Cómeme’s DJs Pareja Select 9 Club Tracks To Prepare For Waco Music Festival

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If you’re one of the lucky few to be in the vicinity of Torreón, Coahuila on the 18th of this month, then you’ll know that the Waco Music Festival is the thing not to miss. And if in fact, the festival is already within your weekend plans –– you saavy music lover thou –– then you’ll also know that Cómeme alumni DJs Pareja are on the shortlist of unmissable acts on that fair day. Or you could, in fact, just be a lost soul wandering the lonely avenues of the Internet, which happened upon this link by sheer mistake and have kept reading out of sheer curiosity-cum-ennui.

Either way, you’ve made it this far so now you pretty much have to listen to this awesome playlist the duo made especially for Remezcla in anticipation of the festival. It contains a list of all the tracks they’ve been digging (crate or otherwise) these past few months, together with a short and ever so sweet explanation as to the who’s and why’s of each. Why are you still reading this? Click play!

Christian S. – Pitch Rider

This is present in all of our sets, we can’t stop playing it! We really feel like we’re floating whenever we play it, and we like to feel that the clubbers are floating along with us.


D.F.X. – Relax Your Body

We’re lovers of the New Beat sound from the 80s, and this is one of our favorite tracks of that period. Hypnotic, dark and with a forceful message. Thank you DJ!

Liaisons Dangereuses – Los Niños Del Parque (Djs Pareja Rework)

This is an instrumental reworking of this super classic Liaisons Dangereuses song that we made some time ago. Whenever we play it, we usually do the vocals live.

Los Mekanikos – Viene Viene

These dudes from Mexico are the future! Crude, to the point and bespoke for the disco, just the sound we like.


Carisma – Talento Matemático


Carisma (Ismael Pinkler y Carolina Stegmayer) are our best friends and we share a thousands of things with them, from our passion for music, to nights out on the town, in the club, through all of Buenos Aires. This year they released an excellent EP through Cómeme and this is one of the tracks we dig the most!


Von Party – Pygmy Funk

Thomas Von Party runs the interesting label Multi Culti. In this case he released these atmospheric jungle sounds for Turbo Recordings, underneath a sexy and pounding rhythm.

Voigt & Voigt – Gong Audio

We love the simplicity of this track, those cowbells really beckon you to the dancefloor. For us, it’s a Kompakt classic, a label that we love since we started our career as DJs.


Djs Pareja & Alejandro Paz – Cógeme

One of our last tracks for Cómeme, which we played all throughout our tour, recording in a single take in Matias Aguayo’s District Union studio in Berlin alongside Alejandro Paz. ¡Agárranos!

Furfriend – Geck

What is left to say about this track? The lyrics and the video say it all! We love it!