From Combo Chimbita to Deafkids, Here Are Our Picks From Bandcamp’s 2021 Juneteenth Fundraiser

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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This Friday, June 18, Bandcamp will donate its share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in celebration of Juneteenth, making it the second consecutive year this special campaign takes place. The fundraiser was prompted in response to ongoing institutionalized racism and oppression that Black people face day to day, with the money raised destined to be used by the civil rights organization to enact and promote racial justice.

Juneteenth celebrates the liberation of slaves in the U.S. and remains a day of observance for Black people, a reminder of the ongoing racism and oppression that remain alive to this day. As such, the music platform is setting the example of caring for artists and fans alike, making concrete actions that also raise awareness to these important issues.

As the spotlight shines on the Black music community, Cheky Bertho aka Algodón Egipcio shares some thoughts about Bandcamp and what their campaign means to musicians like him:

“I celebrate Bandcamp’s idea to bring back it’s Juneteenth fundraiser for the second consecutive year, because it shows both the platform’s commitment with racial justice through the donations to the NAACP, and a continuity that shows that last year’s initiative wasn’t only a one-time reaction sparked by the worldwide Black Live Matters demonstrations,” Egipcio says. “If people are gonna support the fundraiser with their purchases, I really believe they should consider buying music from Black artists (although this is a great idea all year long.) Even if Juneteenth is a U.S. holiday, Black communities and people of color in general continue to be oppressed around the world. The Black Artist Database is a great place to start if you plan on buying from Black musicians.”

Below are just a few of the musical outfits we believe are well worth your time and money. This is in addition to the 14 artists we highlighted last year for the previous Bandcamp Juneteenth fundraiser.

Jonathan Tadeu (Cheky’s pick)

Beautiful, sad, and sparse songs from this singer-songwriter from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. His music is informed by it’s lo-fi settings that bring an intimate intensity to its craft and delivery, great for melancholic nights.


As one of the most talented and imaginative reggaeton producers in the Dominican Republic, Mediopicky is the best kept secret that will break out into the wider world of perreo at any minute.

Def Sound

Making hip-hop through a particular Afro-Latinx sensibility, South Central’s Def Sound has produced work that’s both soulful and ambitious, like the Zora Neale Hurston-inspired COLORED or the psych soul tapestry of HUEM_N.

Combo Chimbita

A coalition of spiritual singing, Afro-Caribbean polyrhythms, and rock adventurism, Combo Chimbita’s fusion of Colombian past and avant-guitar music is tied together through singer Carolina Olivero’s masterful voice.


São Paulo’s Deafkids are practitioners of extreme music and its many manifestations, from electronic experimentations to punk metal collaborations with post-punks Rakta or former Sepultura drummer Iggor Cavalera’s project Petbrick.