For those who grew up hearing the legendary Los Tucanes de Tijuana song “La Chona” at carne asadas, quinceañeras, pulgas, and just about every family gathering imaginable, the song has always been a marker of a good party. And though these gatherings often start off slow and build momentum as the tequila flows, everyone knows it’s time to bust out those quebradita moves the moment “La Chona” drops.

And with recent cultural phenomenons like #LaChonaChallenge, (which was essentially an upgrade of the Kiki Challenge), the 25-year-old song has seen a sudden uptick in popularity, with Los Tucanes themselves even being invited to Coachella’s stage to deliver a history-making performance of the song.

Here are some of our favorite moments that prove “La Chona” is the ultimate party starter.


This is "La Chona"

Out of all the variations on the popular “This is America” meme videos that went around, this is easily the best.


Snoop Dogg Chona

Snoop Dogg is known for having an easygoing attitude (aided no doubt in part by herbal refreshments), so it’s no surprise he also likes to get down on some quebradita every now and then. He’s honestly got some moves.


La Chona Mundial

The World Cup is always exciting, regardless of what side of the world it takes place in. And fans from all over the world find each other on the streets – often starting parties with complete strangers as they celebrate their respective countries. And say what you will about Mexican fans (especially regarding a certain controversial chant they often partake in), but one thing they know how to do is party. And this video from the recent Russian World Cup is evidence of that.


La Chonachella

Even with all the recent attention on “La Chona,” it’s still incredible to see Los Tucanes de Tijuana welcomed at Coachella with such a turnt up audience. When they dropped their 25-year-old banger in Indio this April, the masses absolutely lost it.


"La Chona" is for the Children

“La Chona” transcends generations. And even the youth can’t deny the song’s power.

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Raves are fun. “La Chona” is fun. Combining the two however, is a recipe for the most unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Yes, we know they’re not really dancing to the song, but perhaps someone can take a cue from this video and sneak it into a set at Berghain? Just a thought.


Horse Chona

We’ve often found ourselves lost in “La Chona” internet wormholes, and we’ve seen more than our share of “La Chona” Challange videos. But none of them beat the elegance and confidence this horse has while absolutely bodying the challenge. Also, can we talk about those braids?