Our Favorite Moments from Bad Bunny’s Saturday Night IG Live Concert

Lead Photo: Art by Álan Lopez for Remezcla
Art by Álan Lopez for Remezcla
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Two days post-debut and Bad Bunny’s three-hour live concert from home is already legendary: The wooden spoon mic, the repeatedly refilled red Solo cup, and the unflailing endurance of this man throughout — we repeat — three entire hours of entertaining upward of 240K viewers.

This live was the pick-me-up perreo we needed. It is what we all deserved. Gracias, Benito.

The entire event is absent from Instagram now, as is the 24-hour nature of its stories and lives. But thanks to Twitter, we can relive our favorite moments. Gracias mil to the Bad Bunny stans who contributed to this beautiful collection of clips. We will cherish them forever.

You can find the whole live YouTube, by the way, ICYMI or just, you know, want to watch the entire three hours all over again.

Opening the live with a bit of bachata: Solid.

You know Bad Bunny probably has a real mic at his disposal. Somehow, though, this wooden spoon is better.

We stan these experimental vocals.



Is your phone secretly recording you? Maybe, probably.


This thread compiles all the unheard songs that Bad Bunny “nunca va a sacar”—or so he says.

When he played too much of a song that he’s probably actually releasing.

Benito perreando solo.


We felt this. Also, please note the decorations hanging from his A/C unit.

Our personal, number-one, most epic moment: When Gabriela Berlingeri, Bad Bunny’s girlfriend, takes him from behind.