8 Urbano Musicians With Hair So Luxurious You’ll Feel Basic AF

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Are you tired of your boring-ass hairdo? When you wake up in the morning, do you hesitate to look at yourself in the bathroom mirror because your basic hair brings you nothing but shame? We totally get that, and we’re here to help. If you’re looking to inject some pizzazz into your current ‘do, just look to some of your favorite peddlers of urban music. Go ahead and print out one of these pictures, take it to your local hairstylist, and yell at them dramatically: “Give me this hairdo or slit my throat with your shears! Because life is not worth living unless my hair looks amazing.”


Rico Dalasam

If Skrillex and Amanda Miguel had a baby, that baby would have Rico Dalasam’s hairdo. The best thing about Rico’s ‘do is its malleability. He can flawlessly go from a 60s era James Brown swoop to Poison glam rock flair quite seamlessly.


El Mayor Clásico

We’re willing to bet El Mayor Clásico has the entire House Party movie collection – even the awful ones with Immature – stashed somewhere in his bedroom. Why? Because his hairdo looks like an homage to Kid ‘n Play’s funky style. Right now the kids are all about that 90s nostalgia – it’s like, half of Buzzfeed’s content – so this style couldn’t be more timely.


Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas / Emmanuel Horvilleur

Speaking of 90s nostalgia, the incredibly stylish – and often overlooked – urban style of Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas should be taken into account when picking a new hairdo. Both Dante and Emmanuel have gone through plenty of styles, but we’re particularly fond of Emmanuel’s mullet on the cover of Música y Delirio. If looks could kill, this one would devastate entire countries.


Amara La Negra y La Delfi

Amara La Negra y La Delfi should be your inspiration not only for hairstyles, but for a way of life. You should eat what they eat, dress the way they dress, and prance they way the prance. This particular hairdo is our favorite because it looks like soft serve ice cream, but don’t limit your inspiration.


Mozart La Para

If you’re trying to raise the ante on the hipster manbun, step it up by cloning Mozart La Para’s take on the hottest hair trend. You better hurry, though, because for all the attention the manbun seems to be acquiring, there’s also an equal amount of hatred. This is about to turn into the trucker hat of 2005.



Nobody rocks cornrows the way Arcangel rocks cornrows. Just look at them – they’re impossibly symmetrical and perfect. It’s like he hires architects to work on his hair instead of hairstylists. You’re head is probably going to ache for a whole month if you go down this route, but your look will slay anything and everything in its path.


MC Brinquedo

Something colorful, you say? Then follow MC Brinquedo’s lead. It’s SLC Punk! meets Harajuku, and it’s going to drive your mother crazy. Looking like this, she’ll probably stop dragging you to church on Sundays, so that’s plus. Note to the inexperienced: while sporting this hairdo, don’t sleep on anything other than black sheets – unless you’re planning to tie-dye everything that comes in contact with your head.


Happy Colors

Can’t decide between a flat top, Afro, or mohawk? You don’t have to! Just look at Happy Colors. This hairstyle is tame compared to the rest on the list, but it’s a lot more manageable. Personally, we’d add a bandana, beads, an armband, and a vest to make the look more warrior-like, but that’s just us.


Honorable Mentions

Adrian B and his multi-purpose trenzas/brushes

Shelow Shaq and his hat hanger dreads

Young Martino’s lazer sharp eyebrows