From Miel to Alkaloides, Here Are 5 Acts From Ecuador You Can’t Miss Out On

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Ecuador’s diverse biomes make it the perfect ground for creativity to shift shapes— even during quarantine. Its independent cultural scene is hungry for COVID and lockdowns to come to an end and live events to find a new norm.

Musicians, film makers, producers and the lot appear to take on their purpose like royal families would their legacy. The creative output from Ecuador’s indie scene spans from sensual mellow bass-lines to funky synth sampling. Here are 5 acts from Ecuador you can’t miss out on.

Press ▶️ and enjoy this playlist curated by Ecuadorian artists Stich.


This indie-synth inspired duo explores light-hearted feelings all the way down sensuality lane; their gaping beats smoothly break their striking bass lines. “Camelias,” is the first single in the couple’s debut album Edén. Producers Damián Segovia and Martín Flies recently remixed “Temporal,” from artist LaTorre’s latest album Reencarnaciones.

Tripulación de Osos 

Originally from Quito, indie-rock quartet Tripulaión de Osos hit the scene in 2015 with the release of their debut album, Robormiga. Back then, their sound mingled garage-rock guitar riffs with Foo Fighter-like vocals. But as of 2020, lead vocalist Mauro Samaniego’s creative endeavours took the band awry, landing on “Kilimanjaro.” The song is an optimistic recount of Ecuadorian mountain climber Sebastián Carrasco’s successful journey to the top.


Adding to the misconception of indie music as exclusively rock-influenced, Biera is the injection of hip-hop and smooth r&b flow to the independent music scene. Debut album Volando, pries hip-hop bass lines followed by the reverberation of guitar melodies and roaming synth beds. His latest release is the slow beat sensual funk collab with Chloé Silva, “Miedo a Amar.” 



The release of their album, Lía Sarde Doche, matched the year of COVID-19. Its sound is heavily influenced by rock en español and the recent reverberated guitars throughout the Ecuadorian indie scene. The young artist, age 16, seems eager to release even more work, recently hinting at the release of singles “Ilmeglioperme” and “Sin Vos.”


Having released their first album in 2014, the Alkaloids original sound is powered with frantic guitar riffs, syncopated bass lines and scratchy punk vocals. Their alternative rock sound is much in line with the early juxtaposition of punk-rock and the percussive dance scene, and their aesthetic is on the edge of singles from The Rapture. Their 2020 offspring, “Ojeras,” is buoyant proof of their new direction.