12 New Songs to Listen to This Week From VALÉ to Martox

Lead Photo: Photo by Ashley Osborn.
Photo by Ashley Osborn.
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This is our weekly compilation of bite-sized reviews of newly released songs by our talented music writers. Discover new favorites, read nuanced criticism of the week’s hottest releases, and much more. Who knows, you might walk out of this with a new fave or two. Some of the featured artists include VALÉ, Martox, and Marineros. Follow our playlist featuring these tracks and more on Spotify or Apple Music.

VALÉ - "mr. titubeante"

Breakups make for great music. Singer-songwriter VALÉ released her newest bilingual single, “mr. titubeante.” The moody and playful track appropriately follows the story of finding out that the person you’re falling for has another girlfriend. Sonically, VALÉ’s crisp vocals lay on top of a groovy bass and pop rock elements, embodying what you’d see during the morning music video segments on MTV back in the day. “Things like this happen sometimes, but it only shows you’re better off without that person,” she said about the track in a statement. “If you don’t relate, shake ass to it anyways.” – Jeanette Hernandez

Martox - “Solsticio”

With the official arrival of summer earlier this week, Dominican singer-producer duo Martox released an idyllic track for the upcoming hazy days. “Solsticio,” the second single from their upcoming EP Baila!, is a lush synth-pop moment. Vocalist Juan Miguel Martinez and producer Eduardo Baldera collaborated with Angelo Reeves on the lyrics and with Jazz on guitar and some production. It boasts a slower tempo compared to their last single, “comoestasmiamor <3,” and it highlights Martinez’s balanced vocals. Baldera’s production chops are evident with a striking bassline, the component that ties it all together into a fresh and forward-thinking track. — Chelsea Quezada


Marineros - “Amarte Así”

After nearly eight years of longing, Marineros are finally releasing their new album, Al calor de un sol que acaba de morir later, this year. But if the dreamy Chilean duo has taught us anything, it’s that pop gold can’t be rushed. This week they’ve released “Amarte Así,” a ‘90s shoegaze-flavored new single that aches with the anticipation of a slow-burning romance. The song arrives accompanied by a black and white Antonia Sánchez-directed clip that heightens the song’s unspoken intensity, instead highlighting the stolen glances and clammy hand-holding that most often linger in our minds. – Richard Villegas

María José Llergo - “Rueda Rueda”

Spain’s María José Llergo is finally ready to give us her long-awaited debut album this fall, with the catchy “Rueda Rueda” as its first single. Following her outstanding 2020 EP Sanación, a dive into the personal and communal hardships experienced by her and her Andalusian people, Llergo takes a moment to look back and celebrate the road she’s traveled in her career in a sort of personal Noche de San Juan. It’s a handclap-driven, flamenco-inspired pop jam with hooks for days where she sees herself as a wiser artist with star potential, and she’s shining as bright as the sun on the summer solstice. – Cheky

Mike Rodz - “limonada”

There’s nothing like a tall, cold refreshment on a sweltering summer day, and as Mike Rodz puts it in his newest single, “limonada,” falling in love can also make you feel just as brand new. His last song, ironically enough, was “Himalaya” alongside JEY.EYY, which nicely contrasts two metaphors. Mike’s style has always been geared towards wholesome catchy rap fit to listen to under the sun or on a road trip with friends and windows down, so he finds himself very much in his element here. Indie scenes flourish because of the diversity of its offerings, and when it comes to this lane, not many do it better than Mike on the mic. — Juan J. Arroyo

Chloé Silva - “Commodium”

Singer and songwriter Chloé Silva is one of the most eclectic indie artists to come out of Ecuador recently. On 2020’s Too Bad EP, the alternative R&B up-and-comer decked out suave lo-fi beats with deep, resounding vocals, while recent singles like “Semantics” show off her ability to rock a dreamier funk-pop palette, cementing her status as an artist to watch. On “Commodium,” Silva levels up and tips into neo-soul territory as she exorcizes her pain over thick, mellow piano chords that perfectly suit her smoky vocals. – Nayeli Portillo

Rusty Santos, Bedroom - “Smile Song”

“Smile Song” is a testament to Rusty Santos’ warm approach to experimental pop. The Jackie Mendoza and Animal Collective collaborator and featured artist Bedroom keep things personal and unique with his layered, lo-fi production, and his unadorned vocals that carry his catchy melodies. Lyrically, “Smile Song” is about exploring—and overcoming—different emotions, while a fast-strummed ukulele and wavy guitars give way to rumbling bass and scratchy drum beats. Rusty and Bedroom create a psychedelic pop track about uncertainty that sounds easygoing and delightful. — Marcos Hassan

Lapillus - “Who's Next”

The K-pop six-piece girl group Lapillus dropped “Who’s Next,” the highly-energetic focus single from their second album GIRL’s ROUND Part. 2. “Who’s Next” is a fast-paced electronic banger with empowering lyrics that will have its listener feeling on top of the world. The tempo turns up a notch mid-song to feature the group rapping, sprinkling in English as the girls slay their verses. To make things more global, Chanty–who is half-Argentinian and half-Filipino–is part of this group and is the only active Latina in the K-pop space. – Jeanette Hernandez

Oliva - “Que Te Vaya Bien”

Colombian-Spanish songstress Oliva knows what it’s like to choose to forgive someone who’s disappointed you. On “Que Te Vaya Bien,” the opening track of her new EP SER, she’s saying good riddance and wishing them well. Her Caribbean influences shine in the instrumental, meshing afrobeats with pop. Her songwriting is equally noteworthy; she captures her pain in a bottle and sets it free once she realizes she’s better off without them. — Chelsea Quezada

Noa Sainz, NSQK - “Barco”

Mexico City R&B chanteuse Noa Sainz has been in the game for a hot minute. Following her EPs No Science (2018) and MAYDAY (2020), Sainz has been teasing her anticipated full-length debut throughout 2023 with a string of sinewy, elegant singles. Her latest offering is “Barco,” a wavy meditation on the inevitable sinking of a whirlwind romance. Psychedelic, bass-driven production from Wet Baes and ice-cold bars from Mexican pop phenom NSQK round out the sensual earworm, promising much more silky angst to come. – Richard Villegas

Luzmila Carpio - “Inti Watana - El Retorno del Sol”


Luzmila Carpio, the beloved Potosí, Bolivia, indigenous artist, partnered once again with ZZK, this time to bring us Inti Watana: El Retorno del Sol, an all-original full-length written by Carpio herself and produced by Leonardo Martinelli (Tremor). The title track gives us a first look into this new universe, which finds Carpio surrounded by a harmonious symbiosis of electronic beats and organic percussion and strings. She sings in Aymara-Quechua to Father Sun, a divine figure that shines his rays of light to every single corner of the universe and showers us with his energy and her heartwarming voice makes the experience even more poignant. – Cheky

Sonic Emerson & Mitzi Licona - “Bes Lou”

The meeting between Mint Field’s Sebastián Neyra and Parque De Cometas’ Mitzi Licona could have gone the safe route and given us a dream pop track. Instead, Licona and Neyra—under his Sonic Emerson guise—deliver a late-night rave track featuring fast-paced beats inspired by late ‘90s drum n’ bass and ambient music’s soft synths and pillowy comfort. The atmospheric textures create a sense of tranquility, while the driving breakbeat injects energy and movement. Both artists’ chemistry is palpable at every turn, as they hold together the strange balance of subtlety and intensity. — Marcos Hassan