14 New Songs You Need to Hear This Week

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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Every week, we highlight some of our favorite releases in a handy list. Although we try to cover as much new music as possible, there are so many stellar releases to talk about. Consider this our genre-diverse guide to songs we have on repeat.

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Twin Shadow - "Only For the Broken-Hearted"

Twin Shadow has been communing with the musical spirits of his Dominican homeland, and though his previous two singles melded elements of bachata with stylized synth pop, his latest release “Only For The Broken-Hearted” has taken a decidedly groovier route. Somewhere between elegant Motown vibes and tambora heaven, George Lewis, Jr. is tapping into all the musical glory of his ancestors – without ever falling into gratuitous tropes. –Richard Villegas


Los Wálters - "Al Revés" (ft. Andrea Cruz)

Gigantic hooks – courtesy of guest vocalist Andrea Cruz – and synth grooves lead you through this dance song for the nostalgic by San Juan, Puerto Rico’s premier synth pop duo. “Al Revés” is a celebration of a love past, the small miracle of two people experiencing an intimate moment as the greatest expression of human emotion. You can dance to “Al Revés,” but it’s also good for playing when you feel a little blue. –Marcos Hassan


Katzù Oso - "kiss u better"

Katzù Oso has a shiny new song called “kiss u better,” and it really feels like a session of sonic smooches. The Montebello, CA artist has mastered the recipe for musical molasses, and here he gifts us a sample we can savor in good company, while sharing romantic glances and secret smiles. –Cheky


Noa Sainz - "despertar (el dolor)"

Noa Sainz’s vulnerable, heartfelt R&B has established her as one of Mexico’s buzziest new vocalists, but her video for “despertar (el dolor)” proves she has the style and raw talent to set her apart from her peers in the scene. The Salomón Simhón-directed clip finds Noa prancing ferociously across a range of colorful sets with a troupe of dancers, giving us certified Destiny’s Child “Say My Name” vibes. The R&B chanteuse serves a series of strong looks and slays in a bubble bath, which is how we’re trying to be this Valentine’s Day weekend – and always, tbh. –Isabelia Herrera


No Boy - "Ferviente"

Buenos Aires club collective Hiedrah is back with another one of the group’s club packs, one of our favorite series for getting to know fresh electronic talent out of South America. This time around, it’s the turn of No Boy, an Estado de México producer whose “Ferviente” circles, considers, surges, and soothes. –Caitlin Donohue


Martox - "Amapola"

Dominican production duo Martox released a sun-kissed cover of the Juan Luis Guerra classic “Amapola” just in time for Valentine’s Day. While their understated production sketches a canvas for the beautiful reimagining, the duo has perfectly captured Guerra’s OG merengue sincerity, keeping the song buoyant and deeply touching. –Richard Villegas


Yawners - "Please, Please, Please"

Yawners is influenced by 90s alternative rock, as evidenced by their hard-rocking brand new single, but there’s also more than a few winks to The Beatles in “Please Please Please.” As a plea for a lover to stay, there’s a bit of desperation running through the track – a lament set to loud guitars. –Marcos Hassan


Dylan Thomas. - "Luces Violeta"

Named after the infamously doomed U.K. poet Dylan Thomas, the newest indie rock outfit from Costa Rica is coming at you full steam ahead. Their single “Luces Violetas” is equal parts hopeful and resigned, and features beautifully distorted and thunderous instrumentation that would make Yo La Tengo proud. It’s a liberating space where you can free yourself from other people’s expectations. –Cheky


BADSISTA - "Baile Sapatão" (JLZ Remix)

São Paulo producer BadSista cracks her knuckles and heads into 2019 with a baile funk club cut tailored for an R&B sensibility. That monochrome fit and player stance on the album art has us salivating for the Club Tormenta co-founder’s rumored upcoming EP. –Caitlin Donohue


Pedro Honda - "No Pienses Que No"

Playa del Carmen native Pedro Honda needed a break from playing in local math-rock bands, so he went back to the drawing board and is now unveiling a smooth new R&B sound. His first release is “No Pienses Que No,” a syrupy sadboy earworm perfect for digital romantics spending Valentine’s Day weekend on their own. –Richard Villegas


Las Densas - "Impacto"

Las Densas’ “Impacto” is lo-fi punk that feels like a party you got invited to by mistake. It’s intimate and fun, and there’s a sense of feeling out of place, knowing a secret your best friend told you. While the production values are a bit harsh, the Neuquen, Argentina band sings sweetly over their distorted guitars, giving you the perfect recipe for a sugar rush. –Marcos Hassan


Siete Catorce - "2 for $20"

When California Teklife attaché DJ Taso came down to Mexico City at the start of 2018, producer Siete Catorce invited him into the NAAFI studio. The result was a four-song EP that showcases the pair’s talent for seamless genre integration and undeniable dance floor vertebrae. “2 for $20” is deceptively simple, the cascading percussion slowed and sped into psychic modulation. –Caitlin Donohue


Santa Madero - "Linda Hamilton"

After making a big splash in the Peruvian indie scene with their first single “Pero Frágil,” Chaclacayo sextet Santa Madero take a break from working on their debut album to give us “Linda Hamilton,” a stunning psych-pop track named after Sarah Connor herself. The song conjures a blurry mirage we walk towards in slow motion, and right when we’re about to get there, it disappears. –Cheky


Micca Mont - "Aquí Ahora"

“Aquí Ahora,” the closing track on Micca Mont’s Jun EP, is a great place to get acquainted with the Mexican artist’s brand of dark, melancholic pop. The demurely clubby single finds Mont dealing with expectations in relationships; she vacillates between feeling like she can do better and whether this person is the one, but in the end, she finds clarity by just living in the moment. –Cheky


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