We Should Just Get Drunk and Cuff: A Cuffing Season Playlist

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Oh, pinche polar vortex. On the up-side of the start of these terribly cold months is the rebirth of what we’ve come to call Cuffing Season, a time when the roaming buffalos of the heart decide to shack up to make the winter months all the more bearable. To set the tone for these relationship-y times, our music-loving staff have compiled a list of our favorite Songs To Cuff To.

Here you’ll find your Rakas, we’ve got your Caloncho too, we’ve even thrown in some Ángeles Azules for when your dear, frozen heart needs a taste of nostalgia. And yes! We’ve thrown in some up-and-coming artists on the block for good measure to impress your impending boos. Press play, fall in love forever?

Caloncho - "Palmar"

Soda Stereo - "Tratame Suavemente"

Los Angeles Azules - "Hay Amor"

Leo Dan - "Como Te Extraño"

Monguito Santamaria – "Crying Time"

Gabriel Garzón-Montano – "6 8"

Buscabulla - Métele

Los Rakas – "Abrazame ft. Faviola"

Nick Hakim – "Cold"

Susana Baca - "Maria Lando"

Agorazein – "Trouble ft. Alizzz"

Villano Sam ft. Don Dinero – "Blanca con Culo"

Inc. – "The Place"

E.lebleu – La Crème Brûlée

Héctor Lavoe – Que Lio

The Lebron Brothers - "Don't Be Afraid"

Adrian Be – "How Fino"

Paul Marmota – "Yohimbe"

Jeremiah – "Rated 'R' (Teen Flirt Bootleg)"