When Will Balvin & Bieber Get on Stage Together and Become JBSquared? 8 Predictions & Rumors

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It’s been more than a week since Justin Bieber and J Balvin released their inevitable collab, “Sorry (Latino Remix).” If they are following the Will Smith-Bomba Estéreo playbook, then the next step for JB and JB is to perform together.

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J Balvin’s recent interview with Variety Latino tries to downplay the possibility. At least for now. “I have always admired him, we’re of a new generation,” he said. “For me, it would be another dream come true [to perform with him], but we haven’t finalized anything yet.” Oooook. Except we’d wager this isn’t true.

This snippet set off a conversation at the Remezcla office about where/when these two will hop on stage together to debut their “Sorry” remix, because let’s be real, it might even go down before the year is over.

On the eve of the release of Bieber’s Purpose, here are eight potential places we think JB2 might duet:


Latin Grammys

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Airing on November 19, the Latin Grammys are the next award show on deck. J Balvin has basically performed at every award show in the last year, and this one is no different. Bieber wouldn’t even have to fly across the country to participate. Plus, the timing is perfect: their remix is blowing up all over Latin America, Justin just announced his tour, and Balvin has two Latin Grammy noms. It’s like a perfect promo storm.

Probability?: 55%. While the timing is ideal, there’s the whole Will Smith issue. The Latin Grammys have been hyping his appearance alongside Bomba Estéreo for weeks, and having Bieber there would steal legit all of that thunder.


2015 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting

The JBs, feeling the Christmas spirit, treat fans to a Spanglish Christmas song, forever replacing Jose Feliciano’s “Feliz Navidad.”

Probability?:  10%, but Mariah could squash that in a hot second.


Carnaval de Barranquilla

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J Balvin has already been teaching Bieber some Colombian slang, so in a few months, he’ll be able to handle carnaval.

Probability?:  45%. After all, Justin did buy a mansion there two years ago.


Premios Juventud 2016

J Balvin starts off his performance of “Ay Vamos” with Nicky Jam and French Montana. Then, he brings Justin Bieber out to sing “Sorry” to Farruko, who he’ll no longer besties with, effective immediately.

Probability?: 0%, but we can dream.


From First to Last Reunion Tour

Skrillex organizes a From First to Last Reunion Tour (lolol), but has a Skrillex-only interlude where he brings Bieber and Balvin on stage to perform the Latino remix.

Probability?:  15%, based solely off the strength of Skrillex’s “Kulikitaka” moves.


Secret Jackson Heights Show

Balvin does a secret show in Jackson Heights that’s mobbed by Colombianos. Naturally, he brings out Bieber at the end of the performance.

Probability?:  None, because there’s no venue in NYC that can handle this.



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Both Justin and J are managed by AEG/Goldenvoice, which is the same company behind Coachella.

Probability?: 80%. If Coachella can bring out a Tupac hologram, anything can happen.



“Yeah, the Latina girls are going to go crazy,” Bieber said when the “Sorry” remix dropped, and this is how he’ll keep his promise.

Probability ?:  Well we’re going to keep hosting Perreo, so…