Nuevo Noise: 13 Songs You Need to Hear This Week

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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We are living through an era where more music is available to us than ever – whether it be via social media, streaming, or apps. But despite this wealth of options, it can be difficult to cut through the industry hype, the homogenizing algorithms, and find something new and exciting. In our weekly Nuevo Noise playlist, you’ll find some of our favorite releases of the week.

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Mabiland - "Hey Mami"

Mabiland is getting ready to drop her sophomore album Niños Rotos, and its first taste has really opened our appetite. On “Hey Mami,” the Colombian artist looks back to ’90s R&B and switches between singing and rapping to tell us a story of a love she couldn’t freeze in time, and now that she’s back, she has no other choice but to let her go. –Cheky

Rubby - "Solo"

The queer dembow chanteuse returns in style, adding to your “solita y bonita” quarantine playlist with this divaza bilingual tribal pop moment. This song is perfect for bringing out the pathos of a budding relationship temporarily relegated to sexts. –Caitlin Donohue

Rico Nasty - “"PHONE"

With her new single “IPHONE,” Rico Nasty officially announced her highly-anticipated debut album Nightmare Vacation, and we like where this is going. On the euphoric “IPHONE,” Rico Nasty draws parallels between toxic relationships and the kind we have with our phones, while ginormous beats and distorted synths explode around us, very much in line with producer Dylan Brady’s work with his 100 gecs project. –Cheky

Boogarins - "Inocência"

For a time, Brazilian psych phenomenon Boogarins took to Austin, Texas as their home to make mind-melting music. To commemorate their time there, they are collecting demos and assorted tracks into a two-volume set. That period yielded “Inocência,” a track that combines lo-fi acoustic instruments with unexpected and odd electronics, resulting in a vibe that soothes the soul rather than set it on fire. This lullaby for smiling people evokes a dreamful mood and will set you adrift in bliss. –Marcos Hassan

Trillones - "Maribel Vanguardia"

It’s not always easy for musicians to make humor a part of their brand, but over the past year Mexicali producer Trillones has enjoyed a new wind of creative inspiration in memes. Bolstering his social media presence and evolving his sound from cerebral to cheeky and joyful, Trillones’ latest single “Maribel Vanguardia” is an oddball electrocumbia gem centering around an alternate universe version of Costa Rican actress and singer turned Televisa star, Maribel Guardia. The track is accompanied by a short animated clip of our titular character writhing about in neon sportswear and Ghost In The Shell android cabling; a perfectly bizarre new chapter in Trillones’ recent streak of earnest and uproarious cuts, also including “Bien Librado” and “Ninja Way.” –Richard Villegas

Carmen Ruiz - "Arrullo"

One of the most effective ways to make a connection between a piece of music and the audience is through the human voice; “Arrullo” makes the case that it can enrapture the soul of those who come in contact with it. Carmen Ruiz’s vocals are strong and soaring at times, yet quiet and vulnerable at others, taking the listener for a ride through vernacular-influenced melodies. “Arrullo” is a lament that showcases occasional rays of light. –Marcos Hassan

Jambo Huracánboy - "Los Jugga"

You can throw parallels between a great athlete and a rapper who delivers his flow with grace and skill, and that’s exactly what Jambo Huracánboy does in his new banger. Using the Brazilian lingo for brilliant soccer playing, the Lebu, Chile rapper delivers playful lines with ease. However, the moneymaker is the hook that will be living rent-free on your ears for weeks on end. “Los Jugga” goes down smoothly, like trap music for the new age space age. –Marcos Hassan

Gianluca - "D VDD"

Chile’s Gianluca follows his breakthrough album Yin Yang with his G LOVE 2 mixtape, which includes the playful Orodembow-produced track “D VDD.” Although the song starts with a sample of Thundercat’s Mumm-ra, the song is only creepy if you’re easily freaked out by airy synths and candid talk about sex, as Gianluca raps his praises to a woman who is his perfect partner underneath the sheets. –Cheky

Emilio ND - "Fuckboy"

Chihuahua native Emilio ND has been a diligent force of the local arts scene, working consistently as a theater actor and releasing a campy, cabaret-inspired debut album titled #DRAMA in 2018. These days the burgeoning ingenue is turning over a new leaf by diving into relatable pop territory with “Fuckboy;” a catchy, lighthearted new anthem about being stuck in a strictly carnal relationship, while wishing for the bells and whistles of a proper romance. –Richard Villegas

Nino Augustine - "Blaze"

Nino Augustine’s latest is a hybrid collaboration with Atlanta beatmaker Smoov Sinatra and Trinidadian producer Jott It Down that traces Augustine’s artistic lineage way back. On “Blaze,” the emcee switches through several vocal gears to render tribute to the electric interactions between Jamaican sounds and Panama artists like Danger Man, Aldo Ranks, Toby King, and Kafu Banton–that led to the birth of reggaeton, and decades later, to this Atlanta-based vocalist exploring the cultural intersections that form today’s musical panorama. –Caitlin Donohue

Big Soto x Jesse Baez x Kiddo Toto x Oniria - "Waxxa"

There are no bad trips, just challenging trips–put that on mental repeat while experiencing director and editor Lautaro Furiolo’s video for this pack’s trap taunt, delivered to build to a synthy keyboard climax with visuals (as described by a note at the beginning of the video) inspired by the nightmares of the four featured vocalists. –Caitlin Donohue

Mint Field - "Delicadeza"

Currently formed by Estrella del Sol and Sebastian Neyra (also known as Sonic Emerson,) Mint Field keep on previewing their forthcoming full-length Sentimiento Mundial, and next on the list is “Delicadeza.” The song’s emotional dream-pop sounds mirror the feelings of beautiful intimacy conjured by the lyrics that del Sol performs in a breathy, almost angelic tone. Watch the Santiago Padilla Arouesty-directed video for the full experience. –Cheky

Dindi Jane - "Confía"

Actor, model, and singer Geraldine Neary (a.k.a. Dindi Jane) is a fresh new voice on the Chilean scene, melding trap, auto-tune, and futuristic electronic production into tracks that sound like Judy Jetson throwing down at the local cypher. Her latest single “Confía” is the first taste of her debut EP 1313, unpacking the staggering expectations women face in regards to body image and emotional vulnerability. Dindi Jane’s cutting bars glide over a smattering of gauzy synths and throbbing sequencers, with production helmed by Tomás Pérez of La Salitrera Studios. -Richard Villegas