14 New Songs to Listen to This Week From YENDRY to Dawer X Damper

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Sony Music.
Courtesy of Sony Music.
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This is our weekly compilation of bite-sized reviews of newly released songs by our talented music writers. Discover new favorites, read nuanced criticism of the week’s hottest releases, and much more. Who knows, you might walk out of this with a new fave or two. Some of the featured artists include YENDRY, Dawer X Damper with Branbel and Modblack, and Álvaro Díaz with Sen Senra. Follow our playlist featuring these tracks and more on Spotify or Apple Music.

YENDRY - “Herrera”

Bachata has become the sound of the moment, with artists from all over dropping a song in that genre, whether it fits them or not. For YENDRY, bachata comes across as second nature, hitting all the marks of the style while bending it slightly to her will. On “Herrera,” she sings soulfully, swinging her phrasing while her voice melts into buttery melodies over electronics that give a bit of a twist to the Caribbean beat. YENDRY scores another hit with this track and reaffirms herself as one of the most exciting artists right now. — Marcos Hassan

Dawer X Damper, Branbel & Modblack - “CAPROVO”


Dawer x Damper is on a roll, and right now is not their time to take a breather. Ahead of their Estéreo Picnic show and only a few months after dropping their outstanding debut album Donde Machi, the Cali duo give us “CAPROVO,” their sultry collaboration with Branbel and Modblack. It’s a bare, relaxed Afro-pop number purely fueled by seductive vibes that finds them melting all over the floor for a girl they want to get with. The song shines with its simplicity in sound and feeling. – Cheky

Álvaro Díaz x Sen Senra - “1000Canciones”

Ever had someone’s memory play over in your head until it drove you insane? Álvaro Díaz and Sen Senra seem to know the feeling as they bring a new soundtrack to the sensation with “1000Canciones.” A wordplay reference to the number of songs that have them remembering a past love they could’ve treated better, the duo brings us a sensual dance that fuses a reggaeton rhythm with the more luscious vocal stylings that lean into R&B. It pairs well with the visuals that take us through a mental journey. It starts with more lustful memories at a color-warmed house party that ends at a mental hospital the longer the song—and desire—is allowed to go on. – Jeanette Diaz

Aymée Nuviola - “No Me Parece” 

Fans of the 2015 Colombian telenovela Celia may recognize Afro-Cubana powerhouse Aymée Nuviola for her flawless portrayal of iconic singer Celia Cruz. But the Latin Grammy-winning singer, musician, and composer has been building a legacy of her own as “La Sonera del Mundo” by merging elements of salsa, timba, son, and jazz throughout her music. Glowing brass instrumentals adorn the ebullient “No Me Parece,” taking inspiration from the musical genre and dance style of Angolan kizomba, as Nuviola’s rich, velvety vocals steer the rhythmic energy. Nayeli Portillo

Jan Mercé x Keysokeys - “305”

With his baby face and youthful tenor, Jan Mercé wields his rap prowess in ways that can surprise new listeners who come across his music. Last week, he released his EP Numero1Uno, and its seven tracks show off a refreshing range that straddles old-school hip-hop to tantalizing slow jams. One of the best—and rowdiest—is “305,” a collab with blazing newcomer Keysokeys. She hits the ground running and lights up the beat with Tommy Gun precision, making an already hype song even sicker. With Numero1Uno, Mercé makes an impressive debut in an increasingly packed genre, but one where his talent makes him stand out. — Juan J. Arroyo

Afrolegends - “Hey DJ”

Wakanda might be a glorious beacon of Afro-futurism in contemporary science fiction, but Cali, in Colombia, isn’t that far off. Afrolegends are among a new generation of visionaries expanding the intersection of roots music and global sounds. Their latest single, “Hey DJ,” collides dancehall and marimba, conjuring a throbbing bass line straight out of a galactic soundsystem function. – Richard Villegas

Marco Mares - “Capturas De Pantalla”

The Mexican pop singer-songwriter Marco Mares is feeling the love. His latest acoustic-driven pop single, “Capturas De Pantalla,” embodies his simping for another in the most realistic, vulnerable way; he transcends the feeling when you can’t get enough of a person you’re smitten with. He captures the digital era we’re in by singing about wanting to see his lover’s face on his screen 24/7. Overall, the song marks another easy, feel-good pop track from his upcoming personal album about love and technology. – Jeanette Hernandez

Tagua Tagua - "Pra Trás" 

“Pra Trás” announces itself like the wind caressing a set of front porch chimes, setting the mood and settling into a serene yet undeniable atmosphere full of exquisite texture. Felipe Puperi knows how to conjure psych cool through fuzzed-out guitars and soul-influenced songwriting to enhance the trippy mood of his music, presenting a unique sound for listeners to bliss out to. The result is a track that can blend into the background or be picked apart on headphones. Tagua Tagua is a whole new flavor of chillwave for those seeking music with earthy tones and acid-damaged shapes. — Marcos Hassan

Son Rompe Pera - “Chucha”


Breakthrough marimba-loving punk rockers Son Rompe Pera took the world by storm with their debut album Batuco, and they’re ready to give us more. “Chucha,” the first single from their forthcoming Mario Galeano-produced sophomore LP Chimborazo, is the Mexico City band’s first truly original composition, and it’s a high-octane, alien-infected fever dream (within a dream) that vocalist and marimbista Mongo is desperately trying to wake up from. We’re instantly teleported to the middle of a Son Rompe Pera mosh pit, and we’re completely down with it. – Cheky

Teto, WIU, Matuê - “Flow Espacial”

Three rising Brazilian rap stars, all housed under 30PRAUM, teamed up to create one of the country’s recent hottest hits. “Flow Espacial,” which features the hip-hop flows of Teto, WIU, and Matuê, has broken streaming records that mark it currently as the largest single debut for Spotify Brazil this year, hitting 1 million streams in its first two days alone. And with good reason. The track lays down an undeniably catchy and “out-of-this-world” trap beat as the artists freestyle about their skyrocketing careers and changing lifestyles that remain rooted in humbleness, so they claim. A notable and commendable favorite part of the package is the trio’s serious studying of major Y2K global pop culture moments for their video counterpart. It features nods to vintage video games, VCR aesthetics, Mean Girls fashion references, and a replicated ode to Blink 182’s “What’s My Age Again?” infamous naked band jam. – Jeanette Diaz

FRIJO, Bles- "Frixen" 

Long before kicking it with Versace shades-donning baddies in designer Italian dresses, Emanuel Matías Rodríguez, better known as FRIJO, spent some time cutting his teeth at tournaments like El Quinto Escalón in Buenos Aires. The Argentine artist returns to his humble beginnings on the Trap Explícito EP and walks listeners through the journey of Emanuel the dreamer, from his underdog days to worldwide trap star. Heavy 808 kicks drive “Frixen” as the 25-year-old unleashes his infectious, in-your-face hooks that recall his earlier freestyles. Nayeli Portillo

Myke Towers - “Los Angeles” 

The City of Angels receives a visit from Puerto Rico’s sly devil Myke Towers in the music video for his latest single, “Los Angeles.” The song, off his newest 3-track EP Sweet & Sour, is not so much a love letter to Hollywood than it is an ode to his partner in which he lyrically fawns over all the ways she revs him up. Towers has been a known rap powerhouse for much of his career, and his streak continues here as he rides the beat and wrings bar after bar out of it. It’s more than enough to tide over fans until his long-awaited next LP drops. — Juan J. Arroyo

Macha Kiddo, Sara Hebe - “Puro”

Slick-tongued Costa Rican rapper Macha Kiddo is teasing her forthcoming banger-stuffed debut LP with a new single titled “Puro,” which taps Argentina’s Sara Hebe for a pounding ode to clandestine parties and poor decision-making. Brazen in their boastfulness, the pair shoot off-fire one-liners over a wild pastiche of beats immaculately produced by Relo and El Licenciado, who draw from old-school reggaeton and cumbia villera. The single is accompanied by a minimalist video that features both rappers styled in maximalist goth-rave apparel, capturing the essence of perreo in its purest, most debauched form. – Richard Villegas

Ludmilla feat. Tasha e Tracie - “Sou Má”

The versatile Brazilian singer-songwriter Ludmilla dropped a bad bitch anthem with “Sou Má” featuring Tasha e Tracie. Throughout the music video, the three fierce women show off their unapologetic attitude by rapping about how bad, hot, and rich they are. If the track’s cadence sounds familiar to you, it’s because she samples Beyoncé’s and Jay-Z’s (The Carters) “Nice.” However, she makes the sample completely her own with a more hip-hop push to it. Needless to say, Ludmilla thrives in any genre she touches. – Jeanette Hernandez