The last two weeks have been a testament to the power of coming together in peaceful protest and perreo. For latino artists, it was also a beautifully timely awakening and reminder that music, and the idealistic (often unanticipated) platform that can come along with it, can and should be used in critical times of potential historic change. Exhibit A: The #RickyRenuncia movement that followed el Centro de Periodismo Investigativo’s 889-page report. Rising and veteran artists alike came together to organize, amplify, and actually take to the streets to champion and fight alongside their compratiotas and followers.

The music industry as a whole can learn a lot from this moment. Though there’s still a lot of work to do, in Puerto Rico and beyond, this small win is worth celebrating. 

Here’s how a few artists reacted to the news that Ricky Renunció:

Bad Bunny

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esperar 1 día entero para un video de 13 minutos en donde lo único importante del mismo fueron estos 18 segundos, wow ✊ PUERTO RICO!!! Unidos podemos lograr cosas mas grandes aun! Aprovechemos está fuerza que hemos tomado para luchar por lo justo!! Para seguir sacando a estos corruptos que abusan del pueblo!! Para construir un mejor Puerto Rico!! A LOS POLITICOS!! YA USTEDES HAN SIDO TESTIGO QUE LAS EPOCAS EN LAS QUE MANTENÍAN AL PUEBLO CIEGO CON SUS MENTIRAS Y MANIPULACIONES PASARÓN!! LES QUEDA MUY POCO!! PONGANSE A TRABAJAR POR EL PAÍS DE MANERA HONESTA Y COMPROMETIDA, O DE LO CONTRARIO SENTIRAN NUESTRA FUERZA Y FURIA!! PUERTO RICO!! LOS AMOOO!!! ESTOY BIEN CABRONAMENTE ORGULLOSO DE USTEDES!!! DE NOSOTROS!! CREO EN MI PAÍS! CREO EN MI GENERACIÓN! LA GENERACIÓN DEL: YO NO ME DEJO!!! ✊

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Callaito, pero pa’ expresarse es atrevido. As he so classily said in a tweet, “Puerto Ricoooo Punñeta!!!!!!”

PJ Sin Suela

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Pure joy, true inciter of FOMO.


Mamarre, mamarre, mamarre.


Did your eye also go straight to the “Colonialism is a Crime” sign?

Marc Anthony

Ah yes, quite the opportune moment for a selfie.

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Again, why not I guess!

El mas cabrón. Between planning for this morning’s national protest in la Milla de Oro and calling up all his friends to follow suit, here he is taking a moment to take it all in.

Daddy Yankee

Clarito y con calma.