11 New Songs You Need to Hear This Week

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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Every week, we highlight some of our favorite releases in a handy list. Although we try to cover as much new music as possible, there are so many stellar releases to talk about. Consider this our genre-diverse guide to songs we have on repeat.

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Sabrina Claudio - "Don't Let Me Down" ft. Khalid

Sabrina Claudio has slowly been working her way into recognition with her air-light voice and intimate, minimal music. “Don’t Let Me Down,” a delicate collaboration with R&B golden boy Khalid, is a sign of Claudio gaining territory and carving out a space for herself. She interlaces her sinewy falsetto with Khalid’s impressive vocal while a throbbing beat builds and punctuates their quiet alchemy. –Julyssa Lopez


Cuco - CR-V

Lately, it seems indie darling Cuco can’t make anything we don’t like, and his latest track, “CR-V,” represents all of the charms we’ve fallen for: It’s a catchy, slightly trap-minded little piece of nostalgia that somehow recalls ice cream trucks and old cars and teen crushes all at the same time. The song dropped yesterday to announce his forthcoming EP Chiquito, which drops on May 4. –Julyssa Lopez


Yashua - "Silencio"

Over steel drums and an endlessly addictive dembow beat, Dominican-American songwriter Yashua shows off the urbano concoctions he’s been crafting in Miami. The 19-year-old from Rhode Island competed on Univision’s music show La Banda before branching off on his own and adding his syrupy voice to the growing constituency of artists morphing reggaeton and dembow into bubbly pop hits. –Julyssa Lopez


Ságan - "Polaridad"

As we get closer and closer to the release of Ságan’s sophomore album II next month, the Colombian duo share their delicate new single “Polaridad.” Through its lyrics and precious sounds, they zoom into atoms and particles so closely they reveal entire new universes, shared with us like little secrets. Why dream of outer space travel if there’s so much in inner space left to discover? –Cheky


Lechuga Zafiro - "Después de la tormenta"

Lechuga Zafiro returns to his healthy library of candombe drum samples to craft his contribution to HiedraH Club de Baile’s first-ever compilation Esquirlas, but with an experimental, contemplative mindset. The dense “Después de la tormenta” lures us into a dark path through the woods filled with creatures, but under his guidance, we’re never scared. –Cheky


jiony - "Uno se despide"

The newest compilation by Mexico City imprint VAA includes jiony’s laid-back “Uno se despide,” an airy, slowly mutating track that enhances its club music aesthetic with Latin American percussion and snippets of Chavela Vargas’ unforgettable “Las simples cosas.” This is that one late-night tune that gives you the feels right when the alcohol buzz is fading and it’s time to wrap the party up. –Cheky


Y-Fi Boy - "Clark Nova"

A mutant noisy footwork anthem for your warehouse rave needs. The rapid-fire rhythms and ever-mounting percussion that sound like drills at a construction site, as well as the buzzsaw bass tones, will get your legs some decent workout if you decided to skip the gym on Friday night. Just try not to get too berzerk on the dance floor. –Marcos Hassan


Los Mundos - "El Oro De Los Tontos"

Monterrey, Mexico’s Los Mundos have been giving us a steady diet of psychedelic sounds since the dawn of this decade, and they have been exploring every corner of said style with grace and fire. Their newest album Ciudades Flotantes is their most eclectic and daring undertaking yet, as you can hear in the many faces of “El Oro De Los Tontos,” a track that crawls up your spine, warps your mind, and makes you headbang into oblivion. –Marcos Hassan


Pupila Spectra - "Gloria Lejana"

Pop psych vibes wash over your ears as Chile’s Pupila Spectra do their thing in one of their most accomplished songs to date. It’s like riding a rollercoaster at a carnival in your imagination – one hell of a euphoric and psychedelic trip. –Marcos Hassan


Perreo Pesado - "Bailando Sola"

Anyone who has attended one of CDMX/Estado de México crew Perreo Pesado’s old school reggaeton turn-ups knows that DJs Sueño Dream Lion, Rosa Pistola, and Krizis are their own damn hype people. With this track, the squad parlays that charisma into its debut as a trio of vocalists, serving an auto-tuned story of all that can happen after a maleante makes the last minute decision to hit the club. –Caitlin Donohue


Diego Raposo - "Life" (feat. NUUXS)

Producer Diego Raposo is part of an emerging generation that has risen through the ranks in Santiago by pushing the sonic caliber of Dominican hip-hop and electronic music. Here, he proves his versatility, making a stopover in dancehall while he maps out wavy electro pop for French-Brit singer NUUXS. –Caitlin Donohue


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