16 New Songs to Listen to This Week From Moffa to A.CHAL

Lead Photo: Photo by Joaquín Mojica.
Photo by Joaquín Mojica.
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This is our weekly compilation of bite-sized reviews of newly released songs by our talented music writers. Discover new favorites, read nuanced criticism of the week’s hottest releases, and much more. Who knows, you might walk out of this with a new fave or two. Some of the featured artists include Moffa, A.CHAL, and Tei Shi. Follow our playlist featuring these tracks and more on Spotify or Apple Music.

Moffa - “Llorando en Chanel”

Coming off of his latest single “TOKO” and collaboration “saluDARTE,” Moffa releases the smooth pop and reggaeton fusion, “Llorando en Chanel.” Referencing the cosmetics a past love interest wears from the opulent French fashion house, the artist considers their seductive messages to be an item once again. As demonstrated in the music video, the relationship between them calls way back to a carefree one from their childhood. Maybe those luxury tears were fated to happen after all. — Chelsea Quezada

A.CHAL - “Piritu”

Peruvian-American NY-based artist Alejandro Chal Salazar – better known as A.CHAL – released his latest bilingual single “Piritu,” an ode to his roots with a modern hip-hop twist to it. With a light trap soundscape, echoing piano keys, and his distinctive bass flow, A.CHAL creates an infectious, motivating anthem that features encouraging lyrics and a holistic video to go with it. “This song is about keeping your essence, no matter where or how you go,” the artist said in a press statement. “I’m not roaming the mountains in a robe, but I’m out here in Timbs representing my inner self in a raw way.” In the visuals, he matches the same energy by performing a holistic ritual – involving sage and stones – with the New York skyline as the backdrop, giving his fans a look into his Peruvian spiritual journey living in a city that never sleeps. – Jeanette Hernandez

Tei Shi - “QQ (Quédate Queriéndome)”

Valerie Teicher Barbosa just announced Valerie, her first independently released album as Tei Shi and follow-up to her 2023 Bad Premonition EP. Today, she showcases her versatility with her first single, “QQ (Quédate Queriéndome).” The bilingual track is a clever take on bachata with the right notes of reggaeton, and Teicher shows up with her pop sensibility to tell us a story of a doomed love affair. She’s torn in a romantic relationship that does her bad but feels good, and between her words and urgent delivery, we can feel the tension through our headphones. – Cheky

Riccie Oriach Feat. Moreno Negron - “El Vejigazo”

Electronic mambo remains vital in today’s music. This offshoot of merengue has found new life in young artists, and it’s fitting that pioneers like Moreno Negrón are getting their due respect thanks to this collab with fellow dominicano Riccie Oriach. With the rapid-fire rhythms married with dance-approved electronics, “El Vejigazo” does justice to its name by delivering a slapping track with much attitude, flavor, and joyfulness. Not only is it a great tribute to a musical tradition that remains red hot today, “El Vejigazo” is a fire track to get you moving in no time. — Marcos Hassan

Angélica Garcia - "Juanita"

El Monte-born, LA-based avant-pop artist Angélica Garcia shared her latest captivating single, “Juanita.” Peaks of built-up tension and valleys of cathartic release fuel the track, backed by a deep and haunting cumbia-inspired rhythm. At the intersection where past and present collide, the song harbors the mixed chaos surrounding the discovery and breaking of generational trauma, while her alluring voice gently guides listeners through the ongoing and never-ending process. The stunning video, produced by Puerto Rican filmmaker Sonia Malfa, sees the artist play into the complexities of her process as she frees herself from the restrictive gender roles to do so – taking on both the subject and observer to add layers to the narrative of the textured avenues of self-discovery.  – Jeanette Diaz 

Jup do Bairro, Maria Alcina, Pagode da 27 - “Amor de Carnaval”

With the Brazilian carnival well underway, a flood of body shaking anthems have filled the streets and airwaves. No stranger to causing a commission, singer, rapper, performance artist, and trans activist Jup do Bairro has unveiled a new song titled “Amor de Carnaval,” a rumbling ode to the ephemeral romances blossoming amidst the hedonistic festivities. She’s joined on the track by Brazilian cabaret legend Maria Alcina and samba ensemble Pagode da 27, reminding the listener that carnival is a time for community, collectivity, and status quo-challenging occupation of public spaces. – Richard Villegas

Shanghai Baby - “I Could Never Beat You”

Before exiting the beloved Spanish indie rock four-piece Hinds, singer and musician Ade Martin began releasing solo material under the name of Shanghai Baby in 2021. Taking sonic guidance from influences like The Strokes, Martin purges the past with poignant verses on the woozy rager “I Could Never Beat You,” her follow-up single to last year’s loosie “Is This The Right Time.” Martin’s latest track is angsty and brooding but picks up exactly where projects like EP01 left off as she builds up a euphoric headrush with jangly garage rock guitar riffs. – Nayeli Portillo

Lismar - “Modo Avión” 

It might be the month for lovers and linking up, but for many others, the options they have are in the gutter. Dominican artist Lismar is only 18 years young, but in her new single “Modo Avión,” she makes it clear she’s already over it (“Harta del amor, to’ los tigueres salen cueros”). She got her start doing videos and songs she shared on social media, which eventually led to her releasing her official debut not soon after. While her output so far has been firmly in the rap lane, she fuses soulful pop with her lyrical game on “Modo Avión,” creating an anthem for those who believe it’s better to be alone than in bad company. — Juan J. Arroyo

Valentina - “Extraños”

Dominican songstress Valentina is reflecting on a once important person in her newest single, “Extraños.” She navigates through the hurt and confusion of how two people can become strangers after being close and wanting them, even if it’s not feasible. Her voice is thick with emotion, gripping and moving listeners right away. The production by Botlok and Elliot Justov makes for setting a ghostly scene. That is, of course, up until the hyperpop breakdown at the end of the track, giving major crying in the club energy. — Chelsea Quezada

Newen Afrobeat & Chico César - “Es la Vida”

Newen Afrobeats’ “Es la Vida” with Brazilian musician Chico César exudes rhythmic Afrobeats, a groovy bassline, and a powerful brass and percussion-led melody with overall high energy. Besides the beautifully and sonically-packed track, “Es la Vida” is a melting pot: it features diverse artists’ languages and cultures in a single sonic space, showing us the unmatched talent that comes from unification. What’s more is that this is only one taste of what’s Newen Afrobeats’ forthcoming LP, which we’re excited to dive into. – Jeanette Hernandez

Luiz Melodia, Liniker - “Vale Quanto Pesa”

Late Brazilian singer-songwriter Luiz Melodia’s seminal album Pérola Negra turned 50 last year, and to celebrate the occasion, Mahmundi summoned an impressive list of talents, including Criolo, Zezé Motta, and Liniker, for a six-track tribute EP titled Pérolas Negras – Um Tributo a Luiz Melodia. The latter contributed with her take on “Vale Quanto Pesa,” stripping it down to little more than an acoustic guitar, minimal percussion, and her own unique voice that jumps from velvety to gritty to gymnastic, all to give this classic a heartfelt makeover. – Cheky

Valebol - “Salvavidas”

Multi-instrumentalist and Dos Santos member Daniel Villarreal and Vivian McConnell aka. V.V. Lightbody teamed up for a project that inhabits a world of its own. The easy-going grooves of the drum machine give way to gentle electronics and a slightly twee presentation. However, McConnell’s vocals float airly throughout with a sense of melancholy that gives “Salvavidas” its pathos, making it a layered song that slowly reveals more of itself with each repeated listening. Managing to include both levity and heavy emotions effortlessly into a compact pop song, we hope Valebol isn’t just a one-off side project. — Marcos Hassan

Josyara - "Margarida Perfumada"

Reimagining classic hits by Afro-Brazilian group Timbalada – a band popularized by the beloved Carlinhos Brown – Bahian artist Josyara shares a compilation of MPB covers in homage. Released on the eve of carnival festivities in Brazil, the singer’s standout track “Margarida Perfumada” is a mesmerizing and stripped-down revision of the original samba meets axé song. The soulful and melodic interpretation breathes new life into the classic by introducing impeccable acoustic guitar strums that flow effortlessly into her expressive vocal wheelhouse for a softened and alluring interpolation of the treasured song. It makes for a perfect beachside sunrise/sunset tune to be enjoyed for some downtime between the season’s more vigorous activity.  – Jeanette Diaz 

Baiuca - “PAEQB”

Spanish producer Baiuca has begun teasing his highly anticipated follow-up to 2021’s Embruxo LP, where he melded strobing house beats with dazzling flashes of Galician folklore. His new single “PAEQB” continues on this journey of linguistic and sonic preservation, sampling a deep cut from traditional Galician ensemble Pandeiromus and turning the phrase “Por Amar E Querer Ben” into an exuberant celebration of love as an act of resistance. Four on-the-floor beats, medieval vocal runs, and a music video framing modern dancers and organic instruments under neon laser shows underscore Baiuca’s mission of expanding the sounds of the Spanish countryside into nightclubs around the globe. – Richard Villegas

ARN4L2 - “El Bailador”

Afro-Caribbean musical histories run deep across contemporary music, but for Colombian producer and DJ Arnaldo Berdugo, better known as ARN4L2, it quite literally runs in his blood. The grandson of a former radio station director in San Estanislao de Kostka, Berdugo often links his proximity to his grandfather’s “vinyl treasures” as part of his drive to juxtapose traditional sounds like bullerengue and soukous with kaleidoscopic guitar loops. On “El Bailador,” the lead single off of Berdugo’s newly-released EP Caribe, the visionary packs in elements of electronic funk and joyous percussive-heavy grooves for a unique and genre-defying sound. – Nayeli Portillo

Cali Lanauze - “The Day I Let You Go”

Cali Lanauze has been making beats since he was 15-years-old, inspired by the electronic music scene he immersed himself in from an early age. As a now professional producer and DJ, he’s the founder of his own label, Opulence, and has rocked mixers alongside names like Black Coffee and Diplo. His newest EP, Skipping Stones, offers hypnotizing Ibiza house rhythms crafted to create a dreamy ambiance perfect for a dancefloor or a moonlit beach in his native Puerto Rico. As the genre continues reaching new fans during its current boom, Lanauze is set up to become a name followers will gravitate towards. — Juan J. Arroyo