ones who love to go to shows but also want to preserve their hearing, Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs are super comfortable and they lower loud sounds without muffling or disrupting any concert experiences (so you’re guaranteed not to hurt your ears between all that screaming at the Aventura show). Not only that, they’re reusable, and each pair comes with a little carrying case – plus, proceeds from every sale goes to Hear the World Foundation, which connects kids with hearing solutions across the world.


Price: $23.99

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Mula Backpack

Mula, the Dominican trio known for their upbeat brand of sparkly dreambow, spent the last few months touring and releasing new music – including one remix that honored the 10-year anniversary of moombahton. To cap off a busy year, they then dropped tons of merch that’s as bright and colorful as their musical productions. You can find T-shirts, sweaters, and even some epic fanny packs on their website, but we’re partial to this geometric backpack in electric, head-turning shades.

Price: $63

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José José Compilation

We lost several figures who loomed large in the culture this year: famed astrologist Walter Mercado, Spanish balladeer Camilo Sesto and the Mexican singer José José. There are plenty of ways to keep commemorating their legacy and fans of José José can keep reliving his greatest hits with this best-of compilation album that includes “Lo Pasado, Pasado” and “He Renunciado a Ti.” It’s also perfect for any older tias who are still mourning his death (and who still have CD players).

Price: $31

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