Why 2015 Was the Year of the Latino Remix

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There’s something to be said for that head-turning moment, when artists use the element of surprise and translate the track of the day into something equally debaucherous en Español. But there’s also something discursive about it – a sense that we’re participating in the playful flipping of tradition that goes back to the birth of club tracks. What would hip-hop be without Sugarhill Gang jumping on Chic disco breaks for “Rapper’s Delight”? And what would pop music in 2015 be without J Balvin jumping on basically everything?

There’s “Bitch Better Have My Money,” then there’s Natti Natasha and Messiah’s “Yo Tengo Lo Mio.” Never forget La Mafia del Amor out-sucioing Chris Brown (by miles) on their Spanish version of “Ayo.” Then there’s Drake’s most Dominican, bachata-esque moment to date on “Hotline Bling,” and Fuego tearing up the versión en Español.

By year’s end, it was clear that 2015 brought the Latino remix to fever pitch. Fuego’s “Hotline Bling” redux broke beyond the Latino digital realm, Latino USA took note of the trend in a podcast, and the remixes shook Washington Heights nightclubs hasta la madrugada. We covered more remixes than ever this year, and artists dropped them like flies. Some musicians here stood out on the strength of their reworks this year, rather than their original material, but one thing is clear: the Latino remix offered a space for emerging dembowseros, singers, and rappers to break into the market and put their names in the spotlight.

On this list, we’ve got covers, but they’re also instances where we claim the moment for ourselves, in our language – Spanish or English or Spanglish, or any gray area in between.


"Cuando Suena El Bling" - Fuego (Dominican Republic)

Original Artist: Drake
Original Song: “Hotline Bling”


"C.H.I.T.O." - C. Tangana (Spain)

Original Artist: Drake and Meek Mill
Original Song: “R.I.C.O.”


"Ginza" - Phynx (Mexico)

Original Artist: J Balvin
Original Song: “Ginza”


"My Way" (Spanish Remix) - De La Ghetto (Puerto Rico)

Original Artist: Fetty Wap
Original Song: “My Way”


"Sorry" (Latino Remix) - J Balvin (Colombia)

Original Artist: Justin Bieber
Original Song: “Sorry”


"Na Na Remix" (Spanish Version) - Gush Monee (US)

Original Artists: Trey Songz
Original Songs: “Na Na Remix”


"Lean On" - J Balvin, Farruko & Toy Selectah (Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Mexico)

Original Artists: Major Lazer & DJ Snake feat. MØ
Original Songs: “Lean On”


"Low" - Faded (Mexico)

Original Artists: Mura Masa
Original Songs: “Low feat. Jay Prince”


"Ayo" (Latino Remix) - La Mafia del Amor (Spain)

Original Artists: Chris Brown & Tyga
Original Songs: “Ayo”


"Commas" (Spanish Remix) - Messiah Ft. Tali (Dominican Republic/USA)

Original Artists: Future
Original Songs: “Fuck Up Some Commas”


"La Policia" - Kap G feat. T.I. & David Banner (US/Mexico)

Original Artist: Kap G
Original Song: “Fuck La Policia”


"Desafio" - Blastah (Portugal)

Original Artist: Daddy Yankee & Don Omar
Original Song: “Desafio”


"Yo Tengo Lo Mio" - Natti Natasha Feat. Messiah (Dominican Republic/US)

Original Artists: Rihanna
Original Songs: “BBHMM”


"Rihanna" (Spanish Remix) - Fuego (Dominican Republic/US)

Original Artists: Yo Gotti feat. Young Thug
Original Songs: “Rihanna”


"Hot Nigga" - Messiah Feat. J Alvarez & DJ Flipstar (Dominican Republic/Puerto Rico)

Original Artists: Bobby Shmurda
Original Songs: “Hot Nigga”