From Madonna to Tego Calderón, Here’s Who Bad Bunny Sampled on New Album

Lead Photo: Photo by Stillz.
Photo by Stillz.
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There’s a lot going on in the newest album from Bad Bunny, nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana. From touching on personal topics to seemingly shouting out his ex-partner Gabriela Berlingeri – the album has as many lyrical references as it does song samples.

If you’ve followed Benito’s career since his early trap era, you’re likely to recognize that he’s intentional when it comes to album details. For example, he always chooses artists who, in one way or another, have helped him throughout his career. So it’s unsurprising that he tapped in heavyweights like Arcángel, De La Ghetto, and Ñengo Flow for this latest record. He also brought in other innovating artists currently making waves in the trap scene, like Bryant Myers, Eladio Carrión, Feid, Luar La L, Mora, Young Miko, and YOVNGCHIMI.

What’s more is that besides the featured artists, Bad Bunny also incorporated various samples throughout the album’s production. With the help of longtime collaborators Tainy, MAG, and La Paciencia, El Conejo Malo not only immersed his listeners in his story through lyrics but also with song samples from other hard-hitting artists who aligned with the album’s creative direction.

And so that you don’t have to go looking for them, we’ve put together the samples we’ve found featured in nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana. Check them out below. 


Tego Calderón – “Pa’ Que Retozen”

Whether it’s through mentioning him as a significant influence in interviews or proudly wearing a chain representing the Puerto Rican rapper, Bad Bunny has consistently shown his admiration for Tego. So unsurprisingly so, Benito gives a wink to “Pa’ Que Retozen” by quoting the song’s iconic line, “Si las putas son las mas finas” in the Young Miko-assisted “FINA.”


Madonna – “Vogue”


Yes, we’ve even got Madonna in the new album. The classic “Vogue” was sampled in Bad Bunny’s “VOU 787,” where he talks about being with a Vogue model and eating avocado toast as part of the California diet.


Charles Aznavour – “Hier encore”

The great 20th singer-songwriter Charles Aznavour also forms part of the album, adding a timeless touch to the record. “Hier encore” is sampled on “MONACO.”


Frankie Boy – “Hey Girl”


Frankie Boy is featured in the intro of “NO ME QUIERO CASAR.” He sings: “Y si tu man te quiere parar, dile que no / Modélale y corre a la disco, yeah / Porque tu man, ah, porque tu man, ah / Porque tu, porque tu, porque tu.”


Tego Calderon & Yandel – “Al Natural (Remix)”


This collaboration is also sampled on “NO ME QUIERO CASAR” featuring Yandel’s adlibs in the song’s outro.


Future – “Codeine Crazy”


Another song that people are buzzing about is a potential sample of Future’s “Codeine Crazy” on Bad Bunny’s “SEDA” featuring Bryant Myers.


Julio Voltio ft. Notch – “Chévere”


Voltio’s “Chevere” was also fittingly part of Bad Bunny’s “ACHO PR” with features Arcángel, De La Ghetto, and Ñengo Flow.