A Cuffing Season Playlist: 25 Bedroom Jams to Bump This Fall

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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Ah, cuffing season. Three months of 2 a.m. DM slides, manchild-inspired heartaches, and “U up?” texts. To set the tone for the next few months of frigid temperatures and nights spent looking for someone to shack up with, we’ve prepped a lengthy playlist of our favorite songs to cuff to.

This playlist chronicles every stage of cuffing season, from the dance floor to the bedroom. You’ll find smooth falsettos (Miguel’s “Adorn”) and sadboy antidotes (Sabrina Claudio’s “Wanna Know”). Whether you’re a fan of sweaty sheets slow jams or panty-dropping reggaeton, this playlist has a little something for all your upcoming trysts. Peep some of our favorite tracks below, and press play to thaw your frozen heart.


"Rihanna" - Jesse Baez & Indigo Jams

Aspirational track logic: you’ll level up on RiRi’s serpentine curves by listening to this sweat-beaded drop while you cuff. The song is off the panty-dropping El Dorado collab EP that Mexico’s Finesse Records released with Spanish crew Broke Niños Make Pesos in the early moments of 2017. Here, Baez and Jams are in their element, providing ample inspiration for your ride. –Caitlin Donohue


"Despacio" - Bad Gyal ft. Ms Nina

The queens of Spanish dancehall and reggaeton team up for a track made for the nights Netflix asks, “Are You Still Watching?” –Jorge Courtade


"Sobredosis" - Romeo Santos & Ozuna

Off Santos’ smoking Golden album, this is the bachata you need, striking that exquisite balance of nasty and full-throated romance that is going to keep the utility bills down this winter. –Caitlin Donohue


"Tu Señora" - Tomasa del Real & Talisto

It’s not every song that can make commitment sound sexy, but Tomasa’s got it. The Iquique, Chile, reggaeton hustler’s link up with Stockholm’s Talisto is a slow-burn whose digitized pan flutes set the stage for body-to-body mysticism. –Caitlin Donohue


"Lo Que Siento" - Cuco

Cuco is making souldies for the Odd Future generation. His bilingual cosmic Chicano love songs are perfect for late-night cruises with the boo. –Jorge Courtade


"Melting" - Kali Uchis

“Melting” is a soulful deep cut from Kali’s Por Vida EP that’ll make you smile and think about your better half. –Jorge Courtade


"Por El Momento" - Nicky Jam and Plan B

This song is basically Nicky and Plan B asking about appropriate methodology for getting their crush into bed and staying there. We’re including the track in the playlist to inspire added effort from that pillow princess you call bae. Put in work! –Caitlin Donohue


"Dance 4 Eternity" - Kid Cudi

“Dance 4 Eternity” is the latest in a long line of Cudi’s baritone tracks laced with desire and yearning. –Jorge Courtade


"Tus Ojos" - Hector Lavoe

Hector Lavoe released this ode to the eyes (“volcán de tu alma,” eyyy) in 1975 — the same year that he and the Fania All-Stars released their epic Live at Yankee Stadium recording. With “Tus Ojos” as soundtrack, your hook up is entered in some of kind of timeless vortex. It’s always the right time for deep ocular contact, and that is what Daddy Lavoe is unequivocally proposing with his tribute to his princesita. Lock in with your sweet to the cooing horns on this classic salsa slow jam, a fine example of the romance the Nuyorican legend was able to muster in between street chronicles. –Caitlin Donohue


"Frío" - Buscabulla ft. Helado Negro

We’ve come to love Buscabulla for their spacey, lustful jams, and their collab with Helado Negro is no doubt one of their crown jewels. –Jorge Courtade