Diana Fuentes on the 5 Cuban Women Who Have Influenced Her Most

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March is Women’s History Month – and while we always love to celebrate the accomplishments of women, it doesn’t hurt to have a great excuse to have an awesome woman talk about the awesome women she admires.

Diana Fuentes‘ upbeat folk-pop has made a name for her on the Cuban music scene. A graduate of the finest art and music institutes on the island, she has been nominated twice for a Latin Grammy, and while not exactly a newcomer (she’s been at it since 2007), her career is just starting to take off. She’s in the middle of a Cuban tour in support of her forthcoming album Planeta Planetario, will perform at BMI’s showcase at SXSW on March 19, and will then play two dates in April with Manuel García in Chile.

The third single off Planeta Planetario is “Otra Realidad,” which Fuentes describes as a tribute to the bolero tradition in her native country, although it’s far from a straight one. Thanks to her hubby Eduardo “Visitante from Calle 13” Cabra’s funky, ambitious production, “Otra Realidad” is not your run-of-the-mill tropical, romantic ballad of yore. However, listening to Fuentes’ vocals, especially on the chorus, few could deny the song is a bolero inspired by some of her favorite Cuban singers.

On that note, we asked Fuentes about some of the female artists who have had the biggest influence on her.


She’s one of the Cuban artists I admire the most who’s had the biggest influence on my music. It’s her strength, the power in her interpretation [what I most admire about her].


I love her tone, there’s a certain color to all her work.


She’s a great performer and instrumentalist. She’s another artist who has had a big influence on my work.


Amazing performer, instrumentalist; an artist who had an impact at a specific time in my life and music.