Vicente Fernández’s Instagram is Very Good Content and You Need to Follow Him Immediately

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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While all the mexa old heads are steady grinding on El Feis, handing out bendiciones like napkins at la carne asada and sharing “buenos días” posts with stock photos of roses and low-resolution images of Tweety bird, one OG has already made his way to the gram, and he’s provided quality content over the last few years. Truly a renaissance man, Vicente Fernández has done it all: singer, actor, producer, and of course, most notably, El Rey de la Música Ranchera. From sadboy bops to romantic ballads, Chente’s talents have soundtracked the lives of many generations.

After retiring from live performances in 2016, Chente has retreated to life on his rancho Los 3 Potrillos, but that didn’t mean he intended to fall back from the public eye. Steady on Instagram since 2015, the living legend has shared his personal life with fans online through family shoutouts, posts dedicated to wifey, and the day-to-day of his rancho living. The OG really knows what he’s doing, sharing #tbt posts of clips from his extensive filmography or personal quotes with the hashtags #ChenteDePelícula and #FrasesDeChente.

From Joan Sebastian to Juan Gabriel, we’ve lost too many legends in the game over the last decade. So let’s take this moment to appreciate these glimpses into the life and times of Vicente Fernández via his best Instagram moments.

When he looked like your padrino at the bautizo after party

El don threw this lil’ three-piece number on, and stanced up like your padrino at the bautizo after party. My guy dated the post within the caption and sent out warm regards to all his fans and those who spread rumors that he’s dead. Take note: this is how you stunt on those who wanna see you fail.

When he blessed us with this nature hoe look

Chente took this tbt post to remind y’all that he achieved the Mexican dream, but never forgot his rancho roots. Even back then, a young Vicente was coordinating his fit with his animals, blessing us with this very nature hoe look.

When he mastered the art of the fit pic before your favorite influencer

Before your favorite IG influencer was pairing their fit pics with obscure captions, Chente had already mastered the art. Peep game: a very well-composed shot, careful consideration in colors, and a squat that would make your favorite trapper’s knees buckle, complemented with a thoughtful caption reminding you to enjoy life and spend time with your loved ones. Your mcm probably in the comments asking what VSCO filter this is.

When he cropped out everyone in this photo but Maluma

Cut out all the negativity in your life, like how Chente not only cropped but blurred out everyone in this photo except Maluma and himself. Real recognize real, can’t focus on the fake. Let me know when this collab drops.

When he matched with his caballos on the rancho

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Más días así en el Rancho.

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Chente blessed his followers with a worthy #tbt with this squad foto, matching con los caballos y todo. No disrespect to the god but he should have definitely captioned this post with some Lil’ Wayne lines. “If you ain’t see me I ain’t tryna hide, I blend in with the hood I’m camouflage.”

When he reminded us mariachis can go up on a Tuesday

A full-face zoom doesn’t make for the most flattering look, but respect to el don for using this flick to stay On Brand™ and let y’all know the mariachi ballads go up on a Tuesday too. Very Good Content.

When he looked better than your mcm

YEOOOOOOO WHAT IS THIS CREATURE EVEN? I definitely thought the Louis V belt was a flex, but I’m mistaken. Everything foreign, even the animals on el rancho. Peep the crease in the pants, and the tasteful amount of ankle peeking—your mcm could never.

When he flexed his Louis V belt on Father's Day

What does a guy who so regularly stunts in a charro suit rock on his off days? In this heartfelt shoutout to all the pops on Father’s Day, my guy casually dons a three-button navy pinstripe suit, with a contrasting cerulean tee tucked in so y’all can acknowledge the Louis V belt.

When he looked like he was ready to get set up with a quinceañera

This is how I look posted at the quince when my parents in the cut talking to another set of parents from the quinceañera’s other side of the family and are tryna put me on with their daughter. When they ask my parents “¿Y cual es tu hijo?” they look over to me standing at the bar like this.

When he dedicated a post to his wife

For all the individual flexing the OG does on his IG grid, the man definitely knows how to use his platform to profess his love for wifey. Peep this cute lil’ post dedicated to la doña on her cumple. This how I’m tryna be when me and my future jefa retire and move out to the pueblo.

When he let his chest hair fly

Are you really Mexican if you don’t keep at least three buttons on your dress shirt undone and let your chest hair fly? Here, the GOAT delivers a special message thanking all the visitors to his ranch before he departed to prepare for his final concert in 2016, all while posted in this very fly tan look.

When he rocked a sarape like a cape

Chente really been on the gram acknowledging it’s the weekend more times than SZA. What better way to get your followers’ attention than by getting this classic fit off? The black suede sombrero already requires a certain level of steeze, and Chente made this fit even flyer by rocking the sarape like a cape.

When he rocked a strong look on his moto

Y’all thought the flex was strictly reserved for his rural living? Nah, Chente reminds us he’s a modern renaissance man by pulling up on a moto with a caption to let all y’all know he’s gucci. Somebody get this man a Ruff Ryders leather jacket and Swizz Beatz to remix one of his songs.

When he wore a gold emblem bandera

This one’s for all you “I do this for my city” slash “I put the city on my back” type dudes — y’all ever put your whole country on your back? Alright, to keep it a stack: nationalism is trash, a very toxic lens for identity. I’m not mad at this flick though; the limited edition gold emblem bandera is very IG worthy content.

When he posted a tbt suede charro fit

Another friendly reminder that it’s Friday with this throwback flick featuring a suede charro fit with custom snake skin detailing. If this man keeps giving out bendiciones like this, we’re about to have all our tíos and tías migrate from El Feis to the gram.

When he made us want Los 3 Potrillos merch

A real “felt cute, might delete later” type flick. Chente and his stallion are clearly caught off guard here, but still threw it on the gram just to name drop his own ranch (shout out to Los 3 Potrillos) and let y’all see he really bout that action. If anybody’s been to his ranch, let me know if he got a gift shop in that joint. I’m tryna cop Los 3 Potrillos merch.