INTERVIEW: DannyLux Breaks Down Stand-Out Tracks from New Album ‘DLUX’

Lead Photo: Photo by Esteban Flores.
Photo by Esteban Flores.
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DannyLux is expanding his music palette on his new album DLUX. Today (Aug. 18), the Mexican-American alternative sierreño singer-songwriter finally released his highly-anticipated debut LP. With DLUX, he features hints of reggae, bossa nova, house, country, and even bachata, proving that the young artist is not pigeonholed to only música mexicana.

Shortly after releasing his album Perdido En Ti, the 19-year-old’s career quickly skyrocketed when he was chosen to open for Coldplay during the British rock band’s Mexico tour leg in 2022. Only a year later, he would reach another epic milestone by playing his hometown festival, Coachella, crowding the Sonora tent on two consecutive Friday afternoons. Each weekend, hundreds of festival-goers echoed back the bilingual artist’s signature sentimental lyrics about love and heartbreak, further demonstrating the concrete connection he has nurtured with his loyal audience.

Now, he continues to give his listeners what they want by being authentic about his feelings. Inspired by a heartbreak earlier this year, DannyLux did what he does best to heal: he wrote a new album. He put all his feelings into it, or what he calls a “therapy session” that would resonate with his fans. 

But this time, he took his songs one step further, showcasing his artistic growth while at it. “This whole album just represents the whole evolution that I’ve had in me as an artist and in my songs like composing and everything,” he tells Remezcla. “I really just wanted to show people what I really could do in this album. I wanted to show them that I could literally go out of my comfort zone. But still make it sound regional Mexican but with so many other elements.” He also mentions that he wants to be part of this evolution that música mexicana is currently going through.

On the heels of dropping the genre-bending DLUX, the singer breaks down six of his favorite songs on his most ambitious and solid project yet.


To start off, one of my top five favorite songs is “Ambición.” That one has so many rhythm changes, key changes, and even the lyrics just talk about a person that motivates you to reach your goals. You’re just saying how much they mean to you. It’s like a love song. I worked on it with this producer called Sir Nolan in L.A. We were just there coming up with ideas, and we literally wrote everything in one day. That song was one of my favorite songs, and it has so many different instruments, so many different elements, that we just put together, and it sounds so sick.

“La Lluvia (feat. Jordyn Shellhart)”

“La Lluvia” is a collab with a country/folk artist from Nashville. Her name is Jordyn Shellhart. I remember I had a writing camp over there. Usually, whenever I have those types of things, I just go into it [without] any ideas. I just walk in, and whoever I have a session with that day, I just try to vibe with them and see what happens. And I was kind of iffy about it because I was like, “[A] country artist? I’m going to have sessions with a country artist?” And then I was like, “That’s so random.” But yeah, I saw her, and we just started talking. She’s such a good person; she’s so chill. And her voice—when I heard her sing, it was like literally music to my ears. I remember once we started working on the song, I tried to collide both worlds. Both worlds [to] meet in the middle, and I feel like it’s a sick thing that in the album, there’s also a song that’s in English and Spanish… It’s crazy because if you think about it, regional Mexican is basically just Spanish country music.

“Me Cambiaste (feat. Eslabon Armado)” 

I remember I started writing it during the time when I was going through a lot of things. The song talks about [how] thanks to everything that happened, she changed me. I had changed for her, but things still didn’t work out. I remember the day we recorded that song, Eslabon Armado had just recorded “Ella Baila Sola” that same day. Right after that, they had gone to the studio, and I remember they told me, “Oh yeah, we just recorded with Peso Pluma. It was sick.” And I was like, “Oh, that’s sick!” Then we made this song, and I really hope people like it. Bro, this song, I think got leaked. People liked it, though. Literally we were on a tour here in Mexico [and] we finished like two days ago. We played that song as a preview and everybody just knew the lyrics already. I was confused. But it’s all good. At least they liked it.

“Zafiro (feat. Pablo Hurtado)”

I just like it so much because I got to work with Pablo Hurtado. He’s in a legendary Mexican band, Camila. It’s such a crazy thing, like all the elements. There’s like a whole orchestra in this song, [the] drums, an electric guitar solo. And even [in] the lyrics, you just feel the song—it’s such a compassionate song, and I had the best time making it [and] recording the music video. I feel like it’s one of my all-time favorite songs that I’ve made.

“House of Lux”

It’s a house song, a house beat. I’ve always listened to this type of music. I’ve always liked it. My dream is just to hear this song play at a club once. I don’t even care if that’s the last time it’s played. I just want to see people jumping to it, just vibing to it. I made the song in my room, literally like the whole beat. I was just in my room making this beat on my computer. I have a whole folder full of house beats that I’ve made. I was working on the beat, and I was like, “Dang, I’m gonna try to add lyrics on top of this,” and I did. I added some singing parts. It sounds like somebody just got my voice and remixed it on the house beat. The whole idea of that song is kind of an outro for the album, but I feel like [now] it’s one of my favorite songs. The vibe is sick.


I don’t think [Feid] knows about [my cover of his song], but I’ve always admired him as an artist. The way he writes is just so sick. That’s why I decided to cover this song because I was listening to it on repeat for two weeks. Every day, just listening to it. I would listen to the melodies that he would be doing with his voice, and I’d be like, “If I slow that down a little bit and try to make it like my own style, it might sound sick.” So I tried it, and I really liked how it came out, so I started building upon that idea. I just started adding a lot of different elements to it, and I really liked how it came out, honestly. I hope he listens to it one day.