Here Are 3 of Andrea Echeverri’s Most Epic Collaborations

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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On September 13, Latin American rock icon Andrea Echeverri turned 55 years old, and here in Remezcla we couldn’t miss the chance to celebrate with her. The Bogota singer, songwriter, and musician became rock latino royalty thanks to her work with Aterciopelados, alongside Héctor Buitriago, and to her solo career. She’s earned her multiple Latin Grammy Awards wins and Grammy nominations.

With her 90s output as part as Aterciopelados, Echeverri changed the face of Colombian and Latin American music, releasing classics like “Baracunátana,” “Bolero Falaz,” “Florecita Rockera,” “El Estuche,” and more, bringing a much-needed female perspective in a male-dominated genre. Always socially and environmentally conscious, Echeverri has never stopped using her platform to promote change and positively impact the world.

Throughout her career, she has paired up with an ever-growing number of peers both live and in studio, blessing numerous songs with her talent. From Esteman to Los Amigos Invisibles; from Disidente to Puerto Candelaria, Echeverri thrives in a collaborative setting, and that’s why we are highlighting three of her most epic, legendary collaborations in her career. ¡Feliz cumpleaños, reina!

Soda Stereo - "En La Ciudad de la Furia"


Hands down the definitive version of the Argentine band’s Doble Vida single, the space-blues interpolation included in Soda Stereo’s 1996 MTV Unplugged performance is a timeless moment in Latin American rock, and it was largely thanks to Echeverri’s contribution. Every time she takes the lead on every chorus or joins in with vocal harmonies, it is a chill-inducing moment.

Lido Pimienta - "En Un Minuto"

A collaboration that marked a special bridge between the Colombian old school and new school, “En Un Minuto” appears on Lido Pimienta’s Polaris Music Prize-winning 2016 album La Papessa. Two strong women come together on this intense instant classic to sing about power and abuse in relationships, and we can’t imagine a more perfect pairing.

Café Tacvba - "Ingrata/o"

For their 30th anniversary show at Mexico City’s Foro Sol in 2019, Café Tacvba recovered their retired hit “La Ingrata” and invited Andrea Echeverri to perform and also pen new lyrics to replace the song’s old hints to femicide. The result was a welcomed feminist moment that spread a message of tolerance and respect to thousands of fans.