Nuevo Noise: 11 Songs You Need to Hear This Week

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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We are living through an era where more music is available to us than ever – whether it be via social media, streaming, or apps. But despite this wealth of options, it can be difficult to cut through the industry hype, the homogenizing algorithms, and find something new and exciting.

In our weekly Nuevo Noise playlist, you’ll find some of our favorite releases of the week – from the most exciting new names in urbano, to the burgeoning SoCal neo-Chicano soul wave, and everything in between.

Consider this your genre-diverse guide to the most exciting releases from rising Latinx artists each week. Follow our Nuevo Noise playlist featuring these tracks and more on Spotify or Apple Music.


Girl Ultra - “Ruleta”

Mexican songstress Girl Ultra continues teasing cuts off her forthcoming debut album, and with “Ruleta” she is treating fans to a nostalgic dose of 90s R&B. From saturated bass lines to clanging chimes, the Teddy Riley vibes are palpable, and the song sounds like it could fit in seamlessly on the soundtrack of a Spanish dub of Do The Right Thing. It’s slow-grinding, colorful and immersive. -Richard Villegas


Los Wálters - "Ave María"

Like some of the best tracks by the electronic pop duo from Puerto Rico, Los Wálters’ melodic approach to music takes a little from every emotion one can feel and turn them into music that is unique. You can find nostalgia, excitement, darkness, and chill vibes in the kinetic “Ave María,” a song that seems to be the soundtrack of a beach party when the sun is setting and you’re wearing black velvet. It shouldn’t make sense but does. -Marcos Hassan


Guaynaa - “Buyaka”

If there’s been any question whatsoever about Guaynaa’s ability to deliver jevy bars, while having fun doing so, his latest single “Buyaka” can put that all to rest. The “Rebota” and “Chicharron” rapper just delivered his hardest jam to date – flipping the script on the standard-issue reggaeton video by featuring shirtless men instead of women in the clip. All hail the king of tongue-in-cheek perreo. -Eduardo Cepeda


Tagua Tagua - "Peixe Voador"

As the sun sets on yet another glorious summer, the dread of winter has us clinging to the sounds evocative of sunny days and breezy beaches. Enter Tagua Tagua, an effervescent Brazilian psych pop act whose latest single “Peixe Voador” has been included in the FIFA 20 soundtrack, evoking the euphoria of South American soccer fandom and the sonic fuzziness of Tropicalia greats in one fell swoop. -Richard Villegas


Raissa Fayet - “Capim” (ft. Russo Passapusso)

Brazilian singer/songwriter and activist Raissa Fayet tapped BaianaSystem’s member Russo Passapusso for her new single “Capim.” Through this smooth, reggae-tinted jam, Fayet and Passapusso turn to poetry to criticize consumerism and unchallenged habits, and point out the impact they have on the environment. The main idea, as its lovely music video boldly puts it, is simple: we’re eating plastic, everyone. -Cheky


Loyal Lobos - “Criminals”

There’s so much sadness conjured by Andrea Silva on “Criminal” that you can almost touch it. Loyal Lobos is not a stranger when it comes to these kinds of sensibilities but this track marks a step forward, the instrumentation and arrangements are minimal yet aid the song to elevate itself into our ears. The sounds on “Criminal” seem to lead us into an inner space where our tears from the past form a well of comfort for us when we feel sad. Bask in the beauty of such an excellent song. -Marcos Hassan


Ruxell & Young Ash - “Yo Quiero Beber”

Freshly squeezed from Waxploitation’s newest installment of their Future Sound series, and already slated to appear on the forthcoming FIFA 20 soundtrack, comes “Yo Quiero Beber,” a new banger by Brazilian producer Ruxell and controversial Bronx rapper Young Ash. The tropical club track with a dash of trap is a new anthem for everyone strong enough to dump a cheating partner and raise their glass in celebration. -Cheky


Quixosis - “El Estanquillo”

Last week, Ecuador’s Quixosis hit the streaming platforms with a variation of his 2018 Acid Juanito Mixtape, recovering most of its original tracklist plus a couple extra nuggets, including his outstanding edit of Siete Notas’ infectious paseo song “El Estanquillo.” This is the one song in tune with the “acid” concept, taking the original from the Colombian Amazon to a dingy dancefloor where anything can happen. -Cheky


Nikola - "Sur"

Dominican songwriting sorceress Nikola takes a few elements to make something otherworldly and ethereal, like staring into a mirror that turns our reality into something more magical with lighter gravity and many more colors. The rhythm of “Sur” recalls a rainforest in South America, synth washes give the track a nice ambient sheen and the singer’s voice seems to channel both ‘90s R&B and a ghost that rejoices in the beauty of unearthly delights. You can happily get lost here. -Marcos Hassan


Santa Madero - "Cámara"

A delightful new slice of groovy synthpop out of Chaclacayo, Peru, Santa Madero’s shimmering productions are reminiscent of the smoky nightclub mystique of indie favorites like Buscabulla and Girl Ultra. Their latest release is “Cámara,” a slow burning jam that will draw you towards a packed dance floor like a moth to a flickering disco ball. -Richard Villegas


Washi Hana - "Lento"

Producer Dan2am caught this Zapopan, Jalisco emcee’s ear with artful discords on this bouncy R&B moment, inspiring Washi Hana to give birth to lyrics about going slow down the road, letting butterflies spread their wings, a fanned-out handful of exhortations to let love breathe. Can’t help but think it’s a good anthem with which to enter cuffing season. -Caitlin Donohue