Nuevo Noise: 12 Songs You Need to Hear This Week

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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We are living through an era where more music is available to us than ever – whether it be via social media, streaming, or apps. But despite this wealth of options, it can be difficult to cut through the industry hype, the homogenizing algorithms, and find something new and exciting. In our weekly Nuevo Noise playlist, you’ll find some of our favorite releases of the week.

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Ela Minus - "el cielo no es de nadie"

As we get closer to her debut album’s release date, Ela Minus gives us “el cielo no es de nadie,” her third single and first sung entirely in Spanish. With a grittier sound this time around, the song finds the Colombian artist wary of anyone who promises her the moon and the sky, as she finds more meaning in small acts. Make sure you catch its music video, shot in NYC’s Elsewhere during the summer. –Cheky

Chini.PNG - "Plan C"

For her first release after disbanding The Technicians, Chilean singer-songwriter Chini.PNG doesn’t waste a moment to make her intentions clear. “Plan C” is a seductive, yet angsty piece of music firmly planted in the golden age of alt rock. Its dynamics are hard-hitting, yet layered enough to interpret the mood several ways within the same song. The track slowly vanishes into chaos as desire and regret get tangled up in a whirlwind of emotions, almost like it happens in real life. –Marcos Hassan

Alumine - "Mañana"

Tip toeing along the line of jazz and neo-soul, Buenos Aires five-piece Alumine have just released a funky new single titled “Mañana,” and it’s all about leaving the people and situations that confine us behind and looking forward to a beautiful new tomorrow. The song’s happy-go-lucky lyrics and dueling synth and bass lines pair perfectly with clever direction from Martín Proaño, who gives the accompanying music video a glitzy, prismatic flair. –Richard Villegas

Brian Rodsal - "Better Days"

This year is trying our patience on a daily basis, but instead of succumbing to the stress, Dallas native Brian Rodsal decided to write a reinvigorating affirmation of patience and optimism titled “Better Days.” As the kicks and high hats provide a bouncy R&B backbone for the song, Rodsal’s casually earnest vocals unspool a particularly difficult day of COVID-19 existence; reminding himself and the listener to breathe and take things a day at a time, and how tomorrow has all the potential to be better. –Richard Villegas

Carolina Zac - "Paralelo"

Argentine synthpop chanteuse Carolina Zac is on the come up in 2020, releasing a string of captivating tracks that dip into ambient and darkwave, while always grounded in confessional lyrics and sweet, angelic vocals. Her latest single “Paralelo” is her moodiest yet, oscillating between unrelenting bass thumping and lyrics about a heart and mind sent into disarray over a love that is no more. They say parallel paths will never intersect, but when it comes to love, no science can be certain. –Richard Villegas

Marvin Marlyn - "Upope"

Chile’s Discos Pegaos recently dropped the fifth volume of their popular Pegamentos compilation series, and it’s packed with club sounds from artists like Motivado, Sentinela del Norte, and label head Dementira. Producer Marvin Marlyn kicks things off with “Upope,” a glossy track that stands somewhere in the middle between dembow and funk carioca. It has us dreaming of how we’re going to go hasta abajo in the future. –Cheky

Mourn - "This Feeling Is Disgusting"

With 2020 fast becoming the biggest candidate for the shittiest year in a minute, we’re in dire need for music to let all our feelings out, and what better soundtrack for it than a righteous guitar rave-up? The young Barcelona trio knows how to deploy skronky ’90s indie rock with angsty precision and making it an all-around fun time. “This Feeling Is Disgusting” proves to be a belter of a scream along for those trying moments. –Marcos Hassan

Ninja Negro – "Hachiko"

Hailing from the city of Concepción, six hours south of the Chilean capital, Ninja Negro has arrived to imbue the local trap scene with the angsty nostalgia he’s explored for years as part of indie rock darlings Mantarraya. His debut EP Arcade is packed with moody trap and R&B gems, among them bass-heavy earworm “Hachiko”–a tale of ephemeral love and the sobering realization that nothing lasts forever, even cold Chilean rain. –Richard Villegas

Jan Pawel - "Perder"

With his dark new single “Perder,” Madrid-based Venezuelan singer-songwriter Jan Pawel bleeds in frustration for the country he once knew and is now lost. Using minimal instrumentation and programming, the artist, born Juan Pablo Oczkowski, draws our undivided attention to his crushing lyrics that echoes a sentiment millions of people share in Venezuela and its diaspora, but he still manages to remain hopeful things will get better. –Cheky

Atalhos - "Mesmo Coração"

São Paulo duo Atalhos have their fourth studio album A Tentação do Fracasso scheduled for an early 2021 release, but we can start fantasizing about how it will sound by listening to its first preview, “Mesmo Coração.” Vocalist Gabriel Soares sings, “Eu sonhei que você voltava,” diving head-first into a pool of nostalgia for lost love that is intensified by the reverb-soaked dreamy atmosphere and evocative guitar picking. –Cheky

Las Palabras - "Juan Pared"

For !!! and Guapo member Rafael Cohen’s first outing as a solo artist, he chose a feel-good vibe and fun subject matter. Signing an ode to Washington Wizards player John Wall, then DC-via-Mexico City musician follows the tradition of Tropicalia songs about the stars of courts and stadiums, playing with simple words in a breezy and light manner as sung from a porch in a summer afternoon in anticipation to watching the game with friends. –Marcos Hassan

El IMA - "DICE" (feat. Don Patricio)

When duty calls, El IMA is always at the ready to answer–and by “duty,” we really mean “booty.” “Dice” is a pop dembow track where the reggaetonero and guest Don Patricio tell their respective lovers what’s going down tonight when they get together. The beat is an accomplice, playing an irresistible rhythm that’s flirty, yet totally confident, letting the temperature gradually rise until things really get steamy. –Marcos Hassan