Nuevo Noise: 11 Songs You Need to Hear This Week

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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We are living through an era where more music is available to us than ever – whether it be via social media, streaming or apps. But despite this wealth of options, it can be difficult to cut through the industry hype, the homogenizing algorithms, and find something new and exciting.

In our weekly Nuevo Noise playlist, you’ll find some of our favorite releases of the week – from the most exciting new names in urbano to the burgeoning SoCal neo-Chicano soul wave and everything in between.

Consider this your genre-diverse guide to the most exciting releases from rising Latinx artists each week. Follow our Nuevo Noise playlist featuring these tracks and more on Spotify or Apple Music.


Ms Nina - “La Caprichosa”

Ms Nina finally got back together with her Perreando Por Fuera, Llorando Por Dentro collaborator Kabasaki to bring us “La Caprichosa.” Here she knows exactly what she wants and she’s out to get it — ak.a. a man who gives her massages and cunnilingus. And she communicates these desires over a beat that resembles the Bam Bam riddim. At the end of it all, you’ll be singing “mete, saca,” too. -Cheky


Gabriel Garzón-Montano - "Someone / Agüita / Bloom"

For his turn at the Colors Studios, singer-songwriter Gabriel Garzón-Montano showcases his talents with a trio of hits. His range is well represented here, with “Someone” giving us vocal chops and smoothness, “Agüita” vibing with trap beats and rhythmic vocals and “Bloom” going full-on romantic ballad, complete with acoustic guitar and string quartet arrangements. Since it’s a Colors session, you know it’s aesthetically pleasant, but shout out to GG-M for bringing three changes of clothes for performing three song excerpts… well, technically two outfits  only since his last look is basically him and his pants. -Marcos Hassan


Daniela Spalla - "Copy Paste"

Argentine pop pixie Daniella Spalla is on the brink of stardom — evidenced by her decision to relocate to Mexico a few years back, as well as her constant stream of auditorium shows and festival bookings. And as her new single “Copy Paste” demonstrates, the astute singer-songwriter has taken careful note of her legendary predecessors. It sees her singing breathlessly over a retro guitar riff straight out of The Cars’ neon catalogue. Meanwhile, Spalla also invokes pop iconography in the song’s video, seemingly nodding to Shakira, Madonna and even Robert Palmer, all while adding her own touch of charming goofiness. –Richard Villegas


Gianluca - "Serenata"

“Yo pienso mucho en tí, más que yo debería”—maybe Gianluca’s latest slow jam isn’t the most idealistic serenade, but at least he’s being real about the limits of love. “Serenata” is a romantic interpretation of memory and the holes that absentee queridos leave in our lives, each line revealing more complications of a love affair against soothing guitar chords. -Caitlin Donohue


Danny Bonilla - "Breathe"

As keyboardist and co-vocalist for buzzy Dallas outfit Luna Luna, Danny Bonilla has honed his craft as a soulful, earnest crooner with one of Texas’ freshest bands. Yet Bonilla has also been quietly dropping his own heat. Just like on his new single “Breathe,” where he channels some of the prom night energy that made Luna Luna local favorites, while bringing his own old school R&B flair to the track. Run Boys II Men through the Chicano soul filter, and you’ll no doubt end up with Danny Bonilla. –Richard Villegas


Klik & Frik - “Momoto”

Next up in a series of new music from Mexico City collective Onda Mundial is a two-track EP by Argentina’s Klik & Frik, which includes the cinematic instrumental “Momoto.” Submerging themselves into their most introspective sides, they were inspired by the Tepoztlan-native bird that give the song its name. Itt’s perfect for both the club, or just staring at the sky. -Cheky


Bianca Maieli - "In It"

You already know there’s good vibes on LA producer and singer Bianca Maieli’s Bed Squeaks EP — and all three tracks are worth your queue, particularly “Make Sum Noise.” But the project’s moniker alone hardly prepares you for the desperation that immerses itself on “In It,” a cascade of R&B feeling. -Caitlin Donohue


Yoga Fire & Dromedarios Mágicos - "Fuck Luv"

Valentines Day might be behind us, but there are plenty of hearts still aching from the perennially bittersweet holiday. Enter Yoga Fire and Dromedarios Mágicos, who teamed up for a searing repudiation of teddy bears and lovebird hand-holding, aptly titled “Fuck Luv.” Instead of playing into tired sweetheart clichés, the pair kindly invite cupid to go kick rocks, with Yoga Fire reliving the darkest days of his romantic mourning while Dromedarios Mágicos provides a surprisingly grounded vocal assist on the hook singing, “No soy el mejor de todos / Pero soy mejor que otros.” Yeah, we’ve all been there. –Richard Villegas


Flor de Toloache - “Quisiera” (ft. John Legend & Cultura Profética) (Juan Luis Guerra Cover)

Last December, Flor de Toloache and John Legend linked up to reinterpret one of the most beloved songs in Juan Luis Guerra’s songbook, “Quisiera.” Now they powered things up by bringing Cultura Profética to the mix, taking the song to a romantic reggae field. Featuring gorgeous horn and string arrangements, this new version gets mellower with the addition of Willy Rodríguez’s voice. Really, this song is so warm and cozy that we want to live in it. -Cheky


Easy Easy - "Katana"

Since losing Jesse Baez to a solo career, Guatemala’s Easy Easy have stuck it out to find their new groove and as “Katana” proves, they are ready to not just survive but flourish in this new era of theirs. With their new album 5 – their second with vocalist Sofía Insua – they prove their take on R&B to be both informed by their soulful and emotional songwriting as well as eclectic yet organic arrangements. The result is a cross section of melancholia, seduction, and groove. -Marcos Hassan


Vinnum Sabbathi - "In Search of M-Theory"

One of the most exciting doom metal bands from Latin America is ready to launch their most ambitious project to date, a conjecture of heady science, end ptimes sci-fi, and heavy heavy riffs. “In Search of M-Theory” finds the Mexican quartet tackle capital P physics along with environmentally-leaning doom predictions, conjuring a sense of dread from a slow-paced riff that hypnotizes the minds of anyone trying to follow any kind of narrative from this piece. When it pays off, the heaviness Vinnum Sabbathi unleash is such that no gravitational pull could move in this galaxy or the next. -Marcos Hassan