These Videos of Snoop Dogg Vibing to Banda Music Are a True Treasure

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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Snoop Dogg’s Instagram can seem like overkill at first glance, but sprinkled between the TV and film clips, recycled memes, and product promotions, you’ll find Uncle Snoop in his most cathartic state: vibing out to banda. It’s a given that the hip hop icon’s Long Beach upbringing set the stage for cultural exchanges with Mexican communities. Snoop Dogg’s latest release, Make America Crip Again, is an aesthetic assault against our MAGA-filled reality, and it’s the latest exercise in the OG’s championing of black and brown solidarity. The parallels between banda and rap, musical genres rooted in storytelling but often harshly criticized for their surface level glorification of violence, make the Doggfather’s appreciation for the regional Mexican genre that much more fitting.

While progress certainly remains to be made in the more problematic aspects of these genres, we can appreciate the cathartic nature of vibing out to some gangsta rap classics, or – in Snoop’s case – un corrido bien chingón. Uncle Snoop achieves full padrino status in these Instagram clips, taking us along his banda-fueled joyrides and moments of solace.

Snoop, if you’re reading this, my primo Ricardo hosts a karaoke night in his basement like once a month, pull up.

"Juicio Final (El Regreso De La Última Sombra)" by Bukanas de Culiacan

Some real sinister shit right here. The Doggfather vibing out to Bukanas de Culiacan’s “Juicio Final (El Regreso De La Última Sombra),” in the room dolo: lights off, hood pulled up, facing the window, L in hand. Clearly Snoop was looking for revenge in August of ’16. This is basically a teaser trailer for the Latinx-geared Bones sequel we’ve all been waiting for. Wait, y’all don’t remember Bones? SMH.

"Juicio Final (El Regreso De La Última Sombra)" by Bukanas de Culiacan

Looks like Tío Snoop is really feeling this song because it’s back on the gram one month later. It’s cool though, clearly he’s carried out his revenge at this point. Here in much higher spirits, somebody (his security? entourage?) steps into the video frame on Terio At Popeyes mood. Familia, peep the moves, A+ bop. Let’s take a moment to admire that hoodie, parece a una cobija but it’s a hoodie— wait, cobija hoodies, why has is that not a thing yet?

"Tengo Que Colgar" by Banda MS

Sadboy vibes on 10 here. Moment of silence for Tío Snoop’s pain post-Los Angeles Dodgers defeat to Chicago Cubs in last fall’s playoffs (and for this year’s Doyers fans too – sorry). What’s that one Jay-Z song called where he says “I can’t see ‘em coming down my eyes, so I gotta make this corrido cry”? Snoop ran Banda MS’s “Tengo Que Colgar” from the top to console all the damaged Dodgers fans.

Tengo Que Colgar by Banda MS

We’re two for two on song repetitions. I ain’t mad, run that “Tengo Que Colgar” back.

I think Snoop’s been married for like 20 something years now, but he still be out here in his feelings heavy like us uncuffables. Respect to the Doggfather. Sadboy/Sadgirl/Sadgente solidarity is very crucial in these cuffing season times. Those eyes heavy as hell, you can’t fabricate that kind of pain. Peep the initial pan-in of the shot, and the well considered filter selection. Tio Snoop’s cinematic considerations not finna go unappreciated. Bones was a classic and you will respect it as such.

"Envuelvete" by Jenni Rivera

All the brown prayer hand and rose emojis back to Snoop for this beautiful tribute to Jenni Rivera. I mean just peep the details: the tasteful black-and-white filter, the careful camera panning, the well-executed timing in sparking the blunt, exhaling with just enough time to smoothly mouth along the lyrics to “Envuélvete.” I’ve seen Soul Plane like six times, this is not a performance, this raw emotion. Y’all see the rain drops on the window? Wow. RIP Jenni Rivera ?????.

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Jenny 🙏🏾🌹

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"Da mas o da menos" by Los Dos Primos

REAL RANCHO HOURS. Trucker hat on deck, with the aging goatee to match, and just enough jewelry on for an impromptu bautizo afterparty. Los Dos Primos’ “Da mas o da menos” is the soundtrack to the Doggfather’s graceful one-hand corner turning as the sun beams into the interior of the whip. Fam, this whole post took me back to my childhood summers subiendo al cero con mi abuelito en la camioneta. Y pa completarlo Snoop hits the lil grito. Its not top 10, but I can respect the personal touch of the rolling ‘r.’

"La limpia" by Los Dos Primos

In response to July’s Blac Chyna-Rob Kardashian fallout, Snoop posted this somewhat well-intentioned advice for Rob Kardashian. Suggesting therapy and guidance through music, Tío Snoop tells Rob to listen to Los Dos Primos’ “La limpia.” Snoop doesn’t provide much comfort, but much like your dealings with problematic family members set in their ways, just smile and keep it moving. I know you ain’t a pimp, but pimp remember what I taught you. Keep your heart Rob K, keep your heart.

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Song for rob 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💔

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"Da mas o da menos" by Los Dos Primos

That bass bangin’ heavier than that one blown out speaker your family got seated next to at your prima’s church basement quinceañera since ya’ll wanted to pull up hella late. Snoop out here looking like your pops in the 80’s: rose-tinted aviators, white camiseta, heavy gold chain, and a thick mustache. Here, Snoop challenges the conventional assumptions of his viewers, although any real Tío Snoop fan would definitely know off jump, that’s the Doggfather himself bumping “Da mas o da menos” by Los Dos Primos again.