14 of Bad Bunny’s Wildest and Most Wonderful Looks

Lead Photo: Bad Bunny. GIF by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Bad Bunny. GIF by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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There is perhaps no better example of the symbiotic relationship between trap music and flexing than the Instagram feed of Bad Bunny. Take a scroll through the young misbehaved conejo’s Instagram grid, or a gander at his impressive music video résumé, and his affinity for streetwear and high fashion is evident off the jump. With a wardrobe built from enough rare Supreme pieces to crash the resale website Grailed, and a distinct fondness for luxury brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry, the Latin trap prodigy is not only integral in defining the sound of the young genre, but also in aligning himself as a poster boy for the definitive trap look.

He’s clearly not one to shy away from bold patterns, or play with proportions in his wardrobe selections: from cozy athleisure inclinations in the daytime to bold Gucci suiting in the evening, Bad Bunny’s style continues to make waves parallel to those in the Latin trap movement. The steady heat of Bad Bunny’s hit singles and features aren’t letting up anytime soon, and we can only expect the trapero’s style to equally rise in flex levels.

While I continue trying to find Bad Bunny’s Supreme plug and speculate the insurance rates on his jewelry, peep these very high-quality looks:


Cyber Ski Hoe Look

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If we lived in a cyberpunk dystopia, in which Ivy Queen reigned over Antarctica, this very icy Internet look would be pretty standard dress in that alternate universe. Somebody call their tía to wrap this man in plastic covers, like the good sofa for company only.


Pepto Bis Mo Money, Mo Problems

Y’all already know multiple chains over the black turtleneck is a certified look, but the misbehaved conejo took it to the next level with the fuzzy pink overcoat and the appropriate amount of distressing on his denim – for adequate ventilation, of course.


Divorced Tía Look

For a man who is known to sport an eccentric hair style (bless his barber, whose patience with a straight edge is on godly levels), Bad Bunny knows when it’s time to switch to a simple buzz cut — here, he tones it down to let this Gucci suit do all the flexing. Your abuelita’s favorite mantel could never. Your favorite bunny finishes this divorced tía look with loafers to match the Ferrari. Sheesh.


Dressin' Like He Was Zoboomafoo

FAM, DON’T TALK TO ME ABOUT ACCESSORIZING IF YOU’RE NOT COMPLEMENTING YOUR FIT WITH A LEMUR AND A STYROFOAM DOUBLE CUP. Let’s not even get into the opticals, the watch, or the dangling earrings. Somebody get PBS on the line; we need that Latino Zoboomafoo remake right now.


Cold Chains, Colder Ankles

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EL GRECO 💵🏌🏻🌸®

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Y’all thought Bad Bunny was done showing skin? Even in this familiar black turtleneck and overcoat look, El Conejo Malo still retains his playful style with a leopard print overcoat and a bold amount of ankle peeking between the cropped slacks and Gucci slip-ons.


Tropithot on 10

As if the cut-off shorts connoisseur didn’t give y’all enough leg already, your misbehaved mcm posted this peak tropithot look leaving little to the imagination. Also, can somebody tell me why every Latinx person always brings a Polo cap with them on vacation?


Puerto Rican Picture Day

I swear, this is the look every Puerto Rican kid in grade school pulled up in on Picture Day: short sleeve button-up with a loud print, brass buckle belt holding up the corduroys two sizes too big, and a big-ass chain weighing them down.


Views from the Bleachers

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baby dime si te acuerdas

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Fellas, take notes here: we’re showing more skin in summer 2k18 — catch me at your favorite music festivals with my pansa peeking out my crop top and showing off hella leg like this very fly, very sadboy two-piece zip-up, with the shorts-to-match athleisure look. Yeah, we’re working out with all our jewelry on this year too.


Abrigate Mijo

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aca arriba hace frio ❄️ 💸

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Bad Bunny blessed all ya moms who tell you to bundle up before you leave the crib or “si no te vas enfermar.” Here he is in a black fur coat, bloody Burberry print scarf draped over the shoulders like a rebozo, and the cross chain peeking out (subtle flex on 10). Of course, the look is finished off with a Supreme ski mask.


Your Uber Will Arrive in 2 Minutes

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Sometimes you gotta take that “your Uber will arrive in 1 minute” notification as a signal for an impromptu shoot/fit flex. Here, El Conejito plays the caught-off-guard look while he’s stanced up. We stan good layering, accomplished here by throwing on that Supreme x LV box logo tee over the sweater, paired with a Gucci scarf and a headband. Fam, let’s not even get into the bottom half of this fit.


Baddie Bunny

This fit flick from the Ric Flair-assisted “Chambea” video gives us Bad Bunny posing in full baddie mood. Here, his orange parka falls playfully off the shoulders, with the tinted shades to match, Cuban-link looking like an icy choker, and the quintessential IG baddie lip pout.


Suburban Bunny

We’re not gonna get into this Arby’s cosign, but this is a prime Sunday errands or bodega run look. The oversized, gray-toned Burberry overall print tee, baggy gray sweats with the first pair of kicks you left by the door, and a baggy black hoodie? This how I’m tryna flex in my suburban neighborhood when I get my credit score up and I can finally become a homeowner.


Air BadnBunny

For all the bold prints and in-your-face pieces El Conejito is known for flexing in, let’s take a moment to appreciate this very toned-down “I had to grind for this view” vacation look. Here, Bad Bunny poses on a Miami suite balcony, holding a glass of wine on his grown man shit, taking on this muted resort look in a very rare, one-chain-on-only moment.



Off jump, don’t ask me to collab with you if we’re not posting a fit pic to the gram with matching iguanas. Look, in the context of this impressive list, this two-piece pineapple print look is pretty simple, but Bad Bunny is really out here alongside his leisurely dressed hypebeast bestie J Balvin, Off-White basketball shorts and clout goggle oversaturation in check.