8 Viral Videos That Prove Dominicans Will Start a Party Literally Anywhere

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One of the best corners of the internet is the world of Dominican memes. Considering the culture, it’s no surprise that much of the Dominican-meme-internet is full of music and dancing — dancing on scooters, in living rooms, barber shops, and even in the middle of hurricanes.

From Santo Domingo to Washington Heights, the videos below prove that not only are Dominicans spirited and creative, but our people have an incredible way of reworking viral memes in popular culture, and translating them to fit the Dominican experience.


DJ Kass

After U.K. comedian Michael Dapaah (a.k.a. Roadman Shaq)’s “Fire In The Booth” freestyle (a.k.a. “The Ting Go”) went viral, DJ Kass turned it into this epic dembow remix and led the #scoobydoopapacontest with this hilarious video.


El Barbero Bailarin

Waiting to get a haircut takes long enough without having to wait for your barber to finish dropping that ass. It’d be worth it, though, if this was your barber — you get a free show with purchase! You can watch more of his videos on his Instagram.


Turning Up In A Hurricane

The fuck is a hurricane? Leave it to Dominicans to turn up and spread joy in the middle of a natural disaster.



Pioladitingancia a.k.a. Jonathan a.k.a. I No Focken Baby is all of us in the middle of the family function jamming to “El Barón Del Cementerio” and chugging rum.

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Maniga @snoopdogg you know warasey.

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Abuelo Dancing To El Baile Del Perrito

The way this abuelo dropped his hips without breaking them. Flawless.


Jamming On A Motoconcho

No radio, no problem. Pasame la güira y vamos.


Dancing puppet

Not only are Dominicans great dancers, Dominican puppets are also great dancers. Side note: how the fuck does this puppet have more rhythm than I do?


Bobby Shmurda

Bobby’s not Dominican, but he dances just like your tío, so, it counts.