Here’s A Look At 5 Standout Talents Playing BIME 2022

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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If you have not heard of it already, BIME is returning to Bilbao, Spain, from Oct. 26 to 29. Since 2013, this music conference has been bringing together movers and shakers from all over the world for a unique convergence of innovation, technology, networking, and discussions around the present and future of the music industry. 

For its 10th edition, BIME will boast a series of workshops and over 70 panels featuring guest speakers Afo Verde (Sony Music Latin), Rebeca León (Lionfish Entertainment), Leila Cobo (Billboard Latin), Albina Cabrera (KEXP), Rodrigo Piedra (Indie Hoy), Alicia Alvarez (LAREFUGIA), Alicia Zertuche (Ruido Fest), Alberto López (Tik Tok), and, obviously, myself, Joel Moya from Remezcla. Industry leaders and attendees will have the opportunity to reflect on the challenges that the future brings in an industry in constant transformation and growth.

Featuring a diverse representation of music genres, as well as Latine and emerging local acts, the Biscayne capital will be jam-packed with free shows across four nights. From the darkwave reggeaton-covers by Chile’s Friolento to straight-up perreo by Spanish MC Bea Pelea, the musical scope to choose from is sure to please any music lover’s taste. Here are five artists we’d like to highlight, as well as a comprehensive playlist with all the acts present.



With a highly melodic and expansive sound, Chini.png is a key artist in today’s Chilean indie scene. Guided by her charismatic voice — feathery and full of subtle shades — María José Ayarza first caught attention with her band Chini and the Technicians before they went on hiatus. Since then, Chini has kept busy recording at home and in collaboration with members of outfits like Niños Del Cerro and Adelaida. Her guitar-driven music occasionally nods to the ‘90s, giving us such memorable tracks as “Plan C” and “Fusura,” as well as more recent singles like “Sofía” and “Laurel.”


Gianluca Antonio Abarza Caro could be considered a movement of his own inside the Chilean trap scene, being a larger-than-life personality that transforms sound to the will of his expression. Born in 1996, Gianluca started making beats in 2012 and developed a musical language all his own by integrating classic rap sounds from his home country, as well as the trap style gaining momentum on the internet at the time. At home collaborating with figures such as Princesa Alba and rhyming on top of Björk and The Smiths samples, Gianluca remains unique — the future of music made by young people in Chile.

La Muchacha

Following a path traced by singers like Mercedes Sosa and Violeta Parra, Laura Isabel Ramírez Ocampo is an artist unafraid to tell the truth. Better known as La Muchacha, this Colombian musician has made a career out of songs dealing with injustice, sexual harassment, crimes perpetuated by people in power, and other tough subject matters with to-the-point lyrics full of pain and rage. La Muchacha became one of the most important voices of Colombia’s civil unrest over the past few years. This artist — who is also an illustrator — is one of the most important musicians to the future of the Latin American songbook.

Niños Del Cerro

With a highly original sound that evokes many different feelings at once in a visceral manner, few manage to make music like Niños Del Cerro. The Chilean band takes elements from folk and gives it an electrifying spin: insistent guitar melodies, complex-yet-danceable rhythms, and memorable hooks. Throughout two full-length albums, their music goes from melodic to noise and back again in unexpected ways without ever leaving behind their songcraft. Niños Del Cerro is one of the most exciting bands of our times.

Los Besos

Los Besos’ sound could well be compared to the feeling of falling in love. Formed in Argentina by Paula Trama as a vehicle for her personal expression, Los Besos have refined their style with many reference points, converging into an ‘80s pop-based mixture with impossible-to-ignore choruses. Trama is a Literature professor by day, which explains the band’s lyrics full of imagery and metaphors worthy of the most evocative poetry. Los Besos is a breath of fresh air.

BIME is an international music industry summit founded in 2013 in Bilbao. Their mission is to ponder the challenges that thrive the industry towards the future of live music in Latin America. It reunites professionals from more than 50 countries, giving space for networking and collaboration. BIME also encompasses live music events, music equality forums, courses, tech talks, start-up hubs, and more.

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