5 ‘Mi Bebito Fiu Fiu’ Covers in Different Languages

Lead Photo: Art by Stephanie Torres for Remezcla.
Art by Stephanie Torres for Remezcla.
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You’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the rise and fall of “Mi Bebito Fiu Fiu” by now. It’s been weeks since Tito Silva and Tefi C’s parody track caused viral hysteria on social media. It caused such a stir that it was recently taken down from streaming platforms due to its “political undertones.” Yet, the track’s popularity hasn’t disappeared. Instead, the lyrics are now being translated into different languages.

Let’s give context to the track’s virality. On TikTok alone, the hashtag #mibebitofiufiu has now garnered over 1.2 billion views. And before the track was deleted from Spotify, it accumulated almost 2 million streams.

On the surface, it’s hard to believe that a track with a chorus like: “Enróllame así / Con azúcar en polvo, endúlzame / Y es que tú eres mi rey / Qué lindo eres tú, eres mi bebé / Mi bebito Fiu Fiu,” has political connotation. But nonetheless, its backstory sure does.

For those who don’t know, the catchy song stemmed from an alleged Whatsapp conversation between Peru’s ex-president Martín Vizcarra and his alleged lover Zully Pinchi. However, while it was all LOLs at first, the politicians mentioned are now “embracing” it and even asking the artist for compensation

Regardless of the drama, the viral track had such an impact on social media, reaching every corner of the world, that there are now covers of the infamous song in other languages. Here are five covers of the contagious “Mi Bebito Fiu Fiu” in languages other than Spanish.


“By popular demand we present this beautiful version,” the Youtube user POLOVERDE ART wrote on the video’s caption. A Youtube user, Peter Nikolov Donayre, commented: “The wonderful thing about Quechua is that it is a bit like medieval Japanese and it is also an agglutinating language like German, I dare say that besides having identical words with the Polynesians and the Purepecha natives of Mexico, I think it also has a lot of similarities with ancient Egyptian.” The 50-second video currently has over 55 thousand views and 145 comments. This Quechua-language version is accompanied by a creative animated video of the song’s backstory – going as far as detailing the alleged Whatsapp messages. 



“Bebito Fiu Fiu” (Versión Japonés) ✨@titosilvamusic #fyp #foryou #foru #bebitofiufiu #japanese #cover

♬ sonido original – Rakun

The Japanese version of “Mi Bebito Fiu Fiu” currently has over 950 thousand views and 104 thousand likes. Social media users are already imagining what could be with this Japanese version. A Youtube user, J Jeremy Castillo, commented: “Imagínense esto como un opening de anime [Imagine this as an anime opening].” Another Youtube user, Andrew Funes, also said: “¿Alguien más sintió que estaba escuchando la intro de un anime? [Did anyone else feel like they were listening to the intro of an anime?]” Someone call up Tito Silva and Tefi C and let them know they have Japanese-speaking fans!



Responder a @jaisonelpro14 como seria la cancion de mi bebito fiu fiu en ruso?

♬ Mi Bebito Fiu Fiu – Tito Silva Music

The viral song was also translated into Russian by Youtube user Vlad K. Ruso. The Russian version of “Mi Bebito Fiu Fiu” currently has more than 1 million views, 200 thousand likes, and 2.7 thousand comments. During the short clip, Vlad laughs and says: “I don’t know at what point in your life you will use this song in Russian… but let’s translate this.” Then he continues to sing the song’s catchy chorus in Russian to his best ability in between laughter. Youtube user  Pablo Jirreta commented: “Nunca me imaginé a un ruso decir ‘bebito fiu fiu’ [I never imagined a Russian saying ‘bebito fui fui’].” Us either!



Mi Bebito Fiu Fiu en Chino Mandarin| Inspirado por @unpeudefrancais #mibebitofiufiu #chinomandarin #chinomandarinenespañol #cdmx

♬ 原聲 – Un Chino En México

TikTok creator Din is originally from China and currently lives in Mexico City. Fittingly, his TikTok reads: “Un Chino En México.” His Mandarin version of “Mi Bebito Fiu Fiu” currently has 458.4 thousand views and 1,749 comments. User mariaaraos1975 wrote: “Me gusta más en chino será que ya me super cansó 😂😂😂 [I like it better in Chinese maybe because I’m already super tired of it].” Another user, Rose Tsoum, said: “Se escucha más bonito en chino que en español [It sounds nicer in Chinese than in Spanish].” Who would’ve thought the lyrics would reach Mandarin?


The song also reached the French Republic. On the post, the TikTok creator unpeudefrancais wrote: “I lacked rhythm but it would be something like this.” He also wrote: “Que bueno que no soy cantante porque me muero de hambre 😂😂😂 jajaja [Good thing I’m not a singer because I’d die starving].” The translated video currently has 194.1 thousand views and 424 comments. TikTok user ysabelvia commented: “Esto se nos fue de las manos 😂😂 [This has gotten out of hand].” Another TikTok user, alejandrajaimel, commented: “Esto si es romántico [Now this is romantic].” Well, isn’t France known for its City of Love?