13 New Songs You Need to Hear This Week

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Boogarins
Courtesy of Boogarins
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Every week, we highlight some of our favorite releases in a handy list. Although we try to cover as much new music as possible, there are so many stellar releases to talk about. Consider this our genre-diverse guide to songs we have on repeat.

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Labajura, Los Wálters - "Trágico / Mágico"

Contorted samples and live bass meld for futuristic pop-funk in Labajura, the solo project of Puerto Rican musician Derick Joel (also of Dan Siego and DOGOS), but on “Trágico/Mágico” he’s joined by Los Wálters – a collaboration that started months back, with vocals ultimately recorded in the Dominican Republic. Later, Christian Olmeda, a Boricua living in Philadelphia, mixed and mastered. The creative expanse and diasporic distance of “Trágico/Mágico” culminates back on the island, though, with Joel: He snapped the single’s promo image watching the sunset from his Mayagüez balcony. –Jhoni Jackson


Wasted Fates - "Clínica"

NAAFI’s resident doctor is in, strapping on his gloves for a whorling, doom-filled solo mission kicked off by the delicate calibration ritual of “Clínica.” Turbio‘s heavy feelings are intentional — it is marked by audio samples Wasted Fates somehow made while assisting on Mexico City’s 2017 earthquake rescue efforts. –Caitlin Donohue


Luna Luna - "Running"

Riding high after their swoon-inducing run at SXSW last month, Dallas romantics Luna Luna are back with a new track called “Running,” a trappy indie pop cocktail about a hesitant boo who’s wary of locking down a relationship. Relatable, indeed. –Richard Villegas


Murcof & Fax - "100"

Static Discos is without a doubt one of the most important labels in Mexico’s electronic music history. After 17 years in business, they’re dropping their 100th release, and to celebrate, co-founders and artists Murcof and Fax have reunited for a 100-second ambient track. It’s a rich and detailed piece that invites you to peel back its multiple layers across several listens, and a reminder that a lot can happen in a short time span. –Marcos Hassan


Heavy Baile & Ruxell - "Calorzão"

As things start to warm up in the Northern Hemisphere, this dancehall-meets-funk-carioca heater reaches us right on time, thanks to Brazilian producer Ruxell and Heavy Baile, the funk oriented collective founded by Leo Justi. “Calorzão” means “heat” in Portuguese, so the name kind of says it all. –Beverly Bryan


Boogarins - "Invenção"

Boogarins are releasing their fourth full-length Sombrou Dúvida on May 10, and their new single “Invenção” shows the Brazilian quartet exploring the edges of their psych-pop aesthetics. The track is spacey and somewhat scattered, but feels cozy and welcoming, with Dinho Almeida’s voice guiding us from the sky through this focused sound collage. –Cheky


DJ Python - 'Derretirse'

New York producer Brian Piñeyro has that ambient reggaeton for the soul, so those in need of soothing may find the wait hard until his Dekmantel EP comes out in June. As a preview, he’s dropping off a bit of a teaser reel. Drifting beats are cheekily interjected by church bells and half-remembered perreo traces, so that you don’t forget yourself entirely. Here’s some food for comedown thought. –Caitlin Donohue


Cohoba - "Jugo"

Dominican production wizard Cohoba has been working with some of the island’s finest underground hip-hop talents for years, so it’s no surprise his own vibrant and experimental solo work is impeccable. “Jugo” is the first release from his upcoming mini-tape, a short but punchy track loaded with chopped-up samples and smoky throwback vibes that will surely thrust Cohoba newcomers into an eye-opening SoundCloud deep dive. –Richard Villegas


Basual - "Lovercraft"

Although the title obviously nods to the problematic author of the Cthulhu myth – and turns it into a brilliant pun – Basual deals with music that’s not as dark as you would imagine. “Lovercraft” is a melodic, lo-fi ode to feeling blue while at home. Musically, its influences are more easy-listening yacht rock than “Bela Lugosi’s Dead,” which makes for an exquisite surprise that will have you singing along in no time. –Marcos Hassan


Le Fantom Onde - "Tepactli"

“Tepactli,” the name of Le Fantom Onde’s new single, means “hard stone” in Nauhatl, so you know exactly how this beat is going to hit you. Tightly intertwined with its music video, which was also made by the multimedia artist, the track is sonic alchemy, turning stone and its physical properties into sound waves of sandy textures and solid hits. –Cheky


Zenith - "Estelas"

Relaxed, philosophical, and infectiously groovy, Mexican indie pop outfit Zenith have dropped a dreamy new jam called “Estelas,” meditating on the way romances and friendships eventually fade into the collage of memories that makes up our past. –Richard Villegas


Concepción Huerta - "Encuentro Final"

In the newest release in Campo Abierto’s ongoing series, Mexican drone master Concepción Huerta contributes one hell of a short soundscape. “Encuentro Final” finds Huerta feeding tape loops gently and slowly, telling an abstract short story. Every listener will have their own deeply emotional experience, as Huerta conjures sounds that ebb and flow like vapor waves. –Marcos Hassan


EL PLVYBXY - "SAOKO (Pogo Rework)

On “Saoko (Pogo Rework),” AGVA’s EL PLVYBXY delivers Argentine robot perreo, but old boy mechanical bellaqueo rides the beat. An aggressive track meant for IDGAF moshing to Daddy Yankee. –Caitlin Donohue


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