14 New Songs to Listen to This Week From Charly Gynn to Moffa

Lead Photo: Photo by Jace Kimura.
Photo by Jace Kimura.
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This is our weekly compilation of bite-sized reviews of newly released songs by our talented music writers. Discover new favorites, read nuanced criticism of the week’s hottest releases, and much more. Who knows, you might walk out of this with a new fave or two. Some of the featured artists include Charly Gynn with Foudeqush, Moffa with Young Martino and Manuel Turizo, and Lido Pimienta. Follow our playlist featuring these tracks and more on Spotify or Apple Music.

Charly Gynn, Foudeqush - “Asesina” 

One of the hallmarks of Mexican reggaeton is the bombastic, raw-edged production that often draws from sonidero-inflected camp. Charly Gynn and the team at Tempvs Music have made this their calling card, but on brand new single “Asesina,” the self-proclaimed matatana has linked up with sultry R&B chanteuse Foudeqush for some futuristic culo-shaking. Featuring glossy, stylized production from Jace Kimura, the track is all about standing in your power as a baddie with looks that kill. The hook even describes them as “auténtica born killers,” harkening to the classic ‘90s thriller and reminding us that, in 2023, there is no stopping a couple of reinas on a perreo mission. – Richard Villegas

Moffa, Young Martino, Manuel Turizo - “Bentley (Remix)”

Rising star Moffa and producer Young Martino’s single “Bentley” was already a sexy, R&B-influenced jam that eagerly swooned over the pleasures of the flesh before adding Manuel Turizo’s own lusty gravitas. The remix, released this week, ramps up the sultriness as the debonair Colombian effortlessly matches the intended vibes. Both artists find themselves in parallel arcs, finding growing success with each new song and debuting more impressive collaborations that work towards amassing them a bigger fanbase. Joining forces was an inevitability, and the result is a steamy track readymade for an evening of raising the volume and dimming the lights. — Juan J. Arroyo

Lido Pimienta - “EIN SOF, Infinito”


Lido Pimienta returned the favor to her frequent visual collaborator Orly Anan, as she wrote and produced the center musical piece for the Colombian-Israelian multidisciplinary artist’s film Ein Sof, and it’s now officially available as a standalone song. Featuring strings and flutes performed by Owen Pallet and Mas Aya, respectively, the song is a door to an ethereal world where Pimienta’s voice swirls around and showers us with the essential kind of love found in sharing simple everyday experiences with a significant other. – Cheky

Bad Gyal, Un Titico, Dany MG - "Que Rico"

Building upon the TikTok success of the original, Cuban artists Un Titico and Dany MG recruited Spanish singer Bad Gyal for a remix of the hit track. The collaboration came to life after she shared a video online in support of the song, and the refreshed version features her added original verses and dancehall flair. “Que Rico” is the Cubaton track of the moment, and it is derived from “reparto,” or the Caribbean musical movement. Given Un Titico, Dany MG, and Bad Gyal’s identifying sounds, this collaboration is certainly a match made in heaven. — Chelsea Quezada

YENDRY - "La Puerta"

Following the bachata-influenced track “Herrera,” the Dominican-Italian singer-songwriter YENDRY released a stripped and vulnerable side of her artistry with “La Puerta.” In this new powerful, emotional ballad about losing a loved one, YENDRY showcases her mesmerizing vocals as she pays tribute to her late Italian grandfather. With this new single, the vocalist aims to be “relatable and resonate with those who are missing someone important in their life.” She achieves this with her sentimental words, carefully backed by the touching plucks of a slow-tempo electric guitar. Needless to say, it’s a passionate anthem for those who are missing someone that’s no longer with us. – Jeanette Hernandez

Margaritas Podridas - “Corazón”

On “Corazón,” Margaritas Podridas remain a screamy and noisy rock n’ roll force to reckon with. Featuring a doomy tempo and saturated guitars that are on the verge of being swallowed by noise, “Corazón” is a raging ode to feeling betrayed and hurt, and the barely contained chaos reflects this sentiment. Vocalist Carolina Rivera lets it all hang through her raspy growl and delivers it with catchy melodies that slowly reveal themselves, making for an engaging listen. This one is for the broken yet angry-hearted. — Marcos Hassan

Dariell Cano - "En Un Instante"

Michigan singer-songwriter and guitarist Dariell Cano joins the burgeoning Gen Z-led wave of Mexican artists reigniting interest in sierreño music. At just 18 years old, Cano has perfected the art of composing brooding ballads that glisten with chromatic jazz riffs. Thick, muddy guitars open the minimalist but spacey “En Un Instante” as Cano’s melancholic croons about the aftermath of inevitable heartbreak echo early Omar Apollo deep cuts. – Nayeli Portillo

Solo Fernández - “Brooklyn”

Dominican rockers Solo Fernández have been busy making moves. They’ve spent the past year touring heavily, cultivating audiences at home and in Mexico, and collaborating with exciting, forward-thinking artists like Diego Raposo and Rubytates. The fruits of their labor are finally starting to show on their latest single “Brooklyn.” It’s not only a thesis statement on their ambition for world domination but also the first single off their forthcoming LP. The song is a fantasy of romance unburdened by geography, delivered through thumping, electrified skate punk and buttery hooks. – Richard Villegas

Matt Louis - “SYYON”

Matt Louis’ previous output has been firmly planted in the alt-R&B sound that’s been emerging out of Puerto Rico, but for his newest and biggest single release yet (on the heels of a new deal with Rimas’ SONAR sublabel), he starts exploring more eclectic fusions that still hew closely to his unique musical identity. “SYYON” pulls from house music, dancehall, and pop for a whirlwind sound that electrifies the drama around the lyric’s longing emotions. The music video makes the transformation literal, as it finds the ever-fashionable Louis covered in tribal symbols and dancing alongside elixir-induced manifestations of the music, adding a new gradient to his burgeoning career. — Juan J. Arroyo

Noa Sainz - “Victoria”

With her new song “Victoria,” Mexico-based R&B artist Regina Isabel is now four singles into the imminent release of her long-awaited debut album as Noa Sainz, coming out later this year. The track was co-produced by Isabel and Andrés Jaimes (Wet Baes) and finds her in her signature R&B bag with a jazzy coat, crooning over skipping drums about a realization brought by a tarot reading: if she’s open, she can grow with the help of others, but she has to cut that love interest loose first. – Cheky

Ana Tijoux - “NIÑX”

As Chilean-French singer Ana Tijoux is gearing up to release “VIDA”—her first full-length album since 2014—she dropped the mesmerizing lead single, “NIÑX.” It’s a loud and proud letter to our inner child: “No pierdas la risa, mi niña.” Her classic alternative hip-hop style is prominent in this track, with her voice piercing through each verse and softening through the bridge. The Grammy-nominated artist, who broke through in the pop world in the 2000s, is in for a very promising new era. — Chelsea Quezada

Christian Alicea - "Aroma"

The Puerto Rican salsa singer Christian Alicea released “Aroma,” a delicious blend of rhythmic percussion, bongos, trumpets, and bass guitars that showcase the artist’s dedication to the traditional genre. From the trumpet kickoff, the lively melody invites you to the dancefloor, in stark contrast to the lyrics and music video’s sentimental narrative about missing someone who has passed away. With “Aroma,” Alicea introduces his debut album Yo, which is described as a mesh of salsa gorda and romantic salsa, with touches of reggae and mambo. Overall, the new upbeat track proves that there’s an emerging scene of salseros that are ready to take the genre to the next level. – Jeanette Hernandez

Melenas - "Bang"

Pamplona’s premier power pop experts Melenas are back with their first single in almost three years, and it’s nothing less than a banger. The foursome’s melodic instincts remain on point, bringing a catchy sound with vocals that won’t leave your head for days. “Bang” is part electroclash cool, part nostalgic synthpop, and it gives a new dimension to their sound that will keep you hooked. Although they haven’t changed radically, the band gives us the right feeling at the right moment, heralding the return of one of the best melodic rock bands of our era. — Marcos Hassan

Milena Warthon - “MÁS ALLÁ”

22-year-old pop powerhouse Milena Warthon refuses to dim her light for anyone. “Algo me dice que hay más allá…Yo sé que siendo diferente brillo más,” she sings on the soaring “MÁS ALLÁ,” the latest from her debut LP Pop Andino. Paying tribute to her Andean roots, the rising singer-songwriter fuses elements of traditional Peruvian folklore music, like plush charango chords with hearty singalong-worthy choruses that live up to the hype. – Nayeli Portillo