From Belinda to Romeo Santos, Here’s Your Perfect Solar Eclipse Soundtrack

Lead Photo: Courtesy of the artist.
Courtesy of the artist.
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2024 is a special year for the solar eclipse. Today (Apr. 8), designated areas around the world experienced a total solar eclipse, while others enjoyed a partial one. Given that the next one  won’t appear in North America for another 20 years, it’s a phenomenon that should be celebrated all day long.

This year, the first total solar eclipse graced Mazatlán, Mexico, the city that recently made media headlines for challenging their live bandas’ freedom. The celestial journey continued onto Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. It also reached Missouri, Kentucky, and more cities across the U.S. towards Canada. Overall, the total eclipse was viewable in 13 states in the U.S., according to USA Today.

Whether you used special glasses or a disco ball to see it, the total and partial solar eclipse was a breathtaking experience. But the fun doesn’t have to stop after the marvel continues to the next city or ends. Why not keep the sun and moon vibes going all day long? 

To continue celebrating the sun, moon, and total eclipse observation, here are six songs from artists like Belinda, Junior H, Romeo Santos, and more to listen to throughout the day to keep the hype going. 

Belinda - “Lo Siento”

The Mexican pop princess seems to have a song that fits every mood – including the eclipse. In her hit track “Lo Siento (I’m Sorry),” she sings: “Quiero pensar que se puede cambiar / La luna llena por el sol / En un eclipse total (se fue como el viento) / ¿Por qué acabo?” (“I’d like to think that it can be exchanged / The full moon for the sun / In a total eclipse (gone like the wind) / Why did it end?”) The 2003 track not only brings us nostalgia, but it’s also the perfect theme song for the day. And we’re hitting replay all day long.

Yuridia, Patricio Borghetti - "Eclipse Total del Amor"

La Academia’s Yuridia is a pop hitmaker. Her joint cover of “Eclipse Total del Amor” with Argentinean actor and singer Patricio Borghetti is a testament to the solid covers that made her the super star she is today. Channeling Bonnie Tyler’s original “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” the Mexican pop singer made the song her own alongside her male companion. But she didn’t cover this particular tune in her La Academia days. She instead released it on her 2006 album Habla El Corazón, alongside other cover favorites like “The Rose” and “Siempre Te Amaré (Every Breath You Take).” And let’s face it, we’re all tempted to hear a version of “Eclipse Total del Amor” today, aren’t we?

Peso Pluma, Junior H - “Luna”

Both the sun and moon are the stars of the day. A song that shows love to the moon is in Peso Pluma’s latest album Génesis, appropriately named “Luna.” In this track, both raspy crooners ask the moon to take care of their loved one. With lyrics like, “Cuídala / Mi luna, tú la ves por siempre / Dile que no me verá / Pero tú sí estarás” (Take care of her / My moon, you see her forever / Tell her she won’t see me / But you will be]”), the collaboration gives a wink to Ana Gabriel’s 1993 hit and also shows a more romantic side from both música mexicana artists.

Enrique Iglesias, Romeo Santos - “Loco”

Both Enrique Iglesias and Romeo Santos are hardcore romantics. And what’s more poetic than referencing the sun or moon in your music? In this bachata pop anthem, the two mainstream artists reference the moon on multiple occasions. For example, in the first verse: “Te pido de rodillas / Luna, no te vayas / Alúmbrale la noche / A ese corazón,” and in a following verse, “No dejes ir el llanto / De tantas canciones / De una luna rota / Como una guitarra.” But hold up, don’t get too sentimental during the eclipse.

Don Omar - “Hasta Que Salga Sol”

To get our hype up, we’re continuing with Don Omar’s hit song “Hasta Que Salga Sol.” With a chorus like, “Ayer nos fuimos de rumba / Hasta que salga el sol / Baila rompiendo caderas / Hasta que salga el sol / Mano’ y cervezas arriba / Hasta que salga el sol / La fiesta es por siete días / Hasta que salga el sol,” the popular song calls for a week long party to celebrate life. It’s the perfect anthem to celebrate this celestial occurrence that comes every now and then.

Zoé - “Luna”

Another poetic ballad dedicated to the Moon is by the Mexican rock band Zoé. In their heartfelt tribute, they plead to the orb of the night not to abandon them: “Luna, no me abandones más / Que tiendo a recuperarme en la cuna de tus cráteres / Silencio se abren la tierra / Y se alzan los mares al compás del volcán [Moon, don’t abandon me anymore / I tend to recover in the cradle of your craters / In silence, the earth opens up / And the seas rise to the volcano’s beat].” It’s the perfect kiss-off, given we won’t get another one of these eclipses until the 2040s.