5 Acts To Catch At Bahidorá’s Heavenly Three-Day Music Festival

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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Music festival season is one of the most highly anticipated times of the year, and for Mexico, which has no shortage of expertly curated events, one of the first head-turning lineups on the calendar is Carnaval de Bahidorá. Taking place at Las Estacas, an ecological reserve in the state of Morelos outside of Mexico City, the chic and secluded festival is summoning its annual cavalcade of DJs and bands to soundtrack a weekend of round-the-clock partying and rejuvenating nature walks.

Ecological retreats are a rising trend among festivals, which are finding innovation an increasingly necessary tool to engage with overwhelmed live music fans. Blockbuster festivals like Coachella and Burning Man position themselves as luxurious fantasies for the ultra fashionable and escapist dreamers, often neglecting their environmental impact in the process. In Latin America, climate change has become an urgent matter, leading smaller organizations like Chile’s Nomade and Peru’s Selvámonos to reach beyond glamorous marketing and factor natural resources and local economic benefits into every new edition.

As Bahidorá enters its seventh edition, organizers remain committed to the preservation of Las Estacas, the breathtaking space that the festival has called home throughout the years. While offering stunning views of the Sierra de Montenegro and refreshing dips in the Yautepec River, a lengthy list of guidelines and values on Bahidorá’s website also reminds festivalgoers they are partying on protected land, which should be treated with the upmost respect.

While dreaming of fresh air, verdant hillsides, and snazzy outfits, get excited for Bahidorá by checking out some of the artists performing on Las Estacas’ grounds.

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Daymé Arocena

Festivalgoers will have two opportunities to delight in the spiritual exuberance of Afro-Cuban music while at Bahidorá. DJ Jigüe’s spellbinding turntable wizardry will surely attract legions of dancers, but for a more tactile experience, we highly recommend you check out Daymé Arocena’s soulful rumba and jazz. Arocena’s powerful compositions spin tales of globetrotting, femininity, and Yoruba reverence. Musically, you can expect a confluence of experimental jazz and Afro-Cuban percussion that will have spectators transfixed.


DJ Python

Balancing dembow riddims, ambient sounds, and obscure samples, DJ Python’s dedication to counterintuitive yet compelling sonic collisions will be right at home in Bahidorá’s sea of contrasts. The Ecuadorian-Argentine producer’s sets are made for getting lost in contemplation, led by the hand to introspection. DJ Python aims to create physical and emotional connections through his music, giving the festival’s attendees an opportunity to log off and connect with Las Estacas’ blissful surroundings.


Noa Sainz

There is no denying R&B is the next big wave coming from the Latin American underground, and Noa Sainz is rapidly becoming one of Mexico’s most exciting proponents. The stylish chanteuse made a splash late last year with her debut EP No Science, where sleek production and vulnerable songwriting cemented her as a buzzy local favorite. With the runaway success of her single “FYT” and highly visible bookings like Bahidorá under her belt, Noa Sainz is poised to draw an international following at Bahidorá.



Baile funk and queer resistance will be on full display during Badsista’s set, when the outspoken Brazilian producer takes the stage to deliver one of her sonically expansive, culo-shaking throwdowns. No stranger to bringing politics to the dance floor, Badsista’s bold mixes of funk, trap, and ballroom will have the crowd sweating and jumping into the river, eager for a cool down while twerking. We can’t predict what kind of energy Badsista will cast upon Bahidorá, but whether she’s feeling conceptual or dipping into her vast pop arsenal, the turn up will be major.



A taste of the Argentine Patagonia is coming to Bahidorá, courtesy of theatrical folk trio Fémina. Inspired by cabaret, rustic instrumentation, and angelic harmonies, Fémina’s ability to turn large shows into intimate and immersive experiences makes each performance electric, complete with dramatic a cappella breaks and moody stage lighting. Fémina is also gearing up to release a new Quantic-produced album this spring, so check out their set and get a peek at exciting new sounds to come.


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