A Totally Non-Comprehensive List of Novela Theme Songs That Still Slap

Lead Photo: Collage Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Collage Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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Most, if not all, of us are triggered by at least one novela theme song. You know, the one your abuela would abruptly change the channel for daily at the seven to 10 p.m. hours of the day, during the span of what felt like an eternity. The one that would later inform the way you think about relationships? Yeah, that one.

Often times, the songs that prefaced a lot of the dramatic, nonsensical yet addictive storylines, were the most memorable part of all. Here are a few that stand the test of time:


"No Me Compares" - Alejandro Sanz

Yes, Sanz is Español and is the most nominated artist at this year’s Latin Grammys. Yes we have feelings about it, pero can we admit this tio’s voice is sexy as hell? This song still slaps!!! Also, Amores Verdaderos is a must-see. The intro video really says it all (it is about as dramatic as a novela can get without the predictability), and it features baby Eiza González.


"Rebelde" - RBD

Must we even explain this one? I think not. But, while you’re here, I gotta ask – are you also getting a million ads for Maite Perroni’s new show El Juego de las Llaves? Have you taken the bait and gotten whatever Pantaya is? I have questions, email me.


“Viveme”- Laura Pausini

“VIVEME SIN MIEDO AHORA/Que sea una vida o sea una hora/No me dejes libre aquí desnudo… Mi nuevo espacio que ahora es tuyo, TE RUEGO.”

What did 14-year-old-me know about any of the aforementioned feelings? Nada. To be fair, it’s still not entirely clear Pausini did either. I still know every word and belt it accordingly, though (including the use of Pausini’s very Spanish accent – although she’s Italian). Aside from the fact that this absolutely still slaps and makes me want to drive down Broad Channel screaming with the windows down, it intro’ed one of the best novelas of all time – La Madrastra, starring Victoria Ruffo and César Évora.


“La Descarada” - Reyli

Allow me to introduce you to your pre-game song for this weekend. Turn a candle on and let Rubi calmly hype you up while you get ready. “Mujer de nadie, mujer de todos, mujer que mata.” Rubi? She did that. Undoubtedly one of the baddest (and I mean, literally baddest) novela star of the last 15 years. Yet, somehow, Bárbara Mori’s depiction had you rooting for her.


“Dos Mujeres Un Camino”- Bronco and Laura León versions

The dramatic stop frames. Intentional staring directly at the camera. The entire idea of belting a corta vena centered around the premise of suffering profoundly at the thought of having to love two women??? No clue what’s going on here, visually either, but happy to bless you with it!!! This may or may not play as background music to my cooking tonight. Does anyone know which platform I can catch this novela on? Is there a streaming service for that kind of thing yet? (If not, don’t steal my idea, consider this my trademark). Here’s another excellent version by the novela’s lead:

You’re welcome.