14 New Songs to Listen to This Week From ¿Téo? to Grupo Diez 4tro

Lead Photo: Photo by Moises Arias.
Photo by Moises Arias.
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This is our weekly compilation of bite-sized reviews of newly released songs by our talented music writers. Discover new favorites, read nuanced criticism of the week’s hottest releases, and much more. Who knows, you might walk out of this with a new fave or two. Some of the featured artists include ¿Téo?, Grupo Diez 4tro, and Bratty. Follow our playlist featuring these tracks and more on Spotify or Apple Music.

¿Téo? - “Don’t Stare Too Long”


Colombian-American artist Mateo Arias has just announced Luna, his new album under his ¿Téo? moniker, and he’s chosen the evocative “Don’t Stare Too Long” as its third single. Following “Final Step” and “A Mi Cama,” this song dials back on punch and up on emotion, giving us a melancholic jam in 6/8 with a snappy beat and stunning blend of acoustic guitarwork and string arrangements. Arias is going through stuff deep in his heart, and he’s finding it hard to stare his lover in the eyes, tapping into a feeling we can all most likely relate to. – Cheky

Grupo Diez 4tro - "Ando Más Recio Que Ayer"

What happens when you blend drill and corridos? Grupo Diez 4tro just dropped their newest corrido tumbado, “Ando Más Recio Que Ayer,” their second single following “Noches Con Demonios.” The new track meshes sharp melodic guitars, fast-paced brass instruments, and the vocalist’s deep, husky voice, talking about keeping your loved friends and families close and how karma will take care of those who have hurt him. The result? An ambitious, hard-hitting song about being resilient and pushing through with an innovative sound in the música mexicana realm. – Jeanette Hernandez

BRATTY - "Agosto"

Most summer jams aim to encapsulate the season’s breezy, carefree vibes and the energy of basking in the late afternoon sun at the beach. But Culiacán-based singer and songwriter BRATTY gently cuts through some of the idyllic haze on the introspective “Agosto,” the latest track from her forthcoming album TR3S. Gentle acoustic chords coast over sugary but melancholic choruses as the indie-pop singer tackles a heavy case of that summertime sadness before finding her footing. – Nayeli Portillo

FERRR & Ximena Soto - “Ausente”

The third single off the up-and-coming Mexican artist FERRR’s mixtape, “Lo que tiene que esperar,” features fellow rising star Ximena Soto. “Ausente” is a chilled hip-hop and Y2K-inspired experience, and goes even further with a moody music video. Soto croons on the main verses and chorus, and FERRR comes in with his own flow for the bridge. The Spanish-language track sees both artists questioning where their significant others are during important moments, conveying their discontent. It’s a promising look at what FERRR has to offer with a full project. — Chelsea Quezada

Juliana Gattas - “Maquillada en la Cama” 

For over 20 years, Miranda! has been the pinnacle of Argentine electro-pop, even releasing a glossy greatest hits-meets-remix album back in April with dizzying guest features from María Becerra, Francisca Valenzuela, and Cristian Castro. Band founders Ale Sergi and Juliana Gattas are no strangers to being guests themselves, but this week, we’ve been treated to the latter’s official solo debut in “Maquillada en la Cama.” Dripping with disco hedonism, the Josefina Alen-directed music video finds Gattas dolled up and draped in velvety boudoir finery as she beckons aching hearts to fill the dance floor. And aiming for maximum disco drama, Gattas tapped Chilean indie pop prince Alex Anwandter to helm writing and production on the single, as well as her forthcoming LP. – Richard Villegas

MAVICA feat. Khazali - “empty house”

The wind-up to MAVICA’s debut LP, sometimes a person never comes back (and that’s okay), wraps up with this week’s release of its final single, “empty house.” Here, the London-based Spanish artist teams up with fellow Londoner, alt-pop/R&B musician Khazali, for a melancholic Spanglish track that digs into the mourning that takes over when you longer have that special partner or friend by your side. Joining voices, both figuratively and literally, as the Joaquín Luna-directed music video shows, MAVICA and Khazali echo the subsequent need to overcome despite the weight of longing and isolation. — Juan J. Arroyo

Rubio - “Lo Que No Hablas”

Rubio is known for her entrancing howls, her experimental, glitchy music-making, and her immaculate and cinematic visuals. In “Lo Que No Hablas,” she follows her signature formula to create another innovating anthem with heavy synthesizers, menacing violin-like sounds, and a distinctive melancholic touch she’s heavily known for. Driven by sinister piano samples and the union of electronic and classical music, the new track is the second single from her upcoming LP Venus & Blue. Based on this single alone, we are captivated yet again by the Chilean artist’s out-of-the-box musical talents and abilities–and can’t wait for what’s to come. – Jeanette Hernandez

D’água Negra - “Escárnio”

D’água Negra, the Manaus trio formed by Bruno Belchior, Clariana Arruda, and Melka Franco, are following their 2021 first EP Erógena with a new single titled “Escárnio,” ahead of their yet-to-be-announced debut album dropping this fall. The jazzy number is a brewing thunderstorm that finally rips with pounding breakbeats and all-out vocals, creating tension that goes together with the lyrics about building up a hunger for self-expression that turns into a feast once their feeling can be no longer contained. – Cheky

Carlos Truly - “Much 2 Much”

Describing feeling overwhelmed by pretty much everything, the lyrics to the new Carlos Truly joint suggest a song full of nervous energy. Instead, the Princess Nokia and Frankie Cosmos collaborator presents a laid-back funk song that makes you feel like everything’s alright with the world. “Much 2 Much” grooves to a vamp that occasionally dips its toes into soulful territory and keeps the attitude smooth as silk. Carlos proves his talent in this short ditty, giving us a track that makes the black clouds over our heads disappear in an instant. — Marcos Hassan

Ely Guaminga - “TU MEJOR JUGADA” 

Earlier this week, TikToker and YouTuber-turned-singer Ely Guaminga launched her musical debut with “TU MEJOR JUGADA.” Emotions run high in this energetic single meets mini telenovela-like video where Guaminga bids adieu to a toxic former love. The Ecuadorian internet star converts her emotional turmoil into a personal revelation over a whirlwind of bright guitars and stomping percussion. – Nayeli Portillo

Chanel, Ptazeta - “Ping Pong”

Cuban-Spanish singer Chanel is spoiled for choice on her newest track, “Ping Pong,” which features Spanish rapper Ptazeta. It’s a true collaboration, where both artists shine on a staple summer pop track. This is the Eurovision Song Contest alumna’s fifth single, creating anticipation for her debut album. “Ping Pong” details her indecision between two love interests, even going as far as saying she bit the apple and the pear. The music video, directed by Celine Van Heel, is captivating thanks to the use of color and Chanel’s skillful background in dance. — Chelsea Quezada

Supersilverhaze - “Rock de Combate”

We all need a good fight song. That kind of jam that gets your heart racing and ready to take on the day ahead. Mexican psych-rockers Supersilverhaze have internalized that mission on their latest single, “Rock de Combate,” a wink to The Clash’s classic Combat Rock LP(1982), as well as propulsive 4×4 rock n’ roll. Co-produced by Big Big Love’s Santiago Mijares, the track’s thumping bass line leads the charge as the echoing chorus mutates into an oddly profound mantra that will leave you pumped up and ready to throw hands. – Richard Villegas


Puerto Rican pop starlet VICOGENS has been on an impressive streak since 2021, releasing one EP and two albums in less than three years. Her newest project, out this week, is En La De Ella, with its promotional single sharing the name. This sophomore LP features a diverse range of sounds, from trap-soul to reggaetón to pop and everything in between. Collabs include trap rapper Skyrripa and fellow female rising artist Keysokeys, who’s having a hot year herself. The song “En La De Ella” showcases her dance-pop talents and penchant for creative music videos, in this case portraying herself as a genie granting themself the wish of having a good time.  — Juan J. Arroyo

The Linda Lindas - “Resolution/Revolution”

With this new song, we follow the fabulous foursome on their musical journey as they become one of the best punk bands nowadays. “Resolution/Revolution” is a protest song that goes against everything keeping us down, yet they offer hope by calling for everyone to stand tall and keep our spirits up. The song does a great job putting this point across through hard guitar riffs and vocal hooks that recall everyone from the B52’s to Sleater-Kinney and even a bit of the Sex Pistols’ snottiness. “Resolution/Revolution” will have you singing along and raising your voice the way great rock music has inspired generations. — Marcos Hassan