Ana Helder’s 10 Essential Club Cuts That Inspired Her Spacey ‘Fiebre de Marte’ EP

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If you’re a fan of our female beatmakers list or just a dyed-in-the-wool beathead, then you’ll know that Ana Helder is among the ones to watch this year. Her spacey, groove-filled EP, Fiebre de Marte, was one of the highlights last year for Coméme, which is saying quite a bit given that label’s already impressive repertoire.

While you eagerly await her upcoming release (and we know you are), you can listen to this magnificent playlist that she’s whipped exclusively for our Remezcla readers. As a sort of after-thought or companion piece to Fiebre, these ten indispensable cuts lend us a hint of her ample and eclectic set of influences, which you’re likely to hear her spin on any given night. So, if you don’t happen to have the Argentine beatmaker playing in your town anytime soon, this list should more than suffice for now.

Steven Pieters – "Don't Try To Understand"

I like this track because it’s as if the sound of bees was building it.

Flying Rhythms – "Doragon Balls"

As profound as it is functional, this track relaxes you and hops you up at the same tie. It was the inspiration for my last record. I made Alejandro Paz listen to it as a reference for the mixing.

The Dirtbombs – "Jaguar"

“Jaguar” in its acoustic version is one of the most important rave anthems. It’s also a good idea for a cover. I play it quite often. It’s kind of hard to mix, but it’s worth it.

Dany F – "Espejismo"

Dany F’s F is a great album from last year. I really enjoy the track “Espejismo” by this productive madman.

Sano – "Necrophilic Love (Gladkazuka Remix)"

For a passage or a break, the Gladkazuka remix is a very [good] tool…

Lil Nick Cru ft. Parris Mitchell – "Muthafuckin Dog"

Beware of Dog!

The Space Lady – "Major Tom"

Anyone with the slightest sensibility enjoys Space Lady.

Ana Helder – "Track Con Flute"

Track con flute, it’s my duty.

Franco Vizzo ft. Brenda Alonso – "Unless Your Memory"

I recently saw a live set by this duplet and they absolutely killed it. Now I’m waiting for them to release new material.

Rodion – "Medusa (DJs Pareja Remix)"

Medusa, Rodion, DJs Pareja, everything fits.