14 New Songs to Listen to This Week From Lyzza to Bad Gyal

Lead Photo: Photo by Martin Lengua.
Photo by Martin Lengua.
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This is our weekly compilation of newly released bite-sized song reviews from our talented music writers. Discover new favorites, read nuanced criticism of the week’s hottest releases, and much more. Who knows, you might walk out of this with a new fave or two. Some of the featured artists include Lyzza, Bad Gyal, and CalonchoFollow our playlist featuring these tracks and more on Spotify or Apple Music.

LYZZA - “Deserve It (feat. La Zowi)”

Back in 2017, Brazilian-born vocalist and producer LYZZA turned heads with Powerplay, a bold debut EP that spanned hardstyle, heavy trance, and experimental pop all in the course of just 20 minutes. Now, the Amsterdam-based artist is back with MOSQUITO (out Sep. 16 via Big Dada/Ninja Tune), a 10-track mixtape that speaks to her experiences as a Black woman within the alternative music industry. On her latest single, “Deserve It,” she enlists Madrid trap singer La Zowi and sways back and forth between avant techno and eerie, eruptive reggaeton set to a deep, palpitating bass. – Nayeli Portillo

Caloncho, Charles Ans, Carlos Colosio - “Naranja y Morado”

Getting out of a bad situation can be difficult, especially when it’s wrecking our mental health to bits. But we all can benefit from Caloncho’s mellow crooning showing us a light at the end of the tunnel. Riding a slow beat as only he can, the Mexican singer’s sweet vocals guide the listener through a psychedelic therapy through the Sonoran desert while we all get lost for a while. Along for the trip are Carlos Colosio and Charles Ans, who all accompany the listener away from the past and into a brighter future. Marcos Hassan

Bad Gyal - “Sexy”

The Spanish artist Bad Gyal released a new club anthem fit for your summer playlist. “Sexy” is a fun electropop track that infuses her signature auto-tune flow with a fresh, hypnotizing melody. Following her latest release, “Tremendo Culón,” this 2 minutes and 29-second song boasts lyrics of going to the club and unapologetically looking fine doing it. Point blank: it’s a certified jam for your next girls’ night out. – Jeanette Hernandez

Robertito Chong, Shinobi - “Fluir”

Robertito Chong made the most of the mid-2010s as an artist, quickly rising to become a cult favorite in the local indie hip-hop scene of San Juan. After a brief sabbatical, he’s wasted no time in getting back into the game. On the heels of last December’s Arrestau EP, he now readies his new project, SOML, due out in Aug. The first single, “Fluir,” features Shinobi a.k.a Carlos Figueroa of Los Rivera Destino, teaming up with Chong for a vibey summer track arranged with decidedly afrobeats flair. It’s a new avenue for a rapper known for more irreverent tunes, but one he pulls off with gusto. — Juan J. Arroyo

Mengers - “RAM”

Upon the release of their riveting 2021 debut Golly, Mexico City trio Mengers tolled the bell on a new dawn for fuzzy, crunchy, homegrown rock n’ roll. Now, with their sophomore LP i/O on the horizon, the band is unveiling a string of thumping singles that embrace dimly lit dance floors while staying true to their jagged punk roots. “RAM” is their latest disaffected anthem, convulsing through strobing bass lines, booming drums, and staccato guitars that’ll have you debating whether you want to bust a move or someone’s jaw. – Richard Villegas

Alaina Castillo - “Call Me When You’re Lonely”

Following the midnight breeze that was her previous single, “sad girls always finish first,” Alaina Castillo brings us “Call Me When You’re Lonely,” a melancholic electronic pop jam for her Sad Girl Summer. Featuring an arpeggiated synth line that walks the song hand in hand with the simple beat, the single finds Castillo putting someone else’s feelings first, opening her heart to comfort a person who might not deserve it. – Cheky

Rachel Reis - “Lovezinho”

With just a couple of singles released, the up-and-coming Brazilian artist Rachel Reis has already proven to be an impressive singer. In all of her songs, her enticingly soothing vocals sound effortlessly melodious and breezy, yet they are not overplayed by powerful percussions as in “Lovezinho.” The romantic track reshapes the late ‘80s and early ‘90s Bahia samba-reggae into a Gen Z vibe— it’s both strong and cozy, like a lazy Sunday morning or a Saturday party night. — Felipe Maia

Doris Anahí - “Aprendiendo por las Malas”

There’s no doubt that 2022 is sure to be a fruitful year for Doris Anahí Muñoz. On top of the release of her much-awaited debut EP Aprendiendo Por Las Malas, the San Bernardino singer shines as one of the two stars in Isabel Castro’s Mija, a new documentary about navigating the American Dream in the present day. The glowing “Aprendiendo por las Malas” takes it back to the beloved bolero stylings of the ‘40s and ‘50s with a lush, dreamy guitar and requinto that builds and breaks to a slow but powerful crescendo. All eyes lie on Anahí as she belts out her heartbreak across a lonesome bar in the single’s stunning video, directed by artist and filmmaker Ambar Navarro. – Nayeli Portillo

boy pablo - “Be Mine”

A reggae-infused rhythm motions the new single by wunderkind boy pablo, setting the pace for the singer to proclaim his undying love to a special someone. “Be Mine” takes us into a virtual hall of mirrors, anchored by a chorus that is pure pop sheen, thanks to slick guitar-playing and a life-affirming melody. Not content with just that, there’s a cumbia-infused verse and a lighters-in-the-air six-string solo in the outro that will keep listeners coming back for more. All these elements come together to embody how falling in love can feel as earth-shattering as it does here. — Marcos Hassan

Nikky Bourbon - “Yippie Khayo”

The Nuyorican artist Nikky Bourbon (also known as BRBN) released the sensual music video for her new flirty, reggaeton pop song “Yippie Khayo.” The visuals feature the edgy singer dancing in free-spirit, busting moves that highlight both her Puerto Rican heritage and empowered female sexuality. Written by the late Dominican producer Xtassy, the entrancing single undoubtedly has now a deeper meaning, which she lets known in the end with a special dedication. –Jeanette Hernandez

Juliana Madrid - “Savior”

Juliana Madrid has had a heady 2022 so far: signing with her first label, performing at SXSW, soon starting her first tour alongside The Knocks, and now releasing her fourth single, “Savior,” before summer’s even over. All this is in anticipation of her debut self-titled EP, out Aug. 19, which promises to put the Dallas-based second-gen Mexican-American songstress on more listener’s radars with her combination of alt-pop vocals and rock sensibilities. “Savior,” in particular, leans into the latter with a sonic aesthetic that rustles up memories of ‘90s pop-punk married with earnest lyrics of young love and picking up the pieces of a puzzle that never seemed complete to begin with. — Juan J. Arroyo

Nutopia - “Barco Hundido”

These are heavy times, and while many struggle to keep their heads above water, Puerto Rican indie rockers Nutopia have opted to go with the flow and make a new home at the bottom of the ocean. Their aptly titled new single “Barco Hundido” is an ode to perseverance, a reminder that sometimes you need to take a minute to chill and reassess before carrying on with your life. The comforting song is the latest cut from Nutopia’s forthcoming EP, their first since 2018, melding elements of reggae, R&B, and lo-fi production as part of a fresh sound they debuted on previous single “Suerte.” – Richard Villegas

Daniela Lalita - “Tenía Razón”

Peruvian-born, NYC-based multi-hyphenated artist Daniela Lalita has just dropped her debut single, “Tenía Razón,” on London label Young. Co-produced alongside Sega Bodega, the mutant, magic-inspired avant pop track highlights Daniela Lalita’s ability to twist and layer her unique voice to create otherworldly atmospheres that float over a crunchy beat and heavenly harp plucks. The intriguing self-directed music video complements the song’s topics of struggle and self-exploration. – Cheky

Souto MC - “Marcha”

Sliding into the drill territory, Brazilian rapper Souto MC releases her first single of 2022 with a blend of pace-shifting punchlines. Not only in the music video, surrounded by her friends, she also seems at ease rhyming over the beat, a blend of gliding bass kicks and baile funk-ish rhythmics. The rapper is also good at the pen game, playing around with clever oxymorons, boasting braggadocio and different metrics only to slow down at the chorus—the most catchy line of “Marcha.” — Felipe Maia