12 New Songs You Need to Hear This Week

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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Every week, we highlight some of our favorite releases in a handy list. Although we try to cover as much new music as possible, there are so many stellar releases to talk about. Consider this our genre-diverse guide to songs we have on repeat.

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Combo Chimbita - "Testigo"

To celebrate their recent signing to noted imprint ANTI, Colombia-rooted, NY-based band Combo Chimbita unleashed “Testigo,” a powerful psychedelic track that takes over like a hurricane, spitting us out five minutes later, disoriented and satisfied. Drawing on afro-diasporic sounds from Colombia, Combo Chimbita builds a succulent song with a syncopated beat that disguises the track’s dark vibes until they’re already in our system. –Cheky


Useless Youth - "Cities"

Useless Youth’s sophomore album Cities is a delightfully breezy document of carefree fun in the urban sprawl. While most of Cities runs as guitar-driven power pop, the album’s title track slows things down just a hair, delving into a contemplative six-minute lament about how even the tightest of friends and lovers grow apart over time. –Richard Villegas


El Plvybxy - "Febre"

AGVA Records co-founder Gregorio Da Silva tips you off to what’s coming on Abya Yala EP, his first release with Houston’s excellent Majía label. “Febre” has a steel spine, all the better to structure its orchestral chords, ghost cries, and hard trance drives. –Caitlin Donohue


Quiet Fear - "Rosas de Valor"

One of the few things all emo fans agree on is their love for goth-tinged post-punk. L.A. supreme screaming ragers Quiet Fear deliver a fierce and passionate cry full of clean guitars worthy of The Cure’s darkest corners – without sacrificing an ounce of hardcore kick. –Marcos Hassan


Kelman Duran - "6’s" (ft. DJ NA)

Together with Nguzunguzu’s DJ NA, LA-based producer Kelman Duran has created “6’s,” an unsettling production which could very well soundtrack a horror movie set in the Caribbean. The melody sprinkles like a malicious magic powder, before the punishing, saturated reggaeton beat tears our muscles apart. –Cheky


John Grvy - "Time” (ft. Javiera Mena, DWRY)

In the sea of trap, R&B, and other current urbano sounds that is John Grvy’s guest-heavy new mixtape G R I S, “Time” stands out for its DWRY-produced futuristic electro beat. Grvy’s soulful vocals, the ridiculously fat bass line, and those kinky horn stabs invite us to a memorable night out, and by the end of the song, we wake up hung over, with Javiera Mena serenading us. What happened last night? –Cheky


Namuel - "Ganamos"

Chile’s controversial pop cherub is back in the spotlight after retreating most of the year to focus on his mental health and craft a new musical era. With “Ganamos,” Namuel is switching up his penchant for high-concept releases, this time delivering a heart-wrenching breakup ballad that chooses to celebrate relationship highs instead of wallowing in the lows of his current state of distress. –Richard Villegas


Fanny Leona - "Fiesta Paraíso"

Fanny Leona is having a major moment after the announcement that her band Playa Gótica snagged a coveted spot on the 2019 Lollapalooza Chile lineup, and now with the release of her highly anticipated solo debut Ningen, she is soaring even higher. Leona’s sense of humor and impeccable musical intuition shine on “Fiesta Paraíso,” opening with a nod to Thalia’s viral “Me Escuchan? Me Oyen?” meme and rapidly escalating into industrial-edged synth pop that sounds like the gritty love child of Javiera Mena and Alice Glass. –Richard Villegas


Soy Emilia - "Extranjera" (ft. Javier Arce)

Colombian singer Soy Emilia’s latest addition to her list of 2018 singles is “Extranjera,” a Caribbean number featuring tico artist and Cocofunka frontman Javier Arce. The song can be interpreted as a call for immigrants to feel empowered for being “ni de aquí ni de allá,” and to embrace the power of experiencing different realities. –Cheky


Chaboi - "I Need Da Bag" (Lil Bebe World Club Refix)

LA-based artists refracting and multiplying their power – Late Night Laggers’ Chaboi reaches into Dominican rapper DaniLeigh’s October upgrade anthem to find a reggaeton-inspired club moment. –Catilin Donohue


Luisa Almaguer - "Hacernos Así"

It doesn’t take long for the listener to realize that “Hacernos Así” is an emotive ride. Mexican artist Luisa Almaguer recruits pop experimentalist The TDB for a song about acceptance, passion, and pride, creating an anthem for gender non-conforming folks. The slow burn will have you shedding tears by the time the ambient distortion kicks in. –Marcos Hassan


SPVCE PROBLEMS - "Chinchilla"

Acid rap, the Monterrey, Mexico way. SPVCE PROBLEMS delivers a stream of left-brain lyricism that limps, rolls, and sings over a bed of meteor-riding synths and easygoing beats. “Chinchilla” is G-funk for the Latin trap set who dream of being slackers. –Marcos Hassan


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