8 Spanish Covers of O.T. Genasis’ “CoCo” That’ll Make You Love Baking Soda Even More

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Perhaps you’ve heard “CoCo,” O.T. Genasis’ street ode to cocaine, and baking soda, and the gift of possibly the first rapper to publicly admit that he stole the lyrics for his first-ever performance–in a middle school talent show–from a girl in his class.

In the aftermath of O.T. Genasis releasing a new extra-platinum version of the viral original video that was shot at his kitchen table, we find ourselves watching the rapper against a backdrop of yachts, Timbaland, Lamborghinis, and of course Ice-T and his wife CoCo in the revamped edition, for better or for worse. Could there be a more fitting time, then, to share with you our favorite “CoCo”-en-español parodies and homages to the anthem we’ve come to love, (mostly)?

Of course, Spanish-language interpretations of radio hits are nothing new – but we’ve taken special delight in these, because the word CoCo lends itself so perfectly to Spanish rhymes. The minute we heard the song, we knew it was only a matter of time before YouTube was filled with tracks about being in love with the toto, the mojo, sancocho, a cholo, adobo, etc., And we weren’t disappointed:

Read on to watch the best of the best.

O.T. Genasis' Original Masterpiece

O.T. Genasis 2.0, Featuring Yachts and Ice-T

"I'm In Love With Coquito" by Geko Jones

"I'm In Love With Adobo" via EricsWorldTV

"Coco," Versión Tipico Urbano

Kap G's Freestyle Video

Alex Kyza & DJ June's "Coco" Remix

"I'm In Love With The Taco" via Mexicangueys

"I'm In Love With Hot Cheetos"

"Coco" Cholo Parody