Breakbeat Nerds Rejoice: LA Crew Jungle Fire Select Their Top 10 Latin Funk Tracks

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Photo credit: Duran Castro.

While Los Angeles-based Afro-Latin funk crew Jungle Fire bask in the glory of having released their debut full-length album Tropicoso, they took the time to select their favorite dancefloor-igniting tracks that inspired their “west coast take on west African funk,” sure to please novices and dedicated collectors alike.

Fresh from an appearance at the Supersonico festival where they had the chance to flaunt their notorious live performance, band members took turns selecting their favorite party-starting tracks, where you’ll find a beauty of a choice from the Cumbias en Moog compilation (moogia?), an essential B-Boy soundtrack via Roberto Roena, and some more obscure selections.

Check out their lead single from the Latin psychedelic album, “Tropicoso,” or a purchase the album over at Jungle Fire’s website.

Juan Pablo Torres Y Algo Nuevo – “Son a Propulsion”

Pure funked-out Son Cubano with neck breaking drums way ahead of its time!

Cumbias En Moog – “Cumbia de Sal”

A spaced-out cumbia that would have sounded great in the Star Wars cantina scene.

Mongo Santamaria – “O Mi Chango”

Proper Afro-Cuban batá drums and chants bubble over some NYC funk with a razor sharp horn arrangement.

Manteca – “Afro Funky”

Simple ingredients make this crunchy, raw song and album all killer no filler.

Roberto Roena y Su Apollo Sound – “Que Se Sepa”

An essential Latin B-Boy break theme song that will burn any dance floor to ashes!

Nico Gomez – “Baila Chibiquiban”

Heavy Brazilian funk! This whole album is heat, but between the fuzz guitar feature and massive drum break, this is the stand-out track for me.

Ray Camacho & The Teardrops – “Si Se Puede”

Another B-Boy anthem! Lack of Afro did a heavy remix of this that stands up to the original.

Latin Tempo – “Raro y Sabroso Montuno”

A pretty straight forward montuno, but the break halfway through hits you right in the gut… another classic.

Ray & His Court – “Soul Freedom”

Rugged drums, gritty bass, and even grittier bass clarinet.

Juan Pablo Torres – “Pastel en la Descarga”

Serious party starter! Juan Pablo Torres is a huge inspiration to Jungle Fire so it’s only fitting to include him.