12 New Songs You Need to Hear This Week

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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Every week, we highlight some of our favorite releases in a handy list. Although we try to cover as much new music as possible, there are so many stellar releases to talk about. Consider this our genre-diverse guide to songs we have on repeat.

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Bad Bunny & Tainy - “Callaita”

In their work together, San Benito and Tainy have found the perfect formula for crafting nostalgic, sad, yet banging perreo bops. And on “Callaita,” they’ve formulated a different kind of song of summer – not necessarily focused on turning the club up all the way, but rather mapping out a playbook for a perfect summer afternoon. On the song, Bad Bunny sings “Si hay sol hay playa, si hay playa hay alcohol, si hay alcohol hay sexo. Si es contigo mejor,” which will surely prompt many of us to get to the beach ASAP and start living. -Eduardo Cepeda


BRONQUIO, 41V1L – “Manifestación”

Andalucian producer BRONQUIO is back with a bristling new single titled “Manifestación,” – a droning, despondent rejection of social conformity and expectations. The track finds BRONQUIO once again teaming up with Livia Marin (a.k.a 41V1L), whose raspy, haunting vocals overflow with frustration and contempt for mindless obedience. -Richard Villegas


Paloma Mami - "Dont Talk About Me"

Imagining Paloma Mami’s lastest as a bilingual reimagining of a turn of the century R&B classic is not hard — there’s something in the timbre of her voice that calls up the Z100 Summer Jams of my youth. “Don’t Talk About Me” may not pack the punch of “No Te Enamores” but there’s no reason why the buzzy singer’s star won’t rise further on the strength of her taunting, imminently Chilean interlude around 1:55 about the irritation of expectation. -Caitlin Donohue


Lagartijeando - "Chakana Cosmica"

Argentine producer Lagartijeando is dropping his new album Jallala on June 7th, and he has one final teaser up his sleeve. “Chakana Cosmica” takes Lagartijeando’s atmospheric pan flute and charango-driven concoctions into more robust dance floor territory than ever before. As he explains via press release, “’Chakana Cósmica’ is influenced by the rhythmic order of the stars in the Southern sky. Blending African and Andean rhythms, the song focuses on dance and introspection.” -Richard Villegas


Divino Niño - "Melty Caramelo"

Chicago-based lo-fi crooners Divino Niño have dropped another swoon-inducing single titled “Melty Caramelo” ahead of their upcoming album Foam, out on June 21st. Romantic and dreamy, this is the kind of balmy ballad that will have you and boo slow dancing through the summer. -Richard Villegas


Jesse Baez - “Egoismo”

On “Egoismo,” Guatemalan singer Jesse Baez shows us why he’s the vangaurd of the Latin-American R&B movement. The stripped-down, keyboard driven track takes us on a sensuous journey throught the night, serving as the perfect backdrop for Baez’s understated, marble-like croon. -Eduardo Cepeda


De La Ghetto - "Sé" (Flaca Edit)

The musical harvest pre-Primavera Sound is a very real phenomenon, as evidenced by the edit pack just dropped by one of the festival’s rising reggaeton DJ/producer of Madrid’s Chica Gang. De La Ghetto’s voice always sounds nice spliced into the next level of cyborg dembow acrobatics, and Flaca knows how to weave 2018’s “Sé” into a flirty club joint perfect for light friction. -Caitlin Donohue


Museless – “El Catolicismo”

What better way to reject suffocating religious chastity than by giving in to dance floor hedonism? Such is the acerbic thesis of Catolonian producer Museless’ latest single “El Catolicismo” – a thumping synthpop endorsement of free, unencumbered sex. -Richard Villegas


Aura - "Drop It Off"

Something about this multi-talented Provincetown crooner’s artistic journey has me hooked. And it’s impossible to tell if Aura f.k.a. Iris Creamer’s next project will be hard-edged dance floor R&B or a warm stream of consciousness accompanied by her guitar and an iPhone 5, as is her new track “Drop It Off.” The track’s B-side is a Johnny Cash cover, because one thing that Aura is not concerned with is any bumpers on her auditory strikes. -Caitlin Donohue


Playa Nudista - "Vómito"

Santiago de Chile has produced a very melodic and fun outfit of four friends ready to play surfy garage pop for all the kids who want to have a good time. Playa Nudista could be that band but they’re not interested in the position. Inside their easy going exterior lies a snotty response to an unsolicited would-be companion. After all, the song is called vomit, so if you’re expecting no shit taking attitude, you’re in for a treat. -Marcos Hassan


Los Parques - "Verano"

Are we living in the times of a great wave of South American power pop? Only time will tell how extensive this movement really becomes, but judging from the quality of undeniably melodic guitar music coming out everywhere, it’s hard to argue against it. The latest defenders of the pop crown are Los Parques from Argentina, singing a sort of melancholic song about summer and nostalgic love that that will guarantee endless replays in the coming months – if you’re of that type of sensibility. -Marcos Hassan


Vanessa Carrión Upson de Harper - "The Thrush" (Radio Edit)

Mixing Peruvian folk music, chamber pop, and modern electronics together in a song is quite a move. And to make a song about loss, mourning and the love we have for those who have left this world with such a combination of influences says a lot about what kind of artist Vanessa Carrión Upson de Harper is. The Brooklyn-based musician launches an ambitious visual album with images of traditional dances from her ancestral Perú, transporting the listener to a reality where heritage opens a door to a parallel dimension where death feels luminous and bittersweet. -Marcos Hassan