7 Picks for Best Dressed at the 2021 Latin Grammys

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Picking the best dressed in an event attended by the biggest names in Latin music is always much more complicated than usual, because if there’s one thing our community knows how to do is dress to impress. From Christina Aguilera stunning in a black latex gown to Gloria Trevi dazzling in yellow, without forgetting Becky G’s bright floral look, the 2021 Latin Grammy’s gave us a lot to discuss, fashion-wise. Here are some of the best-dressed celebrities from the Latin Grammys.


Christina Aguilera

Aguilera always blows us away, and she did so again with a black dress that was anything but demure and understated, and that perfectly showcased all her assets. It was just the right mix of adventurous and sexy in that Christina Aguilera way that makes sure we cannot look away.


Bad Bunny

Aguilera wasn’t the only one sporting two different looks, as Bad Bunny also changed outfits in the middle of the Latin Grammys. We have to admit we absolutely love him in hot pink and receiving a well-deserved award. One of his best looks, by far.


Becky G

Becky G didn’t dress to fly under the radar, that’s for sure. And though her dress was one of the most colorful on the red carpet, she still looked incredibly elegant and fresh. Plus, she could have probably hidden a snack in those sleeves, always a plus in our book.


Sofia Carson

Sofia looked like a literal princess — and we mean the fairytale type. Plus, it is apparently possible to pull off a look like this and add a plunging neckline that gives it a risqué touch. Who knew?  


Gloria Trevi

Trevi took a chance on the red carpet, with a dress that had a lot going on, and the risk definitely paid off. Then, there’s also the fact that she seems to be aging backward, because she looks as good as she’s ever looked, if not… better, which also adds to the wow factor.  


Jay Wheeler

The best thing about Jay Wheeler’s outfit is that he held absolutely nothing back. Men have a tendency to play it safe when it comes to fashion, and Wheeler went out there, showed his personality through his clothes, and looked great doing it.


Juliana Velásquez

A vision in green, Velásquez, who paired her outfit with red lips and wavy hair, certainly made everyone stop and stare. And that’s without even going into the beautiful gloves and the matching jewelry. Just breathtaking.