What to See at New Latin Wave, Brooklyn’s Boundary Pushing Latinx Art Festival

Lead Photo: Photo by Catalina Kulczar. Courtesy New Latin Wave
Photo by Catalina Kulczar. Courtesy New Latin Wave
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Among New York City’s crowded art landscape, few entities are lifting local Latinx voices and work as diligently as New Latin Wave. The Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary art festival is entering its third year with another stellar line-up of thought-provoking art pieces, poignant conversations and forward-thinking music by Latinx artists and organizers, once again hosted at Greenpoint landmark Brooklyn Bazaar.

Doubling down on their commitment to community building, New Latin Wave announced via press release they are partnering with PRIMA Fund for “a raffle of prizes donated by our partners / NLW community where 100% of proceeds will benefit PRIMA, helping artists in Puerto Rico post-Hurricane Maria.” Several of the festival’s speakers and performers will also center conversations on migration and Afro-Latinx identity and most music, media and video art exhibits are being curated and led by women. As in past editions, New Latin Wave will feature a Book and Zine fair in Brooklyn Bazaar’s main ballroom with new additions like Chilean pop-up by La Sureña, a live drawing installation by Ecuadorian artist Juan Miguel Marín and an after party blow out presided over by queen of the decks, DJ Bembona.

To help you navigate this year’s crowded New Latin Wave schedule and its unmissable performances and exhibits, we’ve put together a list of 5 features worth checking out on your weekend venture to North Brooklyn. The talent is high and the tickets are cheap, but most of all, this festival is an important reminder of why supporting local artists and initiatives normalizes Latinx perspectives in an oft-segregated art world.

New Latin Wave kicks off on Sunday, September 30th at 11 am. Buy tickets here.

DJ Bembona x Radio Menea Afro-Latinidad Discussion

Veronica Bayetti Flores and Miriam Zoila Pérez of bilingual Latinx music podcast Radio Menea will be recording a live conversation on the importance of Afro-Latinx visibility in media and popular culture with Panamanian-Puerto Rican DJ and activist Bembona. In the past, Remezcla has spotlighted the trio for their commitment to activism and community work, calling Radio Menea “the woke Latinx music podcast you should be listening to” and highlighting how Bembona is “spinning the soundtrack to Latinx social movements.” The live conversation will be held at 3 pm, reaffirming New Latin Wave as an important space for journalism and public dialogue before Bembona sets off the after party at 6 pm.

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Verónica Bayetti Flores (@veroconplatanos) ~ podcast host, political advocate and Cultural critic, La Vero wears many hats. Co-host of the Latinx podcast @RadioMenea with Miriam Zoila Pérez (@miriamzperez), she and Flores use their radically different music taste as the jumpoff for discussions on topics like AfroLatinidad, gender roles, queer identity, and the regional differences of Tamales (oyé @LatinosWhoLunch!). Each show takes around 15 hours to produce, including editing and research; indeed the labor of amor. Flores and Pérez met while doing advocacy work, and both remain in those fields. In addition to RM, Flores is the co-founder and managing partner of Center for Advancing Innovative Policy, and works to craft messaging and policy around progressive policy on the community and national level. Born in Venezuela, Flores went to school in Wisconsin and NYC, and is now based in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Flores brings her international POV to explore “other mediums of cultural production that are moving conversations forward that exist outside of the limelight.” At #NLWfest2018 Flores and Pérez will host their PRIMERA LIVE recording of Radio Menea with DJ Bembona! More details to come! #NLWComunidad . . . #NewLatinWave #Brooklyn #Latinx #Queer #LGBTQI #LGBT #Latinidad #AfroLatino #Venezuela #Diapora #Wisconsin # NYC #NewYork #NewYorkCity #Music #Podcast #IndependentMedia #IndependentRadio #Radio #RadioMenea

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New Music Program Curated by Angélica Negrón (Balún)

Composer, avant-garde musician and Balún front woman Angélica Negrón has curated a program of pieces by emerging composers to be performed in conjunction with adventurous string outfit PUBLIQuartet. The selected pieces will represent a far-reaching array of Latinx perspectives from composers as young as 11 years old, with evocative work inspired by the disappeared girls from Juarez, Andean huaynos, family road trips and more. The concert starts at 5 pm and will also be accompanied by immersive visuals from Chilean artist Andrea Wolf.

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"Stay true to who you are as an artist, because even though Latinx is a big part of who I am, it's not everything I am." 💥 Our amiga, Angélica Negrón / @little_miss_echo needs no intro, but we love talking about her! A doctoral candidate at CUNY, Negrón is joining #NLWfest2018 as a curator of New Music, and has composed a lineup of young composers whose works will be performed by @publiq4tet ! Negrón grew up in the rich cultural community of San Juan, Puerto Rico, surrounded by music; first learning to play the violin, she writes music that incorporates toy instruments and accordians, prompting the @nytimes to credit her sound with the “capacity to surprise”. Currently an Artist-in-Residence at @NationalSawdust, she is writing a lip-sync opera for drag queens called Chimera, to provide a platform for the both the person and the performer. As a teaching artist at the @nyphilharmonic /New York Philharmonic's Very Young Composers Program, Negrón encourages her students to trust their voice and opinion when writing music, because we all hear and feel music differently. Not to mention, she is a founding member of the electronic indie band Balún/ @balunband, #PrismaTropical. See them perform at the Murmrr/ @murmrr Festival on November 15th! <3 #NLWComunidad. . . Edited by @lily_her91. 🔹Boletas en bio 🔹Countdown: 6 Días #NewLatinWave #AngelicaNegron #Boricua #PuertoRico #Balun #Electronic #Synth #Indie #Philharmonic #NYC #Brooklyn #DragQueen

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Radical Women: Remix

Based on the Radical Women: Latin American Art 1960-1985 exhibit that has been touring the country over the past year, Radical Women: Remix will include videos from the original exhibit in addition to more recent pieces by artists like Lenora de Barros (Brazil), Poli Marichal (Puerto Rico) and María Evelia Marmolejo (Colombia). Carmen Hermo of the Brooklyn Museum has curated the remixed exhibit and videos will be screened on a loop, all day long in two different rooms at Brooklyn Bazaar.

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Inspired by the Radical Women: Latin American Art 1960-1985 exhibition, curated by Cecilia Fajardo-Hill (@fajardohill) and Andrea Giunta (@andreagiunta2017), this video exhibition is curated by Carmen Hermo (@chermosa) of the @brooklynmuseum for the third annual New Latin Wave Arts Festival on September 30th at the Brooklyn Bazaar. Radical Women: Remix is a selection of videos included in the original exhibition, as well as more recent works by Lenora de Barros (Brazil), Poli Marichal (Puerto Rico) and Maria Evelia Marmolejo (Colombia) among others. Hermo has also included films from the next generation of multi-disciplinary NYC-based artists, including Elektra KB (@elektrakb/Colombia), Karina Aguilera Skvirsky (@karina_skvirsky/USA) and Joiri Minaya (@joiriminaya/Dominican Republic). The video series will be screened on a loop in two rooms throughout the day of #NLWfest2018. ¿Quieres más? Carmen Hermo will host a panel discussion with New York-based Latinx artists on the new wave of Latinx representation in the arts ~ details to come! #NLWMujeresRadicales is BACK and is #HereToStay! Access to video screenings included in ticket price. Stills from: ALFABOCA (2004), Lenora de Barros Siboney (2014), Joiri Minaya The Accidental Pursuit of the Stateless (2015), ElektraKB . . 🔹 Boletas en Bio 🔹 #NLWfest2018 Countdown: 9 días #NewLatinWave #Brooklyn #Colombia #Brazil #Brasil #DominicanRepublic #PuertoRico #USA #Latinx #LatinAmerica #LatinAmericanArt #Latina #LGBTQI #LGBTQ #Video #Film #Media #MediaArt #VideoArt #PerformanceArt #Performance #FilmFestival #Digital #Analog #RadicalWomenBKM #RadicalWomenLatinAmericanArt #MulheresRadicais

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Efraín Rosas (La Mecánica Popular) Live Art Performance

2018 has been a stellar year for La Mecánica Popular, releasing their expansive rhythmic experiment Rozas Cruz over the spring to wide acclaim. Now, the band’s mastermind Efraín Rozas is gearing up to present “Robot, Teach Us To Pray, ” a performance piece colliding his work in music and software development by incorporating a robotic drum kit and percussive dancing. The Brooklyn-based Peruvian artist will perform “Robot” at 4 pm, promising to be one of New Latin Wave’s cerebral high points.

Premiere of Media Art Piece Tortilla Stories

In these turbulent social and political times, stories of migration are becoming increasingly necessary tools for beating back cultural erasure. Tortilla Stories, a documentary art piece about migration and identity created by Melissa Orozco and sound designer Enrique García-Alcalá, will share collected stories through a performance using handmade tortillas and turntables. The challenging yet poignant work is part of the festival’s daylong media art exhibit and an essential stop on your New Latin Wave itinerary.

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We are excited to welcome Tortilla Stories to #NLWFest2018 for the premiere of an ambitious and unique project you won’t want to miss out on! . “Tortillas accompany the life of Mexican people. When migrating from Mexico to the United States, what happens to that connection? To what’s left behind? To what’s Confronted? And to what begins? If tortillas talked… what would they tell us?” 〰 That’s what Tortilla Stories, a multimedia performative documentary about migration and identity, is aiming to find out. It is based on collected stories of Mexican people that migrated to the United States that are played back from handmade tortillas in turntables, blended by a tortilla maker and collector. 🌽💌🇲🇽 . Melissa Orozco, the artistic director and performer of Tortilla Stories, is a gifted artist, performer and arts organizer from the collective. They believe in using art as a means of transformation and social change by focusing in creating connections between art and people to find healing, reflection and empathy to ignite social justice. Enrique García-Alcalá, the sound designer for the project, works in programming and designing interactive interfaces for artistic and cultural projects, with a focus in computer music, sound synthesis, algorithmic composition and experimental interfaces creation. . #NLWFest2018 Countdown: 33 días . #NewLatinWave #Latinx #MexicanImmigrants #Tortillas #TortillaStories #IfTortillasCouldTalk #MelissaOrozco #EnriqueGarciaAlcala #Brooklyn #BrooklynBazaar #MediaArt #PerformanceArt #PerformativeDocumentary #MultiMedia #Migration #Immigration

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