Nuevo Noise: 13 Songs You Need to Hear This Week

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla.
Art by Alan López for Remezcla.
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We are living through an era where more music is available to us than ever – whether it be via social media, streaming, or apps. But despite this wealth of options, it can be difficult to cut through the industry hype, the homogenizing algorithms, and find something new and exciting.

In our weekly Nuevo Noise playlist, you’ll find some of our favorite releases of the week – from the most exciting new names in urbano, to the burgeoning SoCal neo-Chicano soul wave, and everything in between.

Consider this your genre-diverse guide to the most exciting releases from rising Latinx artists each week. Follow our Nuevo Noise playlist featuring these tracks and more on Spotify or Apple Music.


Precolumbian & Estoc - "CCT01"

The latest release from cerebral electronic platform APOCALIPSIS comes from yet more emerging talents you need to know; Philly-based duo Precolumbian and Estoc. Not to be dramatic (this is a lie), but the track’s complex swaths of Afro-Peruvian percussion rumble are likely to set off an avalanche, courtesy of a compelling blend of festejo and landó rhythm. Take care to listen in a place that is vibe-out friendly if you have any pent up emotion that “CCT01” could cause to cascade. -Caitlin Donohue


Pabllo Vittar & Charli XCX - “Flash Pose”

Brazilian drag superstar Pabllo Vittar has linked up with British pop alchemist Charli XCX for an outlandish new crossover guaranteed to spark a million selfies in its wake. “Flash Pose” is Vittar’s first English-language song and the second time both divas collaborate for a surefire hit – previously setting the studio ablaze on Charli’s “I Got It,” which also featured rappers Brooke Candy and CupcakKe. The track is an ode to feeling photo-shoot fresh and immortalizing that swagginess, whether on film, or in all its digital glory. -Richard Villegas


Lara Project - “Intuición”

Shortly after releasing their El Tiempo de Dios No Siempre Es Perfecto EP, Venezuelan duo and Alvaro Díaz collaborators Lara Project dropped their awaited album La Muerte de Zacarías, which includes “Intuición.” The tormented song produced by Overlord sounds like the hell infidelity lets loose inside us, through which we have to go in order to come out renewed. -Cheky


Jubilee feat. - Maluca “Mami”

Not that NYC heavies Jubilee or Maluca remotely need a Megan Thee Stallion meme to turn up, but when you cue this track “It’s your season, girl.” The expertly minimal summertime club cut is the first single off of Jubilee’s sophomore album, which if you can even sit tight and wait, will be coming direct from her label, the generous purveyors of tropic throb Mixpak Records. -Caitlin Donohue


Army of Skanks – “Kero Kero Cola”

Comprised of Cepillo Cuevas and Sugar Mami (co-founder of the Perreo Millennial party series), Army of Skanks is leaving a strong mark on Mexico City’s left-of-center reggaeton underground. Their latest single “Kero Kero Cola” collides all the playful, sexy, otaku vibes we’ve come to expect from the rowdy production duo, frequently colliding anime and video game samples with raunchy lyrics – ideal for late-night grinding and the occasional Naruto run. -Richard Villegas


Francisca Valenzuela - "Héroe"

More often than not, antagonistic forces come from within rather than from the outside, which is why “Héroe” resonates so boldly and emotionaly since sometimes we need to hear to step up and save ourselves. On “Héroe,” Chilean auteur Francisca Valenzuela continues to flex her songwriting chops into ultra-slick and irresistible pop paired with a dembow beat, crafting hooks from every piece of melody she handles to make it into a current day anthem of self-assurance. -Marcos Hassan


Las Yumbeñas - “El Tema de Amor Que Esperabas”

Coming from Yumbo, Colombia, Las Yumbeñas close their new album Yumbotopía with “El Tema de Amor Que Esperabas,” which showcases their poppy soul, garage-rock sound, and tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. Band members Laura Vargas and Daniela Parra harmonize quirky lyrics, often feinting a double-tempo punk speed to accelerate our hearts and feel the rush of falling in love. -Cheky


Monte - "Más Que Sangre"

I’ve been spending heavy gym time listening to my Remezcla comadre Songmess podcast’s Costa Rica indie series, so I was prepped for the smooth rock drives of bassist and vocalist Pablo Rojas’ foundational San José band. Monte’s new album V soars on its hump track, “Más Que Sangre,” a tale of turns in the road that you didn’t understand, mazes you didn’t breach, and the wish that you had done it all. -Caitlin Donohue


Sabrina Palau - "Cementerio Pop"

The Uruguayan underground continues to surprise us with great power pop, a haven for unexpected melodic music that goes into weird but rewarding territory. Songwriter Sabrina Palau crafts a lovely tune full of layered musical elements that warp their way into your heart. More heartfelt than spooky, this cemetery is about burying your face in embarrassment rather than your body and should bring you life. -Marcos Hassan


Kombilesa Mi - “Esa Palenkera”

All the way from Palenque de San Basilio, town of the first free Africans of the Americas, comes rap group Kombilesa Mi, who have just unleashed the title track from their upcoming debut album Esa Palenkera. Armed with little more that percussion and their black voices, they celebrate Palenque women, their strength, and the flavor they carry in their blood and hips. -Cheky


Javiera Mena – “Mujer Contra Mujer”

Throughout her career, Chilean indie pop diva Javiera Mena has never shied away from showcasing her queerness. While known for her adolescent insightfulness, the epic video for “Espada,” and her recent collab with Esteman on “Amor Libre” have taken her into bolder, more overt territory, much to the delight of her fans. On her latest single, a cover of Mecano’s iconic “Mujer Contra Mujer,” Mena celebrates sexual freedom while refraining from bombast, instead gently crooning her way through iconic lines like “quién detiene palomas al vuelo,” as her words effortlessly glide over sparse synth stabs. -Richard Villegas


Megaterio - "Hitler Vive En Bariloche"

Let’s get this out of the way, you won’t find the Führer in this Argentine territory; he’s too busy being a retired ski instructor, living a lonely life in a chalet while suffering from untreated cancer. This Mar De Plata outfit wrote a moody trip-hop informed song full of unexpected elements like jazz-inspired vocals and expertly-played pianos that become slightly warped by distortion to give us something we didn’t know we wanted but definitely need after hearing it. -Marcos Hassan


Bruno Capinan - “Escorpião”

Canada-based Bahia artist Bruno Capinan threw us a curve ball on “Escorpião,” the second track on his new album REAL: what begins as a typical funk carioca beat is shortly after joined by orchestral arrangements, 90s house synths, distorted guitar licks, and his velvety voice singing about astrology-fueled passion. Needless to say, we are living. -Cheky