The Definitive List of Remixes Flipping “This is the Rhythm of the Night” into “¿Son Reebok, o Son Nike?”

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Perhaps you’ve heard the now-infamous “¿Son Reebok, o Son Nike?” phone call, also known as the joke that keeps on giving, at least in the form of bootleg remixes. For the unacquainted, or perhaps less-obsessed, we’re here to present you with some of the top picks from the remix crop that are chopping up the original phone call and track byCorona into some unexpected forms.

While there’s the better-known case of Lyon la Diferencia’s featuring Ko El Más Completo’s hyped-up dembow, we’re here to raise awareness of the vast array of remixes that have grown out of the 1:16 long recoding, now immortalized in the form of reggaeton, cumbia villera, tech house, deep house, who-knows-what-else house, and perhaps mutations yet to come. Our ears stay tuned for more variations that pop up, but for now check out some of our favorites from the Internet troughs.

Lyon y Ko

Happy Colors x DJ Blass


DJ Parze

I love you turra

Markitos DJ 32

Djsyiyo juassss

DJ Prada